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To 'commit adultery', in the usual terms, is when you are married and have sex outside the marriage. It has a deeper psychological/esoteric meaning.
The Perfect Marriage, 'until death do us part', is when one's male element (Consciousness) enters one's female element (Body/Emotion).There you have the 'marriage made in heaven'.
So, what is adultery at that level? Aren't people poking at each other all the time? A clever remark, a joke, a challenge, a trick, an induced awkwardness. Don't people like to 'stick it to you', so to speak, using their 'cleverness' to penetrate? Their own consciousness/attention seldom penetrates their own flesh. They use it to agitate, to 'fuck around' with other people. You have your own 'woman' to make love to... it's not someone over there. That penetration/connection is meant to bring on a second birth - a Second Body. That Second Body is the birth of the 'Christ child' within you, and results from the only marriage that really counts.

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