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taken from: Suicide & After words

Man’s relationship to religion and God is more often than not 99% subjective - his own conceptions, his own feelings, his own imagination. Generally speaking it is not objective. When it becomes objective, someone is likely to end off nailed to a cross. The subjective can not stand the objective! Don’t expect a caterpillar to see a butterfly. First of all it can’t even look up!

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Man - part animal, part lunatic and part God. 
The animal part is pretty clear to see. Pretty clear to see by whom, or by what? Pretty clear to see by consciousness. Consciousness is in the human animal. Man is more than just conscious - he is conscious that he is conscious. He is also conscious that his consciousness has different levels and intensity - in sleep, in love and certainly at death. Nonetheless, man is an animal, has an animal part, for sure.

Now, man as a lunatic. Luna - moon. Moon - reflected light. Reflected light - images. Images - imagination. Man's imagination circulates so many things, flooded with such a variety of impressions. Forced to pretend that he understands their connections. Forced to pretend that he knows who he is, what he wants and what he is doing - forced to lie! Makes him crazy. Whether he knows it or not, whether he shows it or not. Man, as we know him, is a lunatic, part lunatic. Yes. He is also, more or less, conscious of it.

Third part - man as God. God is the 'IS' - the IS of everything - all together! Man IS - he is therefore part of God - 'all that is'. If God is everything, everything is God. As Man is 'something', he is also part of everything and therefore man is also God. And he knows it!

So, part animal, part lunatic and part God. What else does the God part of man, the conscious God part, know? He knows that he is alive and will inevitably die. Can God die? Obviously not. The animal part of man dies - dust to dust. The God part, the consciousness, 'returns to God'.

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taken from: Wasting God's Time

The only way we can stop Wasting God’s Time is:
IN TIME with GOD !

What would it mean to be ‘In Time with God’? Well, if we were to step out of our usual circumstances and place ourselves alone, smack within nature, be it a forest or a mountain top or in the desert, that would allow us to feel what we alreadyknow – that nature is a distinctively synchronized, integrated system. Everything in its place and on time! The changing of the seasons, the earth circling the sun, the moon circling the earth, the very exact range of temperatures that allow human and other forms of life to exist. Everything so exact and synchronized. The cycle of impregnation, birth and growth of human beings – baby comes out, mother's milk is ready. Nature flows on beautifully and perfectly – everything so to speak in God's Time!
Everything that synchronizes in God's time functions relative to its own essence! Uniquely, within man's essence is a ‘hidden’, latent potential, to evolve – and far farther than he might imagine – should he be rightly connected!

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God wishes to save this world and clearly sees the line of destruction that it is on. What is equally clear is that mankind is the cause of the impending disaster and that only mankind is able to save the situation. What is required is a total reversal/revolution.

Mankind is made up of individual men. Individual men are needed, indeed obliged, if the capacity is there, to affect a complete reversal, a total personal revolution - an ultimate shift of perspective and motivation. Not all men, but for those capable it is a must, both for the sake of their eternal soul and for the sake of the creation itself.

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