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taken from: How to Get Out

How much have you been reading in your past - words, words, and then words, ideas, ideas, ideas, suggestions, do's and don'ts - so what, here we have some more - DROP EVERYTHING - oh shit!
Well, what DOES it mean - or should you have stopped reading back there when you first hit those words?
YOU drop everything but IT still remains in place. What keeps IT and EVERYTHING ELSE in place is the totality of 'complexities' both physical and 'social'. Guess what - you may die but life will still go on!
You be a 'yea sayer', a 'yes sayer' - people do exactly as they please ANYWAY - or, to be more exact, they do the only thing they can in any given circumstance. Be a 'yes sayer', you don't change a bloody thing essential anyway -
say yes!
you bet - it means drop the IMPORTANCE, the assumed importance of things and happenings - they'll happen anyways, you can play your part, you can do what comes naturally and comfortably, but begin to SEE that no imagination, no projection of the future, EVER develops into a living reality - NEVER!

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