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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

The soul, spirit, is the essential ’you’, which came into this world! We are in an amazing piece of ’machinery’ here, but as with any sensitive instrument, for it to work well, it must be in balance! When it’s not, it can only give you confusing... whatever!

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What is missing is balance. The balance between man's head and his heart - and his body, that thing pushing all those buttons. Man as we know him today is completely out of balance. He holds himself together with valium and anti-acid pills. His brain is connected to a television tube and his emotions are moved, however seldom, by Super Graphics. His hope is in engineered vegetable, animal and human genes. He is totally and absolutely love starved! Man, as we know him today, Western man, is completely out of balance. It's a fact. And they prepare to fight to keep what they've got. They have forgotten their roots and now glorify their sickness. Not a nice nor a hopeful reality

Related Subjects: Balance