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So, this fear thing! Each fear has so many angles to it that you can’t even start thinking about it. You can’t. Each of the fears is somehow connected with everything else. And when you KNOW that you can’t deal with it in the usual way, then it all comes together as ONE BIG MOUNTAIN. Then, you can DROP the word ’fear’. It was: ”I’m afraid of this, or I’m afraid of that”. When you arrive at this big mountain you can’t think like that any more. It turns into a TOTAL LUMP OF ANXIETY.
Our only problem with anxiety is that we fight it, and pay no attention to the sheer ENERGY that it is - that is BEGGING TO BE TRANSFORMED.

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’ANXIETY, PLEASE!’ You have to regard it as a GIFT, because it’s got a tremendous energy reserve in it. You can’t think yourself out of that in a million years. You can take a drug, you can be a workaholic, you can be a fanatic in something, you can be artistic, artistic, artistic, but that does not clear it up.
That’s all running away from this anxiety. If you go THROUGH the anxiety, if you accept the anxiety, if you say, ’Anxiety, please’, then you absorb/transform that energy into your SELF. Not as a bad thing, as a reality. Ah, if it was so simple!
Behind the anxiety is YOU.
The more you are YOURSELF, the more your OVERVIEW, the more you are attractive in the REAL sense. There is nothing more attractive than your PRESENCE, behind the anxiety. The anxiety maintains itself only when you struggle with it. If you don’t struggle with it, it’s just ENERGY. And that energy, with attention, transforms, actually!

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No reasoning is going to get you out of all this business. Only if you get BEHIND it. There you have an overview. Then you can see what’s possible, or not. NOT from anxiety. You CANNOT be intelligent from anxiety. How about that one? You cannot be intelligent, you cannot be good, other than in a sentimental bullshit way, and you can’t be serious, from anxiety. It’s your job to FEEL it, and find yourself behind it, or above it.

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