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So there is the ‘Terror of The Situation’ - the self-inflicted agonies, twists and turns, the suffering and sickness, the wars and the misunderstandings - the agony! You’ll see more and more of it. It’s a level of reality which is most important to see. But can you really see it without getting swallowed by it?
The Work has many approaches to this. You can’t just stand there and say ‘Ah, I’ll do it, yeah!’ To see truth there are certain things that help, and certain things you just can’t do, because they put you to sleep.
The Work can best be referred to as ‘Learning how to Learn’. How to get yourself into a clear space where you can ‘see’. It’s not telling that you should do ‘this’, and never do ‘that’! Work says something very simple:
“You can do anything you want, so long as you remember-yourself.”

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