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taken from: How to Get Out

For a first time in a long time people have NO IDEA of what TOMORROW might bring.
What can save us from going irrevocably MAD in this period of time?
Those few of us who have the chance of not turning into some mechanical attachment of the new technology, or just some redundant zombie, must take some very distinct and radical steps. We must grasp some ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE that has been 'pooh-pooed' as 'unscientific' in recent years, but has ALWAYS BEEN AROUND, though 'buried' in the world's Religions and Esoteric Teachings.
Now, we no longer have a choice, should we wish to remain human and sane. We MUST come to understand the relevance of our LIFE and DEATH!

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The only real authority is the Truth. That is Reality, cleared of wishful thinking, imagination and magi'a li (deserving). Knowledge from ABOVE, transcendent to all the confusion and 'normal' assumptions, comes from the very Spirit of God.Connection is at the next level up within you! The Being of a person can only 'accept' Knowledge to the extent that they both vibrate correspondingly. Vibrations of all or any negativity cannot relate to the finer vibrations of TRUTH.

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taken from: Wasting God's Time

KNOWLEDGE of how to overcome the distortions and obstacles has always been available. That Knowledge comes through from the Place of Clarity – the next evolutionary level up from man’s ‘normal’ functioning. Knowledge from that Source is anabsolute requirement for one to overcome the obstacles on the Way.
Those who reject God/Higher Intelligence, inevitably reject Knowledge, and as a result seal their fate at the level they find themselves – and suffer the consequences.

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