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The facts of Man's madness become so clear that sanity lights up as clear as a bright star on top of a blinking Christmas tree. No mistaking one from the other.

What for, all of this? The reality of consciousness, packaged in an eternal soul. That's what for! To be freed from the temporal/imaginary. For the freed energy to infuse the lines of connection between the soul and all other soul realities. Planet soul, vegetable soul, animal soul, human soul, cosmic soul. The living whole! A 'death' in this life, a birth in the 'world to come'. Alive at last!

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Teachings for the most part deal with what gets in the way of the (as yet) unknown. Love, Peace, Truth, Presence are all different words indicating a specific place, a level sometimes referred to as 'heaven'. There's really not so much you can say about it other than it's THERE. And if you were there 'with it' life would be altogether different for you. To talk about it when you're not there may be even worse than useless because that can trigger all kinds of pictures within imagination, which is the only functional 'conceptual' we have at the lower level. The real issue is not pictures - it is essential reality. We have been conditioned to live in pictures, and that we can say much about!

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We experience a very thin slice of reality through the senses. People sometime talk of 'Ha'olam Haba' (The Hereafter), which is the Greater Reality. But what is after our own death also exists now. There is a whole range of subtleties going on, now, at a number of levels. Our emotional state and our thought waves have repercussions in areas of which we have no idea.

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What is Reality? There are so many ideas around! To some of them you say: ’Yes, that’s true, and it’s right, and I would like to...’ etc. But, now, we need one answer - one answer for everything! It doesn’t do you any good to go on figuring, figuring, figuring! We are living in a ’One Dynamic Unity’ - everything is inter-active. Those ’separations’ that we are struggling with, have no meaning in themselves!

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