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taken from: End of Days

The last thing anyone will forgive you, is that you 'remember yourself'. The last thing your own subjective personality will allow, is that you remember your essential SELF. It is death to 'false personality'.

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In a state of knowing, in a state of repentance, you have the opportunity to suffer the consequences of past ignorance and evil in a conscious manner, thereby cleansing through little else than the fires of hell on earth the resulting impurities of past errors.

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taken from: Direct

Through Conscious Payment, in ‘sacrificing 
ones suffering’, rests the possibility of moving 
up the ladder of Universal Intelligence, thereby 
serving an agenda of growth, the same time as 
paying ones predestined obligation to the Higher.

There exists special knowledge, schools, 
evolved souls embodied or otherwise, that may assist 
this ascent for those rare few who demonstrate 
sufficient interest, capacity and effort.

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taken from: Reason to Live

The connection between ’want’ and ’pain’. People talk about it: where did humanity take a ’wrong turn’? Not just individuals, humanity. Humanity made, and continues to make, a wrong turn! It has to do with wanting what you don’t have! That’s how we continually get thrown out of the ’Garden of Eden’. When you want something you don’t have, you are in pain. Call it pain, frustration, irritation, anger, resentment - a whole lot of subtle colors to it. ’Not getting what you want’ - negativity, all of it! It’s all the pain of not getting what you want. Why do you want? It doesn’t matter what it is that you want - you want because you’re unhappy, you’re ’unfulfilled’!

Tsahi : because you’re in pain, already.

Alan : yes, that’s right, yes, oh very good! It starts with pain. Because if you’re not in pain you don’t want anything, you’re satisfied. If you’re satisfied you don’t ’want’. It starts in displeasure. It goes looking for things that are ’missing’, or things that are there but ’shouldn’t be there’. It’s all mechanical.


It’s all running from displeasure, and displeasure is pain.

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taken from: Suicide & After words

So, an incredible package of pain and guilt went out. As long as a person is in life, there is potentially something they can do with that - but when they’re ’out’ and don’t have a body anymore - they may be quite stuck!

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taken from: How to Get Out

Let's face it - we're always looking for the opportunity to get high! A drink, a smoke, a meal, some sex - always looking to get high, that is some relief from the PAIN - and that so often begins to look normal, look inevitable.

So the real question has to be 'How to get out and stay out.'

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taken from: How to Get Out

How to get out and stay out - out of the place where our energies are being sucked dry, out of the pain.

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'Heaven' is always potentially available, Now. People think Heaven is only after, in the 'World to Come' . But what is 'to come' can come now. It's a mistake to wait until the body drops - big mistake.
If you can feel the pain to the end, actually have gone through it, then you're in another place. That place called 'Heaven'. You cross the line of the 'false', the temporary. Explanations are within illusion. Words are too thin, too small, too linear. You can't capture REALITY in words. If you could the whole world would have been enlightened thousands of years ago. It's been as if explained, without end. Behind the pain, beyond the 'false', is the Great Beyond - the World to Come.

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taken from: End of Days

They are usually the only humans we know anything about in depth. All the rest, other than some 'close friends', manage to hide most everything.
There is more pain around than you can possibly imagine. If you knew more about it, you would not get so sucked-dry by all those 'close ones'.

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'Pain is a high vibration, begging for attention.'
It's a high vibration, that you are not used to. That can also arise with a 'pleasure' which is more intense than you're used to. Many things that are just new feels painful at first. As in bodywork when you go in very deep.

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