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taken from: End of Days

To be free of time is not merely to be free of one's own subjectivity but also to be free of others', most uniquely theirs, notions and sense of 'reality in time'. Human interaction is intrinsically interwoven and tied-up in an infinite and changing variety of illusions. Freedom from others’ subjectivity is no less a necessity than freedom from one’s own.

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taken from: Survival

One of the new cards coming out says: ’Competition and Comparison are Ugly things!’ You have no idea of what freedom there could be if we were just to stop measuring ourselves against other people.
Competition and comparison are like the outer walls of a prison. We’re in prison - psychologically! There are all kinds of corridors, locks on the doors etc., and it’s not simple just getting from your own cell into the outer courtyard. Then, the courtyard is surrounded by a wall! I’m inclined to say that that outer wall is made of ’bricks’ - and those bricks are made from competition and comparison!

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taken from: Decision to work

Basically, freedom is ‘freedom from fear’! Freedom means you can do what you want, right? So what stops you from doing what you want? Why doesn’t everyone do what they want? They’re afraid, no? You don’t do what you want because you’re afraid of what the consequences might be!
Freedom is not license! License is: you do whatever you want. Here we assume a serious individual.
If freedom is freedom from fear, then you have to be absolutely and totally neutral as to results. Because, if you’re not, and you want ‘this’ instead of ‘that’ - then you’re in fear. You want ‘this’ but maybe you’ll get ‘that’! So, neutral - as far as the results are concerned.

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