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taken from: Suicide & After words

When you try to observe the mind, you tend to get identified with the thoughts. We think we are the thoughts! Until there’s a certain degree of ‘separation’ we can’t really observe the thinking process because we’re so identified - we think it’s ‘us’.

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When you’re IDENTIFIED with something, you DON’T remember yourself. Your ’I’ is in what you’re identified with. It’s one thing to be AWARE - knowing what the mind, the emotions are doing, what the body is sensing, to be aware NON-CRITICALLY – and it’s quite another thing to be IDENTIFIED with it, calling it ’I’. Because, when you do that, YOU are not really present, not remembering your Self.

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taken from: Decision to work

‘The real difference between madness and enlightenment is a question of identification’. You get stolen if you’re identified - it’s madness. They don’t always lock you up; after all they can’t lock up the whole world!
If you are capable of ‘separation’, then you see what you see and what you don’t see, you don’t see; you understand what you understand and what you don’t understand you don’t understand. Whether you understand or not, you still ‘are’- and that’s the essential thing! There’s the ‘that’ and there’s the ‘you’ Patience! It’s very scientific, it’s the ultimate.

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Each 'center' and 'sense', within each individual, has different strengths, different 'colorations', producing persons with varying tendencies and appetites. What is in one is within all, but to varying degrees. What are the IMPLICATIONS ?
In the usual state of IDENTIFICATION the differences manifest in disagreement, conflict, violence, except when some kind of 'business' is being engaged in where an agreement is being sought and patience is being exercised. Self-interest makes for strange bed-fellows.

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