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The facts of Man's madness become so clear that sanity lights up as clear as a bright star on top of a blinking Christmas tree. No mistaking one from the other.

What for, all of this? The reality of consciousness, packaged in an eternal soul. That's what for! To be freed from the temporal/imaginary. For the freed energy to infuse the lines of connection between the soul and all other soul realities. Planet soul, vegetable soul, animal soul, human soul, cosmic soul. The living whole! A 'death' in this life, a birth in the 'world to come'. Alive at last!

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Everything is always changing, outside and inside. There is ONE THING in you that doesn’t change. That’s your CONSCIOUSNESS – where you can be established in Real I. Everything else passes on the screen of consciousness. It starts and it goes. And you live in the identification of those PICTURES, and get an as if ’identity’ in it. It’s not your REAL IDENTITY at the very Source – it’s not ’real’.

That which is real in you can SURVIVE THE DEATH OF THE BODY. There is something really worthwhile to DO, on top of this generally comic/tragic trip. At the very least, not to ’slip down’.

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that being an 
Evolutionary Process 
towards the growth of 

‘I was a secret treasure, and wished to be known’ (Hadith)

In the age we are now living, people again tend to describe ‘Spiritual Progress’, as a growth of Consciousness.

they call it.

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Our ‘personalities’ are really dirt and dust on the mirror of consciousness. There is One Consciousness - as there is One air and One water - and we participate in that Consciousness. But we get covered with ‘conditioning’, which can be looked at as dust - and get our ‘identity’ within it. It’s a false identity!

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