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The SEER is ALWAYS focused on the LEARNING and NEVER on the advantage or safety.
He comes to SEE, among other things of lesser importance, that THAT which SEES in him, is HIM - and that ALL ELSE is but variations on the theme, in more or less harmony. As an orchestra leader, he is able to call-out the right notes, cords, tones , by his mere ATTENTION.

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The more compassionately, the more openly, the less judgmental, the more helpfully you relate to other people - the more you see! And at the depth of that seeing, you recognize the ’seer’. You begin to see that the ’seen’ and the ’seer’ are the same thing. And that’s what we call Love. That’s connection! God is Love - the Whole Thing, at its core, is Love. You want to be part of Love? Then you have to be ’connected’!

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