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taken from: Perverse Criticism

“The Question of Good and Bad.” It’s the issue of the day! We’re living in a world that is poisoned with peoples’ subjective good and bad. And everyone is going around making judgments. That’s what we got used to, even though it drives us crazy. We’re continually looking over our shoulder for someone’s criticism or compliment!
With our usual thinking we can twist and turn in sixteen different ways, and still end off in a corner. What is needed is to open to Grace. And our ’good’ and ’bad’ are two steel doors blocking out Grace. Grace can’t get through our good and bad!

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Let's look at the word 'blest'. To be blest is to receive 'Hesed' (Grace) - something that comes from 'Above'. It's a gift. Someone who has been blest has been elevated by something Higher. They didn't do it them-selves. 'Something' from Above, lifts you to the Above, or lifts the situation. And what is the 'Above'? It's beyond your imagination! It's your own Real Self, Real 'I', what you are essentially. It's also the foundation of Observing 'I'. 'Behind' Observing 'I' - is Real 'I'.

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