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taken from: End of Days

The Church of Wall Street! Give the people of the world one pattern, one goal, one reason to live - hope in a 'rising standard of living'. This New World Order, along with high-tech surveillance and identification techniques, would represent the ultimate in regimentation. For an individual to survive this organized madness with its subtle lies and justifications they must understand (psychological) Time. Pictures get made through suggestion, imitation, media, propaganda, assumed moral authorities, cultural presumptions and all the rest. The Truth is deeply buried, and one’s clear consciousness and conscience along with it.

taken from: How to Get Out

All education, other than maybe ‘close to the truth’ Religious Education, is an attempt to train us to improve the future that is rushing towards us. That education of man has brought us all the mass consumer products that are driving us mad and sick, it has brought us the atomic weapons of mass destruction - a constant knife hanging over our necks. It has brought us all the 'stick with your own kind' violence and brutality. The 'time mind' wants a better future - how about that!

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taken from: How to Get Out

Do you really believe that you can change, affect the future? Now mind you, this is exactly what the time mind presupposes! That is why it is busy telling other people that they should or must do this or that or that they should not or must not do this or the next thing. The time mind that watches the politicians with their plans, and attempts to forecast the personal implications - how it will affect their future. The time mind that wishes to educate the children for one or another result in the future etc., etc. ad infinitum! The time mind says you had better 'adjust' those things and people around you in order to suit your picture of what you would like the future to be. Do you really still think you can affect and change the future?

Well, your push or pull mixed in along with everybody else's push or pull will no doubt combine to affect some aspects in the social reality - do you really expect to be the 'prime mover' of the future? This IS the illusion of the time mind, it functions only on this basis - it sucks us dry with its essential madness and illusion and violence.

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taken from: End of Days

In the absence of directed and focused attention, the average mind is predisposed to constant thinking about 'every which thing' - a constant burning-up of energy, as well as the leaking of energy due to the emotional frustration caused by the inconclusiveness of the various thoughts. People think and think and think, without end. It’s all a projection in Time.

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taken from: End of Days

The motivation of the 'usual mind' is most essentially based on fear and the need for protection relative to the future. It functions in fear of Time.

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taken from: End of Days

Time is illusion and illusion causes pain, inevitably. Love, at a minimum, wishes to eliminate pain, or transcend it, or transform it, but certainly not to leave it alone as it is. Time is illusion and illusion causes pain. If we cannot talk about it, deal with it, expose it for what it is, or more exactly for what it is not - then we cannot love with any effect. What is love without effect? The issue of Love and the issue of Time are inseparable.

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The passage of time means everything and the passage of time means nothing. Yes and no! Every speculation in time is a dream with its element of hope and the inevitable fear that the hope will not materialize. Life as we generally know it is an interaction of the dreams of 'concerned' people.

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taken from: Wasting God's Time

The only way we can stop Wasting God’s Time is:
IN TIME with GOD !

What would it mean to be ‘In Time with God’? Well, if we were to step out of our usual circumstances and place ourselves alone, smack within nature, be it a forest or a mountain top or in the desert, that would allow us to feel what we alreadyknow – that nature is a distinctively synchronized, integrated system. Everything in its place and on time! The changing of the seasons, the earth circling the sun, the moon circling the earth, the very exact range of temperatures that allow human and other forms of life to exist. Everything so exact and synchronized. The cycle of impregnation, birth and growth of human beings – baby comes out, mother's milk is ready. Nature flows on beautifully and perfectly – everything so to speak in God's Time!
Everything that synchronizes in God's time functions relative to its own essence! Uniquely, within man's essence is a ‘hidden’, latent potential, to evolve – and far farther than he might imagine – should he be rightly connected!

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taken from: End of Days

There is an essential difference between fear (as thought) and actual immediate danger. Danger is now - and we react with whatever astuteness and presence of mind at our immediate disposal. Fear, on the other hand, is a perception of possible danger in the future and thus in TIME. We are generally 'worried sick' about the future and thus constantly occupied with thought in time.

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