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taken from: End of Days

The brainwashing we have been subjected to in the name of 'religious morality' and various other man-twisted-notions, pretend to serve the common interest. A whole lot of nonsense that has tied-up our innate intelligence and energy and enslaved us in a mediocre sluggishness.
'Morality' has been put-together by 'thought in time'! People 'think' that this or that is good or bad.

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taken from: End of Days

Hence, people develop a 'morality' - their 'considered' opinion of what is good and bad. Each man's morality differs from the next man's and manifests all the way from incidental disagreements to World Wars. One man's morality is the next man's poison.

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taken from: End of Days

People's morality is neither sane nor sensible. It is pure violence and ignorance. Sexual morality is a gigantic case in point. 
This incredible preoccupation with sexual morality is concocted to control others and is self-entrapping in the process. Imposed bondage on the free and expansive mind.
The sex impulse can be triggered by the imagination, the emotions, or directly from chemical reactions in the body. All three possibilities are common occurrences, and one has a right to consider the options in dealing with these energies.

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