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The truth of the matter is that every human being on this planet is your brother and sister, child of the One Creative Force called God. And the DIVISIONS are petty, blind, sleeping illusion. If you cannot break through that with each other, then put the ’flag’ down. Can you see that in each other – each one carrying the flag of the Work? Sometimes even putting words to it? It IS deeply important, deeply valued by you, a LIFELINE it sometimes seems. Do you see that? Do you see it in other people? Can you relate to it? Are you going to continue to live in a ’me and mine’ package, with everybody else being turned into a second class citizen? Do you want to make each other second class citizens? If you want to, then put the flag down.

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... if one were to take the time and look in DEPTH at a wide variety of relationships, both those past and present, they would become aware of the incredible amount of ENERGY being expended, and the most PECULIAR FOCUS demanded, in their relationships with all people as to the ’NECESSITY’ OF KEEPING THEM ’HAPPY’. And, the WHY behind it all! 

People, it seems, have their HOPES (and fears) IN OTHER PEOPLE. Not in anything HIGHER (ie: Truth, God, their own INTEGRITY).

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Each man in fact lives and functions in his 'own world' with EVERYONE ELSE appearing, without doubt, STRANGE, with the exception of recognized common WEAKNESSES. People PLAY on those weaknesses and call it RELATIONSHIP. That is the most usual state of affairs in the world.

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’Good friends’ tend to ’help’ each other with their WEAKNESSES, without realizing it. Not the principles of Work! The principles of Work are concerned with the building of a SOUL. Something that is already in you that can become strong enough to resist all the bullshit, the fear, the abuse, anything. To really come ALIVE within the HOLY TRIAD of non-critical self-observation, non-identification and Self-remembering. Those three things go together! They strengthen the REAL in a person at the expense of everything else. Until that becomes a reality, you are not worth shit to yourself or anyone else, regardless of what you think about your intelligence, your goodness, or your seriousness. Without that TRIAD you’re another bouncing ball with a self-image, changing all the time.

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