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taken from: Decision to work

The Work is aiming at self-knowledge, self-remembering, presence! The usual movements, within the body, the emotions, the mind, with the money, the family, with the this and that - are all disconnected pieces! A lot of irritation and a lot of frustration and a lot of everything which we call ‘life’. And that is happening at a particular energy level - full of anxiety, for instance.
Work is aimed at deepening your sense of yourself, to a place that it is more real. To get you back to what is called ‘Real I’, which, it is said, is just behind ‘Observing I’. Yeah! From Real I, there’s a different vibration, a different level of laws functioning!
Look what The Work has to face! Everyone wants to feel better, to be happy. People want to be stronger - but from their natural conditioning they see that, basically, only as being stronger in ‘life’. Getting what you want, more, increasing! Becoming more clever, more popular, more rich, more admired, whatever. That’s ‘happy’ from a ‘life’ point of view. But, it’s not stable, it’s not reliable!
There is something really reliable - but it’s in a totally different direction. You can’t be busy trying to be ‘somebody’ and at the same time be a true ‘something’ - your Essential Self!

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