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The Work is called New Meaning. New Meaning! It’s got a direction to it completely different from the usual. We don’t live in a world that is really interested in Real I, in Soul, in a SURVIVABLE SOMETHING, larger than these few pissy petty years that we are here.

New meaning! That’s why the Koran says: ”Not your children and not your property will help you”. You can hold on to nothing! Everyone is trying to ’hold on’. But what has a beginning, has an end. How can you hold on? Your child didn’t come until ’afterwards’, and you’re going to go ’before’, or they can go before. Who can hold on to what? They too have a soul, and are also down here to learn something. Not to play baby, not to be famous, not just to come for Sabbath dinner. New Meaning – hopefully they’ll come to a realization of that too.

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Simplicity is the Answer. Knowledge is the Necessity. Conscious Effort and ’rightly taken Suffering’ is the Payment. GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST is the Realization. UNITY is the FACT.

Related Subjects: New meaning

Start functioning with NEW MEANING. Sometimes you can be so flexible and humble, then in a flash turn vicious. When mechanicality is activated, you really lose control, and blow away vital energy. There you've forgotten how to pay with Conscious/Voluntary Suffering. You're still weak in the Law.

Related Subjects: New meaning