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taken from: Reason to Live

Keeps the world going, it’s what’s called the devil - actually it’s totally mechanical, it’s compulsive. It comes from running away from the confusion and pain. You can’t drop a soul into this complex, ’humanly’ developed world, without it being confusing and painful. It’s like dropping us off in a Martian atmosphere where we don’t know what’s going on. The fact is that we don’t know. Everything is new, everything is painful. So all this activity is just to get away and maybe get enough energy to figure it out, and maybe come back and ’organize’ it. Everything false was already here before you. False sense of identity, false sense of ownership, false sense of importance. If you could only go through the pain, somehow, you might get to the bottom of it! The mind has to calm down, you have to be able to feel the pain in order to go through it.

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Love is light - it is also Presence. That's what you actually ARE . Don't let the 'devil' get you and make you forget. All the devil can do is make you forget - it can't change reality.

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That's a sincere intention, right? Not an oath. Anything more 'elaborate' that you're promising or swearing to do, or not to do, comes from your imagination. What do you think you can do, and what circumstances will allow it? It's imagination, it's ignorance. And when you're identified with your ignorance, that's the DEVIL. And YOU give it life! What is this saying, essentially? It's saying, 'don't lie'.That's all it's saying. You want 'God'? Then don't lie. You want the refinement of your own soul? Then don't lie. And you can see, by the various things that are pointed out here - just how you do lie.

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