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Until understanding has reached a certain level, we're like frightened little children, in a dark forest, with all kinds of things jumping out at us, or tempting us, poisonous berries even. The more you understand the more you can know what to do on the basis of who you are and what's going on around you.
Within the When, Where and with Whom, learning takes place, where understanding can grow. That's as far from the abstract as you can get! People tend to talk much about the 'now'. NOW has time, place and company. It’s a Dynamic Now.

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Real 'Doing' and 'Knowing' are inseparable and as such form a single function. KNOWLEDGE, meeting with a corresponding LEVEL OF BEING, constitutes a UNITARY PROCESS - the real meaning of the word UNDERSTANDING.

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The Work is the ’Way of Understanding’! This house might assist you in that effort. Where you would habitually react or turn your back and move away, here you have the opportunity, and necessity, to face up to all kinds of things.
What is the issue? Knowing who and what ‘I am’, no? That’s a real piece of work and requires conscious effort. It will not happen by itself - experience must be awared consciously!


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The sorrowful - not the angry, not the disappointed, not the critical small 'I's. Sorrowful, in the face of the sad truth of the lower level, and at the same time not imagining things could be other than they are at that level. Seeing it as it is.
Consolation - an understanding will come that will more than 'payback' for the seeing and the resulting 'sorrowfulness'.They'll find understanding, they'll find consolation, they'll come alive. 
What is 'consolation', generally speaking? You get something back that makes some effort all worthwhile. What can make anythingworthwhile other than Understanding? What else has any value? An orgasm, maybe? How blessed are the sorrowful, they shall have orgasms. No, it says consolation. The biggest 'consolation' people seem to want is in that 'O' word. But I tell you, there are much better things in store for us, under the heading of Understanding, that comes from seeing.

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Growing and learning are first of all psychological matters. Our problems are psychological. Don't get frightened by that word, no one wants to send you to a psychologist, necessarily, no -just to REALIZE that our pain, for the most part, comes from NOT UNDERSTANDING !
That is the painful, confusing, unsatisfying condition we find ourselves in. Understanding is a psychological question. Our problems are first of all psychological.
And mark this - unless you come from good conscience, unless you come from honesty, humility and a place of GOOD FEELING, you will never have a healthy psychology. Life will give you all the new data you require for a new and TRUTHFUL psychology if you deal with life HONESTLY, and give and take the best available NOW.