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Shame and guilt, are so close - they should be looked at! What exactly is it that gives one those kind of feelings? Nobody likes to feel shame, nobody likes to feel guilt - but we have to be more objective as to what exactly they are. If you just push it aside, it’s still there - you’re leaking energy and you’re hiding. If you look at it, you may say: “I don’t know exactly what it is - but I know it’s there!” Or, you might say: “Oh, I know why the shame is: I’m using ’God’s given energy’ to do something, and I have no idea whether or not it will even prove useful!”

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NOTHING healthy comes from guilt. INTELLIGENCE doesn’t come from guilt. It is most difficult for people to hear that without feeling, as if, ’resentment’. ”What, I don’t owe my children? My children don’t owe me? My parents don’t owe me? I don’t owe my parents? Well, if I accepted that, I wouldn’t exist, almost. What could I count on?” Well… what CAN you count on?

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