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taken from: End of Days

Now, what about the Whole? How do we come to terms with IT? The Whole is an integrated Whole and mankind is an integral part of it. There is a natural place and function for man within the Whole, as there is for every other piece.
The gap between people and their rightful place in the Whole Universe/God is maintained by distortions caused by lies. How to uncover the essential truths, and thus regain a connection with one’s rightful place, is without a doubt the magnificent challenge for the serious and intelligent person. Schools exist dedicated to this ultimate aim.

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taken from: End of Days

What else is there other than this manipulated world of man-made-time? The Hope lies in the Truth that is uncovered when the lies and distortions are seen/dissolved/dis-integrated.

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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

If you have affection for the Truth, even when it’s not ’complementary’, then you can have real relationships with others who share that passion.
Who is there to help who? At the level that we’re aiming for, there is a Unity - so, in fact, the only one you can help, is yourself. YourSelf is a lot larger than you imagine - it’s everything! What a preposterous statement, eh?

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taken from: End of Days

Talk the truth, within the limits of your own truthful experience. Forget about the words 'religion' and 'god'.

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taken from: Decision to work

“Truth says - love me or leave me!”
It’s not enough to want the truth! If you just want the truth and you come across a truth that is not complementary, you ‘don’t want it anymore’! It’s not enough to want the truth - you’ve got to love the truth. That indicates a person who has a taste for the ‘is’ of things.
If you don’t love the Truth then you’re in the wrong business!

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taken from: Do-ing

The Work is not just a lot more words thrown at this ’generalized issue’ called the ’spiritual’. It has very specific intentions and is very ’tight’ in covering the dangers and known pit-falls. It’s deceptively simple - because it’s talking Truth. One of the signs of hearing the Truth, is that when you hear it you have the feeling that you always knew it! That’s a good thing to recognize - but it’s also a good thing to watch that you don’t go to sleep in! The Truth is very simple - but staying with it is not simple! We’ve been conditioned in a totally other direction.

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taken from: Decision to work

What are we actually doing here? If the call is true there might be a true response. Then both the call and the response are connected with something Higher! Truth becomes the ‘neutralizing force’, the intention, the context. Then, in some way, we’re open to the whole truth of the universe. It doesn’t mean we can eat it all in one swallow. It becomes a dynamic. It’s not getting or not getting - that’s not the issue. Truth is the issue!
This is a rough kind of explanation of what can take place. Without the call nothing, without the response nothing. And without the truth - nothing of any value!

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The only real authority is the Truth. That is Reality, cleared of wishful thinking, imagination and magi'a li (deserving). Knowledge from ABOVE, transcendent to all the confusion and 'normal' assumptions, comes from the very Spirit of God.Connection is at the next level up within you! The Being of a person can only 'accept' Knowledge to the extent that they both vibrate correspondingly. Vibrations of all or any negativity cannot relate to the finer vibrations of TRUTH.

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Ultimately the only real authority is the Truth. That is, 'God', the AUTHORITY, that KNOWS the basic reason for it ALL. And supposedly there are some people who are closer to that understanding than others.

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