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taken from: Suicide & After words

It’s been said that souls are ‘dying’ to come into this world! That’s interesting - they’re anxious to come into this world! One could think: ‘Why? Why would they want a body?’ You could speculate that a soul that wants to come into this world has a wide perspective - can see what this world is all about. It’s not a comfortable place to be in - not for anybody! As Gurdjieff pointed out - this is a ‘pain factory’.
The more you see the more you realize how true that is. The black and the white, the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the healthy and the unhealthy - how everyone is suffering! If a disincarnate soul can see with a wider perspective, then they are not coming here to have a good time. They are not going to have a good time! Nobody has a ‘good time’. This is not yet heaven - this is earth!

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taken from: Reason to Live

Gurdjieff said: ’This life is a pain factory’. ’Existence’ is not a pain factory. Nature, mother nature is marvellous. Most of the trouble we have with mother nature is that we don’t trust her. Afraid of being cold or what-not. The body can adjust well to most everything in nature.

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