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taken from: Reason to Live

”Where did mankind go wrong?” I’ll tell you where he went wrong. He went wrong when he started wanting what he didn’t have and as a result never used his attention to learn what he did have! Man wants but has no conception of what he already has. The Work: ’You have everything you need!’ It doesn’t say ’almost everything’, it says, ’everything’! And in serious circles, people use words with precision. That’s where ’second education’ comes in. ’Work’ is referred to as ’second education’. First education is within the society you found yourself. It’s necessary, you have to survive within it. Eventually the personality formed within it can become food for the essence. Not only is it necessary to form but the more elaborated the better.
Attention is the issue. Man lost his attention. His attention got stolen by a little apple on the tree of knowledge, so called. Tempted by the devil. What’s the devil? Tempted by a piece of the Whole.

taken from: End of Days

Who is there that is ready to struggle to regain his mind? Each person, with his or her unique qualities and background, has far greater differences in their world picture than they are aware of. We move in a world of interacting illusions. People judge each other as stupid, insensitive, naive, manipulative, immoral, unreliable, and a whole lot of other objectionables - not at all realizing that the object of their criticism is running a completely different movie through their system. This is the basis, the bottom line, the ultimate reality of what is, in fact, 'sleeping/mechanical mankind'.

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taken from: Wasting God's Time

‘All roads lead to Rome’ – but they pass through very different territory. Very complex and rough territory, corrupted and difficult territory, unique and subjective territory. Thus the challenge for an individual to find a True Path for himself that will lead to Rome, or Home, or Truth, or Peace, or Love, depending upon the individual’s inclination towards ‘labeling’. Religions call it a ‘Return’ (chozer). A return to Truth, to God – to Now!

taken from: Suicide & After words

Man’s relationship to religion and God is more often than not 99% subjective - his own conceptions, his own feelings, his own imagination. Generally speaking it is not objective. When it becomes objective, someone is likely to end off nailed to a cross. The subjective can not stand the objective! Don’t expect a caterpillar to see a butterfly. First of all it can’t even look up!

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Man - part animal, part lunatic and part God. 
The animal part is pretty clear to see. Pretty clear to see by whom, or by what? Pretty clear to see by consciousness. Consciousness is in the human animal. Man is more than just conscious - he is conscious that he is conscious. He is also conscious that his consciousness has different levels and intensity - in sleep, in love and certainly at death. Nonetheless, man is an animal, has an animal part, for sure.

Now, man as a lunatic. Luna - moon. Moon - reflected light. Reflected light - images. Images - imagination. Man's imagination circulates so many things, flooded with such a variety of impressions. Forced to pretend that he understands their connections. Forced to pretend that he knows who he is, what he wants and what he is doing - forced to lie! Makes him crazy. Whether he knows it or not, whether he shows it or not. Man, as we know him, is a lunatic, part lunatic. Yes. He is also, more or less, conscious of it.

Third part - man as God. God is the 'IS' - the IS of everything - all together! Man IS - he is therefore part of God - 'all that is'. If God is everything, everything is God. As Man is 'something', he is also part of everything and therefore man is also God. And he knows it!

So, part animal, part lunatic and part God. What else does the God part of man, the conscious God part, know? He knows that he is alive and will inevitably die. Can God die? Obviously not. The animal part of man dies - dust to dust. The God part, the consciousness, 'returns to God'.

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Each man is but a cell in the body of humanity. Humanity has brought the world to the brink of disaster. Each human is responsible, even though they are treated as specks of dirt.

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taken from: Bionic-Man

Did you ever see the television series? That’s where they start implanting ’added strength’ and whatever electronics into a man! He becomes POWERFUL.
Western civilization and bionic-man are ’kissing cousins’ - men are being turned into computerized, laser-ized, space-ized specimens!
The bionics are not so much in man - man is in the bionics. People live in the belly of a machine. It gets ever more boring; the ’food’ is taste-less, less and less. Stimulates nothing!
People hardly leave their home now. Why leave? You’ve got more in your home than the king of England had just a few years back. And we don’t need people - we can hardly talk to each other! Who is there to talk to?

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taken from: Bionic-Man

What I’m saying is, realize! That’s what I’m saying: realize that you can’t think - your ’normal’ thinking simply goes nowhere. Then realize that you are in the midst of an immensely complex situation - they are calling it World War Three! President Bush says it’s a war’between the forces of good and evil’. And we’re the good ones. Bionic-man is ’good’. How good? Well, as the saying goes: you can’t argue with ’success’!

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It's also a fact that the modern, educated, successful Western man is a million miles from an active sense of his responsibilities to God/The Creator. A million miles! Does the difference make a difference? What makes a difference, anything? Are there real enemies in the world? Is one right and the other evil by comparison, or did that distinction end with World War Two? Are there good guys and bad guys and if so are we sure which side we are on? Does it make a difference? Who goes to take a look?



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Who in fact are the good guys and who in fact are the bad guys? And, in this mass mess world that humanity has concocted who has the capacity, the objectivity, the good will, the strength and the position even to evaluate the reality - let alone affect something?

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