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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

Everybody wants the peace of Eternity, of Now. Eternity isn’t only of the ’past’ and the ’future’, it is, most essentially, Now! Everything alive is making an effort to balance out with that ’Presence’. That’s where ’God’ is, the Intelligent Universe, alive and functioning. Whether your ’trick’ is liquor, drugs, sex, sky diving, or meditation - that’s the connection you’re begging for consciously or otherwise. Even an explosion of anger can leave you with a few moments of... ’ahhh!’..., of Now!

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Work is about ETERNITY, it’s not about your pupik. And we’re prepared, in this life, to suffer the ignorance, for survival sake. It’s all suffering down here. It’s not for nothing that Gurdjieff calls this world a PAIN FACTORY. But in that pain there is an immense amount of energy! You want to be ’comfortable’ here? That’s what you’ve been trying all your life. Are you comfortable?

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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

There is Eternity, and there is ’life’. 
’Work’ is meant to be the connecting force between those two. Eternity is Now/God/Higher Intelligence, and is quite beyond the ability of the ’common’ mind to ’grasp’. We do however have the capacity of being in harmony with It! ’Life’, which is generally distorted, complexed, mechanical, unharmonious and suggesting all kinds of fractured, as if, meanings, leaves people ’split’, with one foot in that world, one foot in the other. There’s no sane person that wouldn’t like to go out and lay on a beach!

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taken from: Bionic-Man

Eternity is yours. It is more than just of the past and the future - it is most essentially now! You have Eternity, and you have ’Life’. Work is the connecting force between them!

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