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Man - part animal, part lunatic and part God. 
The animal part is pretty clear to see. Pretty clear to see by whom, or by what? Pretty clear to see by consciousness. Consciousness is in the human animal. Man is more than just conscious - he is conscious that he is conscious. He is also conscious that his consciousness has different levels and intensity - in sleep, in love and certainly at death. Nonetheless, man is an animal, has an animal part, for sure.

Now, man as a lunatic. Luna - moon. Moon - reflected light. Reflected light - images. Images - imagination. Man's imagination circulates so many things, flooded with such a variety of impressions. Forced to pretend that he understands their connections. Forced to pretend that he knows who he is, what he wants and what he is doing - forced to lie! Makes him crazy. Whether he knows it or not, whether he shows it or not. Man, as we know him, is a lunatic, part lunatic. Yes. He is also, more or less, conscious of it.

Third part - man as God. God is the 'IS' - the IS of everything - all together! Man IS - he is therefore part of God - 'all that is'. If God is everything, everything is God. As Man is 'something', he is also part of everything and therefore man is also God. And he knows it!

So, part animal, part lunatic and part God. What else does the God part of man, the conscious God part, know? He knows that he is alive and will inevitably die. Can God die? Obviously not. The animal part of man dies - dust to dust. The God part, the consciousness, 'returns to God'.

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