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... they are an avoidance of the truth. They imprison a person in their own dream-land!

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Ordinary school teachers are forced to make demands of a whole class of young students that can be fulfilled by only a few. The balance are forced to lie.
To survive the pressure and the punishment the child must lie. The teacher knows that what he asks is not possible for all. The teacher knows that to maintain control he must maintain the pressure. The child knows that in order to survive he must lie!

.......................Yes, mothers and fathers learned the same tricks from the same places and the habit is spread throughout society. Welcome to the mess.

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We know one thing for sure - our habits cause us to be blind, or ignore completely, these basic facts. How do you get to live what you already know? We hardly do that. We begin to see that we're actually moving in a self-created prison. It really is a prison. And it is held together with lies.
Work is sometimes referred to as: 
'The Study of Lies.' 
Our habitual 'understanding' is full of untruths.

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taken from: End of Days

Today, in a True Teaching, the message is basic. Study hell, here is what it is composed of, know it well. It is held together with LIES. Study the lies outside and within yourself. When you know for sure where you are, you will want, like hell, to get out.

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When men lie with the same straight face that they tell the truth they lose the ability to distinguish between lies and truth outside themselves. They must check and check and check, never reaching clarity. A lie has a completely different vibration than the truth. A lying man has a completely different vibration than a truthful one. Only a truthful man can be sure. All the rest are: 'Trees to be cut down and burned in the Fire!'

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That's a sincere intention, right? Not an oath. Anything more 'elaborate' that you're promising or swearing to do, or not to do, comes from your imagination. What do you think you can do, and what circumstances will allow it? It's imagination, it's ignorance. And when you're identified with your ignorance, that's the DEVIL. And YOU give it life! What is this saying, essentially? It's saying, 'don't lie'.That's all it's saying. You want 'God'? Then don't lie. You want the refinement of your own soul? Then don't lie. And you can see, by the various things that are pointed out here - just how you do lie.

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