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We want to become normal in all areas. How? First of all not to be compulsive - not to ‘jump’ with every thing that is attractive or a bit frightening. To be working on Being, so that all situations become ‘normal’. With love for an animal, for instance, or a flower, you don’t go grabbing at it. Normal is watching, first of all; it’s being sensitive. When it comes to human beings it’s most complex, most challenging. It’s not just meeting a human being where they are, but you want, in human beings, you want ‘normal’ to be alive and growing - because that’s what a human being is made to be. Love should become fuller, it should become wider - it should become clearer.

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Insights do come, and if we’re in a calm place, they’re clear. If we’re in an ’excited’ place, they’re not clear. But, we don’t struggle there - we just go back to calm. Without calm, you don’t know what you’re hearing or thinking, and you don’tknow what to believe or what’s connected with what. You can’t really do anything there but calm down and let your own system and the Larger System co-operate.
The combinations are very subtle. It requires our ’Being’ - our being normal, our being relaxed, our being not vain or proud, not guilty, not manipulative, not suspicious - open to the HIGHER.
If you are doing something for the ’right’ reason, which is the why, and the ’right’ thing which is the what, and if you are’present’, then you should be getting a taste of a new reality - that you can remember! And when you’re doing somethingless productive, you can stop!

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