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taken from: Decision to work

What are we actually doing here? If the call is true there might be a true response. Then both the call and the response are connected with something Higher! Truth becomes the ‘neutralizing force’, the intention, the context. Then, in some way, we’re open to the whole truth of the universe. It doesn’t mean we can eat it all in one swallow. It becomes a dynamic. It’s not getting or not getting - that’s not the issue. Truth is the issue!
This is a rough kind of explanation of what can take place. Without the call nothing, without the response nothing. And without the truth - nothing of any value!

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taken from: Decision to work

How to know the difference between ‘being’ and imagination, to be awake, to remember ourselves and be observant? How can we become full human beings?
If you understand that these are real questions, then you are open to see things that might help in that regard. Then you’re open to ‘response’ - you’ve got the ‘call’. The response is conditioned by the call. The response cannot be bigger than the call. Call a little bit - the response is a little bit. Life is like that.
“Love is the pulse that happens as feedback between call and response”.

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