R. Muller, 1938 - 2007


By: R. Muller


The cheating, in spiritual, psychological, religious, and scientific matters, has been, for ages already, till the day of the day, under the name, of all sorts of developments; of all sorts of parts of a human being; and mankind as such, in all sorts of combinations, and however, somehow, much resembling to each other, or not, the cheating remains a common feature.

Proofs, in great, often even, poetic, or plain, spiritual, grammar, are set up; propaganda follows suit; and the mix up, repetitions, imitation, hostility, misunderstandings, etc., concerning these matters, as a result, mainly, of the cheating, is staggering.

Heavy distortions, cloud the regions of the highest human challenge and endeavor; the realm of re-integration, into the cosmic design and destiny. By no fault of their own, the enlightened teachings, not only of those sent from ABOVE, but also of those genuine-spirits with ”great BEING” below on this planet, fully conscious of that ABOVE, became prostituted, and turned into a cheat, a cheap-cheat-system. This, in the course of all sorts of times, became further exploited by conscience-less men of all sorts, turning most Holy Precepts into a cruel, irreparable joke.

In general, why is it, that messengers were sent; the very bad state of affairs, for sure. In the old old days; then there existed groupings of men, truly in very real experiments and discoveries, which in a sense, uncovered, time and again, essential laws related to mankind, laws which were, further-more, integrated constructions of a special nature within the larger and wider relations of all that lives on earth, the earth itself, and the planetary-system which it is a part of.

Without, even, the exact instructions, relating to such discoveries and experiments, ways of transmission into the FIBER of mankind, by such wise men, not at all out, to, so to say, sell their skin and. bones very expensively, as they labored beyond their egoistic-core-cravings, and it was found, that at any given time, in the life of mankind, people, alone, or in groups, would be able to re-discover these cosmically related perfectionings, which were the core-essential-strivings, of the activated-principles, for the preparations, and perfectionings, of the human soul-energy required from ABOVE, in the, by then already, for long, changed system of universal, and cosmic, significance, the ensued process of reciprocal-feeding.

Societies, in the so-called, pre-literary, pre-recorded, historical-times and after these, ongoingly, till to-day, have very rarely ever been led by the truly learned man; and the effects and consequences of men, not, in any sense, dedicated to an AIM, concerning the very BEING-GROUND of all life and man’s life included, on this planet, have completely and totally indeed, become the current of disastrous human relations one witnesses today; the cheat has become the norm of all days.

The territory we’re mapping, the terrain, the infinitely, nearly, changing shapes, of landscapes, and of the people inhabiting these land masses, over very many centuries, and all the facts related to their, really, fabulously, malsane endeavors and cultures, rarely, if ever, in tune with the objective-destiny of mankind as a whole, is not even such a difficult one as presupposed, and there is no point in being side-tracked by the enormity of related facts and facets that this human-life, that ought to be focused on sharply as well, offers.

Theologies, of which there are already a few, like their religions, and substitutes, and their psychologies and superstitious, esoteric and occult theories, their metamorphosis and reincarnation, structural, suppositions, creation-explanations and the whole rest following, have much in common, where it concerns the cheating, on a big scale, the misleading and misconstruing and misrepresenting, to themselves and others, their only and unique ways, by which a man, in the worst case, even, is offered godhood, and also success, pleasure, riches and a new car, etc. etc. In short, mastery of life, and someone, of course, much BETTER and more intelligent than others, even while just simply continuing as usual, with slight changes of course only, in his or her, usual not at all debilic and ignorant life.

The, proverbial, tower of lies, towering firmly in the landscape, we cannot evade the noticing, of this, huge, crying to heaven, so to say, structure. More and persistent close range, and long and medium range, studies, reveal, again and again, concerning the blissful, no deep pain connected with this, profound ignorance in which mankind has been tricked. That, mankind and all its constituent members, for the major part, do not, in the least, feel anymore, nor are they aware of, a deep, inner-impulse, to live according to universally established truths is undeniable.

The leaders, and the masses, devoid of a conscience, from earliest days onwards, have decidedly cashed in on this naivety, and even if they wanted to cannot anymore undo the many and very evil consequences of their immoral, in the objective sense, influence-on the state of affairs as a whole. Ordinary, so-called, history of mankind, up till today, is the story of very minor events, and large and wide parts of the experiences of millions of millions of men, somehow, are not recorded at all; so much has been left out, is UNSEEN, that in presenting the basics of the whole, seen and unseen, history, a complete rethinking and reconstructing is needed, whole new approaches and principles, wholly inclusive, wholly true.

In this realm, one is never alone; here the brotherhood of the soul-formers becomes felt, those and these men, from among us, who at incredible expenses and efforts, elaborated and labored on this subject, of the TRUTH concerning life, on also this planet, being despoiled, harmed and injured by one of the many formations of among all that lives and breathes, MAN.

Definite, individual, factors in me, arisen in me, in very early childhood, not meriting so much special mention, arisen then in me and forming as it were, the whole of myself, in the, then continuing to arise, mad factors around, and together with the, inevitable, factors of that certain make-up in me, of factors and facts, having-formed in me, ever since, being said to be one’s essence, have, as I mentioned, formed, and continue to form, the main-core-structural-transformer for upgrading the raw materials of three kinds, which constitute a man’s food, all three of which need the particular, upgrading-faculties, or, properly said: a higher ”something” has to be present.
Whole-scale views, mapped nevertheless, contain a wealth of material; the various overlapping, interrelated, filters, through which, here hundreds, there thousands, of elapsed years, at once, pass the reviewings, which lead me, and many others, and if I may say: the character and suggestibilities on which, after all, the CHEATING has and had its effects, which are, among others, the main reasons for the total and quite revolutionary changes, required to combat first, these, in the long run based on buffers and self love, ”pictures of one-self” which stand in the way of the struggle with ignorance, which forms the basis of all real-undoing, otherwise called work on one self, of all that is not oneself, which, in turn, could be called the preparatory steps on the path to the recognition of Reality, and not the ersatz-pictures one generally cherishes as being wisdom, intelligence and special-status.
This, effectively, means, a few most important mappings go as follows: all efforts, work, on the soul feeding, in fact, demand a way of life which undoes, progressively, all stains of the results of the organ kundabuffer, and also, then, all egoistic, self-centered, based on violence, fear and distortions of in the centers’ based, imperfections.

The danger of this kind of work was also always considered great, and so it was hidden, repressed here, persecuted there, destroyed by intent or by accident, always and everywhere where this would and could affect a growing number of people, able to live according to the sacred and wholiness-awareness, instilled in man, as a possible evolution of his BEING.

Even the existence of, very highly motivated, very ancient, societies of men; whose orientation was towards discoveries for the pure benefit of their own and posterior men; whose orientation was towards the coating and perfecting of such qualities as were objectively needed for the fulfillment of the purpose the Creator had seen fit to bestow on mankind.

Now these among several other items, are the most, main outstanding marketing-supercheat-casualties of all; these include the two main-questions. How did the universe emerge – and WHY; this, why, is the question that brings in forms of intelligence, superior to that of men in the first place, and second, that of an intelligent purpose, going well-beyond-the, supposedly so important, role of man as he is.

It was understood, by the venerable wise men, in those, very remote and ancient times, already, through all their, indeed, totally dedicated, experiments, in all spheres, related to the then, various existing oukumenes of humans, among themselves, living, in that state of tranquility and profound understanding, of the temporal and eternal elements, of their make up, the integrating and disintegrating compounds, related to all of the environing world and the inner-related states.

They understood the underlying unity of all that exists; despite all this, men, among men, were in a dangerous position; it was not, that the danger from the surrounding world was continuously so great that the race was bound to become extinct, as these dangers indeed did beset the whole of the earth and not mankind alone, which, in that sense, by then, justly, did not isolate themselves from the rest of the Created surroundings of grand and great nature yet; there, was a continual, full, awareness of the total integration, reached, in the realm of the Real-World-Recognizance.

The danger consisted-in a factor, or rather, in a number of factors, combined, all of which, on principle, were ”non-qualities”, the development of which would do the greatest harm to all, such similarly created, creatures as just themselves. In short, the way of life, conducive to the possible cosmic reintegration program, devised out of, and for, great Welfare, in the objective sense, and so being the basis for a kind of unprecedented integration, also of the principle of genuine justice into the lives of men; these, and similarly devised principles, were met and continue to be met with very great hostility and hatred.

In this map, are a number of profiles that have to be looked at very closely, and cover many of these centuries in which they reckon time, as if as a succession of events; one of these profiles is an ever recurring, perennial, seemingly, still ever unanswered for - question - about the origins of the cosmos, life, mankind, the earth, the solar systems, and the definite, invisible, causes and effects; the profile about the abuses of true knowledge into the cheat-systems that have emerged as the authoritarian sources of the last word in knowing, proof, explanation and the consequent upon this exploitation of man by man, and man’s exploitation of the, fast, dwindling resources.

Great cultures existed in the past, that past that we ”knowingly” as if, speak about, as those, of primitives, barbarian, ignorant savages. These cultures incorporated, at times, a very great deal of the True and Objective knowledge, reached and attained by the, truly, learned beings.

Some of these learned beings had not achieved the highest degree of perfectioning, when their lives, being at stake, and at times, lured by, worldly profits, deviated, and congregated with those such rulers over men, as, in the old days also, full of vanity and pride, decided, in complete disregard for these objective truths attained, over the life and death of their, as they called it, subjects.

Some of these rulers were, at times, not always, or, completely, devoid of interests other than that of ruling their state, so that parts, of this specialized knowledge, in one way or another became state instituted, with all the various misforming results, as they happened to be.

Rulers as such, and there were scores of them, over the long centuries leading up to the days of today, ruled with tremendous ruthlessness and cruelty over the lives of millions of subjects, slaves and territories and set the rule and law and they were the great aspiration of all men deviated and not having reached the search and conviction about a different wisdom, and way of life and destiny, than to be drenched in the blood of other creatures.
However, at rare intervals, cultures emerged and left their, indelible, mark on the whole course of human life. In bird-flight, these were mapped too, and some profiles, after thorough study, have marked features, recognizable and truly magnificent.

Besides these cultures, which are strong in the maps, there were many others, in which those, combined, forces, of semi-learning and conquest, gained the upper hand, at times ruthless, at times more interested in seeking to keep their own and the conquered peoples subdued.

As all such changes, usually, only resulted in destroying the results of previous cultures, and this cycle of destructiveness and the, inevitable, bad blood, blood impressed with the horror, stain and pain, of totally unjustified terror, suffering and death, inflicted on other beings, on their highest potential, and thereby setting the, mode, norm and fashions, of societies nearly ever since recorded history.

This basic profile creeps in and dominates, persistently, our nowadays societies as well, the rule of the scum, the anti-dotes to the, still existing, current of awakening to a destiny, of man, closely related to the performance of genuine BEING-duties.

It is true, that many of: such learned beings, in the olden days and ever after, emerged from mankind itself; and certainly often not born into the upper-ruling-classes and tyrants, the cliques in charge, of course, still, as ever, by force of repression, punishment and in control of the executive-arms, to implement, force, or co-erce and exploit the mass of mankind, who, in their turn, devoid of any great, aspirations, ideals, or knowledge, themselves continue to be the source of their own enslavements to the will and whims, of their, so to say, superiors.
These superiors, the manipulators of power, cannot be less interested in the objective well being of mankind as a whole, as their power possessing positions merely derive often from the strength of their egoistic-purposes.

There are, indeed, quite a few ways in which to filter, to distill-out, to focus on, the very wide varieties of facts and evermore specialized fields of study nowadays, with some fields of elucidative efforts having yielded interesting openings, underlining in various ways, what I’ve been stating, very coarsely, introductorily.

One can focus on, in fact, only two aspects, which, in many intertwining and opposing qualities, somehow, form the inside-story of the human-family of man, with an intermediary realm also very much playing a role, in the succession of events, related to the human situation, ever since, till today, and going well-beyond to-day’s perspectives.

On the one hand, the cosmic re-integration-project, and the other the process of shrewd, irresponsible, dominating, heedless and destructive banners, behind which a vast range of turned-off-men went ahead, with transitions, both upwards and downwards and between these two ranges of planetary citizens, motivated by, ultimately, very most different aims, of very different range, proportion, magnitude, perspective and contents.

The, all the, immediately, available materials on human-homo sapiens, the human-species, mankind as we know, our ancestors, all materials lead us into an area, the scope of which eludes all conclusions arrived at; tremendous confusions reign there; and the atmosphere of speculation rules with some unabated momentum.

All that lives, life, a miracle; and man still and again with these questions as to the origins of man, his background, antecedents, emergence, etc., and the camps existing, in the interpretive and explanatory, say, sciences, lock themselves up in not so very convincing evidences.

Bones, artifacts, evidences in material, the terra firma of the earth, carrying forward an enormous amount of species; geological changes, perturbations, climatological changes, the birth pangs of nature and mankind, the experiment in the solar laboratory and beyond; the picture is one of plenitude, a multitude of related facts.

How could men produce, those, incredible, artifacts that arose in times of great cosmic reintegrative-cultures; how could and can the, destructive, counter, dissolution, tendency, force its way through and dominate the scene.

The whole complex, cultural, achievements made and their undoing, over periods, covering quite several generations of people, is amazing; the literary-explosion, the conceptualities and exact knowledge and their purely metaphysical universe related wisdom, and the loss of it, leaves an, inevitably, staggering, amount of facts, as yet undeclared, at the customs-office of the mapping work to be undertaken. And so I may say, at the head of myself, the research-team, what have ”they” come up with, till so far, and the subject matter has indeed produced a wide and fat number of main-accepted-deflected-arguments, of all kinds, sorts and plumage.

It all depends on how to look; it is so hard to explain, the, almost, unceasing current of, one may put it as, self inflicted, mad and recognized, insane damaging life, in all its forms and in all its phases; murder.

This type of murder, sanctioned, justified, beautified, adorned, the beautiful burying of literally thousands of millions young people, the whole complex structure, ramified and wide-spread in this matter of murder, being allowed yes, and, being allowed no, means ultimately, that all morality, as it is known nowadays, is a, most, questionable quantity-quality.

In this present day world, of nowadays, the consequences of causes, have very very much endangered the undoing of these consequences, especially in such areas as affect All of life on this planet, nevertheless commonly shared, but with such a sheer, endless list of problems and complications, complexities, and collision-courses, causalities, forming further consequences and making it nearly, no, impossible that, on the whole, any envisaged changes, in terms of the undoing of these consequences, and non-accumulating of new, further, debilitating, factors, can arise, in general.

Factors, that have become, deeply, ingrained in the human structure of functioning, as well as relating to himself and his neighbors, as well as the planet as a whole and the beyond. In this sense is it also that the impossible needs to be done.

The most remarkable, of all human idiocies, is this forming, of groups, clans, nations, countries, frontiers, and furthermore, all those million and one devices, to divide, rule, dominate, set up man against man, with his own consent.

History is a backplay, feedback-replay, replay-retrospective, of all the manifest idiocies, on all levels, and it is hard to capture, moving along as it does, in, and with this current, of fragmentations, bits and parts, results of, always already, previous confectionary of the kind.

The point of all points, in all questions, pertaining to man, his destiny, origins, role in the planetary setting against the backdrop of all that exists. The point is, has man a destiny, a possibility, to ever fulfill his destiny, while, at the same time, having to participate in the, madhouse, social, codes that are prevalent and which, in a very serious way, restrict, and make it very impossible for the freedom fighters, in the Soul sense, to reach any, if even small, successes, in countering the devastating effects of the cheating that has penetrated the very marrow of living circumstances, in man himself, so to say, it creates a blindness, poverty, stupidity, in short, ignorance, which is inevitably coupled with the un-willingness to seek and attract available help, and ability to make special efforts to combat this, shameful, ignorance at the roots, in one-self.

There is, a veritable labyrinth, and a web of illusions, surrounding man and his worId-views, his psyche, his actions, his self-expression, his weaknesses and his strength, as long as there is no, objectively justified, common-planetary aim, among all mankind.

One is, as I noticed, bound to look at human history from only a limited number of views, centering right around that kind of opinions, usually depicting man’s evolution, or development, as an unlimited progress and process of conquering the, eh, the, also unlimited supply of whatever is needed to keep this egoistic, maniacal, idiotic race of humans, however disunited among themselves, in the forefront, making headlines, so to say, of course in all their trivial publications and papers, of all sorts, and of course, as I said, conquering all the fabulous fruits of his imagination, never, really, able though, to still, completely, the voice of conscience; in the best case, The complexities that have emerged in the modern times, a mere few hundred years, are of the most staggering proportions, never, most likely, ever witnessed, before on this planet, complexities which moreover are really beyond control, or reversal, and which factors have led to the deep crises, affecting the, immediate and long-term prospects, for the general well-fare, already so mixed-up and penetrated by the CHEAT-principles and psychologies, in the most desperate manner possible. Rampant ignorance.

There is that specialized habit, to look at history, through as many windows as possible and call it – history, sociology, science at large, economy, philosophy, biology, geology, archeology, linguistics, the study of this or another group, or people, area time, or the whole lot together, plus, all the related, history etc. Studies of close-ups, proofs, foci and hundreds of professors and doctors, of all sorts, have forwarded their particular views and ideas, argumentations and documentations, of, well, the, in short, march of humanity throughout the time-cycles.

But, what do all those, certainly interesting studies add up to; it is hard to say; it says so much and so little; one thing, all different researches have in common, ”there are problems, very grave, serious, worsening problems, around and about mankind, and nobody wants definitely to point the finger at the combined sources of self-destructive forces, of which, any time, there are so many”.

It is so easy to put oneself in the place of the spelonkman in the grottoes and earlier days, the nomadic men, agrarian man, man using ores and fire, skills and techniques to a high degree; men did what they could; they multiplied; they went through unimaginable states and stages, over those thousands of years, over the vast, and very different from now, areas of land they occupied, territories, the conglomerations and city-states, the leaps and bounds in evolving structures of, man-related, well-structured planetary, universal and cosmic, implications for ”all of life”.

As planet earth, our habitat, is such a unique part of the………..

(Page missing)

……….permanent conditioning for several thousands of years already.

It is possible that man, or rather, mankind, has never ever been the, so called family of man, meaning ONE family, a common origin, common-ancestors, a common source of arising, according to a simple, planetary-adaptation and, division, in the sex energy, evolving the polarities pervading nature. That seeming absence of a, common-planetary, goal for all of mankind, and instead, I mapped and found that, interminable, mutual, destruction, of man by man, has maintained its position in the, so-called, cultured and-civilized-times-till to day, and onwards, being fueled completely by this, all pervasive, cheat-mentality, and bogus-schmogus-intelligence, they’re so vain and proud about.

The enormous, yet, quite limited, diversities of mankind are deeply governed, in the whole-life-specter, by a level of being and corresponding-knowledge; the scope, of the consequences, of man’s actions, taken in the absence of a, genuine, true, and common-human-purpose, has left mankind victim to the, already accumulated, very hard to undo, results, of the cosmic-integration-denial-illusory, and unscrupulously, maniacal, tendency, since long in the forefront of, cultured, human-endeavor, having caused, and continuing to cause, the irreversible hatred, violence, destruction and misdirected energies; totally different energies than the energies man can generate in the process of the integration of the soul-stuff of mankind.

The cheat mainly consisted, and does continue to do so, in this misinformation about the true events, the true proportion of the staggering horror and unhappiness that is man’s part and will continue to do so and worse so, and is being, deliberately, fed into the rising generations and continues to cloud the minds and hearts of the multitudes and leaders alike, in face of the Real-World-Related-Realizations and awakenings, based on the true conscience, which is the same in all men.

People, parents, cannot explain, the horrendous lies and negative emotions, barbaric cruelties, flouting waste and ridiculous, State-enterprise-conditioned-imposed-aim sharing, and unfreedom promoting, domination of the principles, of justified, organized, in the highest echelons, crimes against mankind, while mankind stands idly by, clapping hands for the false heroes, those of horror. Such questions were mapped too, and looked into, to find plenty of corroborative materials, provided by the impartial-global-detection and fact-finding allure and devices, the screening of just that, what accepted-history-so openly disguises and conceals under the mask of truths, elaborated of course, just in those institutions and universities of learning that have, since long become the long-arm of the groups which, after all, pull the wires in the international, tensions and war mechanisms, so terribly rampant all over this planet, otherwise a heaven for man, in a sense.

The whole question of conquest, submitting, overpowering, dominating and putting to slavery; war, coercion, the law of power, the rules of power-possessing-people, the clan, the clique; in all the various combinations of ruling, first-over their so to say own dependents, and drive these to submit, in their turn, other people, living a little bit further down, or up, the road and place, etc. etc., has remained THE main-stain and mainstay of the species, in every possible combination of, even, not having anymore the need to justify this, by invoking their, particular, god, who’s first and foremost and most important, injunction, is – thou shalt not kill-murder-harm-do injustice.

All the struggles of nowadays mankind, in its plight and predicaments are. on the whole, a continuation of the old days and the same old tune; but more complex and more problematic, more foolharded and more absurd, more contradictory, but just as shame-less

I was born, just before this last, really planetary, catastrophe, that-is, commonly, called – the Second. World War – it was the millionth war; not the Second World War, it was the so many hundredth thousand’s war; never mind; this also is part of the global cheat; first the cheating was more local, and suppression too; lies too; and power-games, and art, also crime, and culture; man, firmly, settling into comfort and pleasure after each killing and maiming-expedition, this means, for the conquerors, and often the collaborators as well; this theme-moved with us into the 20th century, the basic illness; the illness is not the neurotic state, based on the modern premises of psychiatry, also a branch, such a dernier cri; from a system already pervaded by the cheating; a cheating, going to the very roots of, nevertheless, each simple person’s life, wherever he or she may be, belonging to life, on this planet.

Cosmology was, once, understood, to be so, terribly, narrowly, related to the life on this planet and human life included; human life was, I mean, humans were never ever as numerous as nowadays; it is all about and around a, most hazardous, situation, for all the various inner and outer reasons existing, not simply to define and put into a nice, grammatical formula, devoid of the active substance, initiated by a firm objective researching this subject more particularly; I came to be born and do this; this was in my, most early, childhood experiences, made in my exchanges, perceptions and experiences during these first years of my life till the age of seven; in luminous memories and dreams, I was beholding, whole, wide sceneries, of life, placed in the Now, very exactly moved into this time-cycle, and my inner-responses were fused into me by a most holy promise, made in this, light and bitter, realizing, me, being in front of a life-long-quest.

Ever since, over these past years of my life, I have kept this inner-being-promise, managing to keep alive, and expand, and deepen the quest, for the, precise, mappings of the course of human-life, with all the available means, against great odds and often hardships, continually being on the move, transforming and growing the being-food.

I am quite, very thoroughly, aware, so to-say, about what’s-going on; I shall not apply to myself, all these notions, derived only in certain sectors of modern science, and of this whole, segmented, body, interrelated body of learning, a learning condensed, first of all, down-to-a thin soup, and served, quite cold, also, on the plates of hundreds of millions of poor youngsters, who, at home also not having received any whatsoever know-how or so, enter life, at their-responsible age, altogether with a mere overlay on top of a, large, unexplored, structure, that, ever since early early childhood should have been immersed into the lovingness and sacredness of all life on the planet.

If I had to rely on reading books only, and rehashing, or repeating merely, what was arrived at by other members of the human-commune, even then I would say, with all the respect for all of them, who have contributed, either, to, more firmly, establish the cheat-pattern, or, to fight it; the fighters, here being, over many centuries, just such men as have moved up, and upgraded, the sense of Truth, and upheld sane-being-logic over the huge, bloated, body of discrimination, based on hatred, suppressed passion, and the unlimited feeding of the, not the soul-body, but the waste, of their, terribly, bleak and dependent, so-called civilization, rocking, fatalistically and almost merrily, down a hill, that may be not deep enough to get the whole lot up the other hill any appreciable distance, in the newly emerged, and still forming, conditions of human life on the planet, towards this end of the year 1,900 towards the 2,000 th’s and onwards..

I have a, longstanding, mapping-experience, in the global sense, and also in each individual-case, and there is no difference there; man comes under many laws, and certainly not only those he made himself, which are, in many ways, an outright outrage, an absurdity, an insult, and a distortion of the objective sacrosanctity of each and every created species of living beings, visible or invisible.

I owe my respects, to many of those fighters, who, in this sense, are the messengers of a world, man, in his deep, deep, inner-Being-sense, longs for; not that idiotic, politically, divided earth, but either way from all power-games and power politics, manipulations, by the rich or the poor, and by the dying remnants of fake-religions, who represent only the outer aspects of, once, great emotionally, surely, dearly paid for discoveries and reluctant, realizations, by such fighter-ancestors, who did break through the cheat-pattern, then already, laying heavy claim on whole populations, steeped in proud citizenships of centuries-long, ages-long, exploitation by the rich, the clergy, the aristocracy, the bureaucrats, the plutocrats, and the generals, the revolutionaries and the criminals, of all sorts, up and down, up also a lot, in the social, also presently, established, quite incapable, hierarchies, deluding and deluded.

One must know what one is talking about, evolve a vision, and a view, of the whole wide scope of negativities and distortions, under which we have to grow up, and study life as it is, and throw off so much obsolescent and disintegrable, really tough, nonsense, and throw off the sleep state in fact, the mantle of the young, ambitious, world conquering, competitive, aggressive, hard-earning, vanity-trip-dedicated, future and prospective owner of his own Darwinian sort of house; such houses are build on sand, the cheat, and his physical, as well as mental, as well as emotional health, is at risk twenty four hours a day; not by his own fault only. That is the point also.

It is a puzzle, with myriads of well-fitting pieces, this tableau of human-life, over hundreds of centuries; one line chosen, other lines were abandoned; lines of living and ages of living, of millions and millions of men and women, children, all dazed, pushed, pulled, and cleaned off the slate, in whatever way; by men, by disease, by natural death, by accident, by one’s own-hand, however. Dust returning to dust.

One of the, main, main-questions, was this question about the purpose of human life on this planet, and all the rest following suit. This is the, highly, improved, sort of lens, through which to focus, on the far and distant, near and next door, unrealities, in which we spend most of our lives.

The cheat systems caused, and led to, and not even systematically, but in the most irrational ways, that became established, for the mere, even, and most simple survival, of all those legitimately and illegitimately conceived little children, and little children grow up, so that, thus, in the course of time, became established, almost invariably, abnormal conditions, even for this mere surviving of the ever growing masses of still surviving peoples of the planet; numbers don’t lead to increased quality, peace, well-fare for all, or anything in itself useful, except then for those freaks of nature, called scientists, of all sorts, especially those in the medical branches also giving them plenty of, just all sorts of, scientific also, explanations, giving justifications, for a thousand and one experiments and researches, by which they, belatedly, still want, as if, to safeguard and guarantee, the happy and even healthy, already very much in all ways in danger, condition, of all those whose state is, for varieties of reasons, becoming rotten before time so to say; it is no mean miracle that, despite all the madness, copulation still continues to attract the imperative attention, willy-nilly that is; presently, of course, also all the various, sub deviated, deviations of a basic sane living are breaking through, and any bulwark of morality bursts at the seams; so much can go wrong and so many are the dis-eases and un-eases that can befall any human, any time, and such an interesting subject this is, that in the mappings of the sanity and insanity statistics, after mappings with info from many sources, from all over this planet, it must be possible to expose some more material, just about this just mentioned subject, also in relation to the remainder of factors to be touched upon.

There is not one single area of human-life, in its nowadays structures whatsoever, into which, this by long already, permanently established and dressed up ignorance, the chief-cause among others, has not entered; it did enter, and it stays put; it works its way, and it would be possible to list the manifest expressions, in human-life, of just those, such, manifestings, based on living below man’s legitimate-level of being.

Let us put it simple for a moment; there is much more to it though; the establishments, the central governing cliques, in every country, do not give a shit, a hoot, a care, for the question: what ultimately is the purpose of human-life on this planet – and for what is not-being done to implement and comply with, what is objectively seen, the conscience-way of working out the already, very heavy, accumulated, useless debris of contradictions and cheatings, and keep the eyes closed, for all those millions that are given a right to vote, but not to decide, even as much as a farth, as to what the heck is going on with the planetary-peace plan without further face-saving, invented lies, to keep going on, with a game, which is the game, that has never brought anything but horror and misconduct, under the mask of progress and its waste products.

The cheat has entered all ways of life: it is the distorted, ignorant, thinking, mentating, reflecting and realizing and likewise with the emotional life of man, his overall emotional life, in a real sense, Love, Hope, and Awakening, and humaneness, compassion, non-violence, clarities of feeling, all this exists, well, but not even in all their university presses, totally addictive best-sellers and media-programs, and even less in their daily lives; one can find this physical, and moreover, instinctive existence has been shocked into a corner, and so, altogether, one of the strongest causes for the whole, medical, profiteering racket, exploiting the masses.

Have you seen more absurd contradiction than mankind despoiling its youngsters, by the millions, ruthlessly, to save, on the other hand, with tremendous medical-care, the forsaken lives of some members bound to die a longtime already, for some more time, etc. etc. Medicare is a multimillion business, all the while put in front of new killer diseases; of course to treat the woes of mankind; in certain parts of the planet more than elsewhere; quite proportionately to the absurd lives, they live, on this same physical plane. The newest, medicines are, of course also, only, a panacea.

The cheat, and the fallacies, of modern and old-time man, are quite close. That is, the same ”good old song” continues to hold its refrain alive into these modern-times; man is the center of the universe, the ruler over the planet and what lives on it, and especially his fellowmen have to be dominated to get more juice out of ’em; of course, all this has been so hushed up and out, that it seems that the, here too, scientific approach is the best, meaning, a million explanations, after the facts, the facts being always faster than any explanation, except still, this one of the thermonuclear-holocaust imminent.

Man’s life, no doubt, is totally beset by huge problems; the problem is man himself; it is everyone’s state, everywhere; that is clear, and the problems are just so real, so true, so irresolvable, that the situation, now, is, nevertheless, solved by the learned from amongst us, usually people that have learned to cheat, but in such a way as to appear of a real nature, so that the problems have grown out of proportion to the solutions offered. We have specialist on every level of life, human life, specialists in maintaining an impossible situation under the guise of everything’s better now than before. For whom? In what sense?

Again, it is, and remains so, a fact, that, even seen in the sense of, as it actually is, mankind does not have an, overriding, common-shared, deep concern for the FATE of mankind as a whole, and so, little, or less, concern for the total deployment of the given potentials in this direction and way, such as that of the soul life; they don’t want this, don’t know, feel, what this means, and in this is the Irresponsibility shared and spread out over nations, making the visible history of its race a chain of killings and decompositions, deformations, and more illusions and disharmony, on which then the whole structure rests, somehow.

Apparently there is much in life, human-life, which could be called upon to show the other side of the coin, the side of the best choices of among even worse ones.

There are parts, of the human history, which are obliterated, and that have disappeared totally, their beginnings and endings and the various ages between these two points; on the other hand, remains and artifacts, structures and architectures, have been found, filling us in; great, world-wide, catastrophes have altered and changed the planetary component parts essential for the survival of men, woman, families, having had to start to continue, in greatly altered conditions; mankind has, and has had, its aspirations, modes of living, as such but also, mankind is the evolving shoot of organic-life on earth, as elsewhere in the universe. This is the hinge-point of also human-history; the hinge of present-day-perspective, backward, in retrospect and as well as in future-spect. It is not only the amnesia’s suffered, the endings and beginnings of areas, and era’s, of mankind, increasingly, living in stabilized, planetary conditions, on the pursuit of his aspirations, however lofty, high and pleadens worthy; man, as he is, is an undeveloped living case, not yet an entity, in the objective purpose-directions.

All that we are surrounded with, this late part of this 20th century, all this man-made mess, next to the miracle of the total-environment, in which man is nursed, over the ages, great-Nature is hit hard by man; in increased and accelerated proportions, by the, lately, very increased, rage of science, in science-fictionate fashion, not to serve any conscious-forces, any higher-being aspects of life, but merely to satisfy, mainly, all those endeavors serving his long-standing destructive, self-centered-urges.

What has come down to the peoples, of this so called twentieth century via all the available, accessible, pressured upon people views about their own past, is a, most often, very one-dimensional, narrow, subjective picture which usually titillates the bearer into thinking himself a very intelligent, educated and civilized person, a modern one, so to say, one who has nothing much more to learn about life, himself, or his neighbors, and of course also ruthlessly explores with cunning, every opportunity to get the better of someone; his situation is not so different from that of any, average, person, at any time, in the, perpetually, turbulent history of this mankind; an experiment in the solar laboratory.

Man, as a being, has a being-purpose; this is totally neglected. His knowledge-side is formed after contemporary fashions, this has been for very long the case; there have been fashions of all sorts, usually, imposed, by the leading cliques and their institutions, a very sleazy, slippery, slim, slice of the great Wisdom of cosmic reintegration, in the course of time, reaching the total opposite of all and every injunction formed for the well-being of mankind, by the great efforts and compassion attained, by truly learned beings, who, then, were picked to death by these same shameless establishments. Examples are a plenty and we shall map a few of these in the course of this introductory, also

What is crucial here, is this – what is the highest for man, and mankind, as an individual and as a being belonging to the larger Whole – what IS the goal, aim, that can be identified, beyond any shade of any doubt, being the highest in scale and recognizable by mankind; this is crucial. Survival to which purpose, or work, to be performed, other than these that have led man through the most tragic and painful excesses and destructions by man, without changing course, essentially, by all those, identifiable, power possessing cliques including religious and scientific groups.

Religions, for example, nowadays, look like funny, old-time, children stories, stories which children never could stomach moreover; the essential-core, the-central-figures-founders of that of which religions were made, after their deaths, i.e. after the ceasing to function of their founder’s planetary bodies, also their teachings were deviated from, and formed, instead of Being-impetus, only knowledge-impetus, and reached, at once then, and entered into, the limited purpose-scheme that was bound to turn, in time to skeleton as well, without leading, or guiding, anything useful to posterity into this twentieth century in diminuendo.

My interests, as a child, in such a terribly mis-explained world; surrounded by the existing realities and unrealities, of the war and the war coming to an end, after 5 years, I was to become 7 years old then; went towards the underlying facts, the True facts, behind the phenomena and events that form the life of mankind as a whole. It was a well-welded-inner-urge that gained strength through the many various, combined, investigations, and intuitionings, I keep alive.

Remote, past, history, a mere 6, 7 or 8,000 years ago, already poses tremendous problems at interpretations, and so is what followed since then; divisions and hostilities have remained rampant; crime, has stayed and expanded, and is handled at all levels of societies. Interpretations as to man’s past and destiny, remain vague, and ever since the wave of literacy, obligatory literacy, the confusion has increased tremendously; the communal and intercommunal problems and difficulties, surrounding man, have accelerated and are heard and seen, on all the news media nowadays, till insensitivity is reached.

Man had reached tremendous heights of understanding the cosmos, but, never was this the property of all men; this had always come about as a result of work, of groups of enlightened beings, who, individually and together, among themselves, had reached truths and ways and means, to come to, those, such actions and way of living leading to such truths, which are indispensable for the coating and perfecting of the Higher-Being-bodies, and who had perceived, exactly, the imminent dangers to which this planet was exposed, and the long-term dangers besetting mankind, in terms of ”them” ever further dwindling their chances of establishing, a, properly functioning, people’s republic of the earth, which, unswervingly serves-and fulfils all that is demanded from ABOVE as the highest Good.

So I do map cycles and cyclicities and processes within processes, events within events, and aspects within dimensions, prospects and histories within the spectra of reproducible facts.

Actually, by now, thousands of reconstructions and researches, into our, seemingly, quite common past, have been made; no more undiscovered territory on this planet, as it still used to be when I was at school, I was at school till I was 14, well, no, 16, years old.

Tremendous discoveries are being made, in South America, on the Poles, in Siberia, northern China, the South-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, and North, Middle and South America, and on the whole planet exist vestiges, of our ancestors and their survivors, for hundreds of generations, of their world and understanding, their concepts and practices of living and preparing for posterity.

Of course is it preposterous, to consider that before that Jewish kid, who came to be called Jesus, or before Mr. Buddha, there were no systems and no concerted efforts, by anyone, to work, unceasingly, for the benefit of beings similar to themselves, in whom the spark of pure reason and conscience had, under the impact of surrounding ”culture”, had started to waver and to bring about ways to revive this submerging continent to the full, so that it may guide their daily lives, as it was understood, that conscience is the representative of the ”Creator of everything existing”.

To be precise, it is, indeed, needed to elaborate on this kunda-buffer concept, that organ, first implanted but later removed, in which in-between-period mankind took to, as if, genetically, predispose themselves to, the consequences of this organ, by way of predisposition. This concept is clearly, very applicable, reaching out to embrace a wide-variety of facts and factuality’s of man’s making, and his burying, conscience with, the great orgies of mass murder and advanced learning, for the war-machinery, of which it is being said that it has such very beneficial side-effects for mankind, such as, the hard-drugs, chewing-gum, whore-houses and passenger-planes, etc., improved technology.

If one strips away some of those modernity’s, some of their, technological, mass products, obsolescent in a few years time, and strips away, some of those, by rote instilled, dogmatics about life on the planet, then, modern man is a primitive, a pleasure-hunting-deprived, poor-stupid-blind-creature, full of fears and apprehensions dependencies, addictions and little sense of true, objective responsibility.

The various escapes, of the seed of the Self, out of this inner-growth-responsibility and possibility, according to ability, are numerous, well-rooted and embraced in earnest by the multitudes. The escape-routes and their objectives form the basic-structures of culture, the arts and civilization, in all its aspects, and the counter-cultures as well contain this good for nothing mentality based on fighting an unreality. Suppression, repression, frustration, inabilities, laziness, cowardice, cruelty, swagger, neurosis, deviation, cunning, stinginess, greediness, hatred, negative emotions, anger, lustfulness, boasting, blackmail, criminalness, disorders, thoughtlessness, cleverness, ambitions, insensitivity, egoism, vanity and pride, lurk under the make-up; that’s most of what remains, after stripping some of the, outer, acquired, layers of psychological stink and this is not all, man has not only a most, unhealthy, unbalanced, attitude to life, but to death too. This, is such another, completely, perplexing, affair, and it would be possible to sketch this out a little, as it appeared also, very prominently, in the maps of their, collective and individual, pasts.

There were throughout history, from before recorded history onwards, tremendous wars, tremendous in horror and cruelties, in the far-east, middle-east-on the American Continents, South and North, on the European Continent, in short, on all the land masses where mankind, albeit not, it seems, by then, already aware of any common-God, or-ancestry, so, thus, different families, betwist and harass each other, hardly for land, as there was plenty, so much plenty that it could accommodate a billion-fold the populace; not for a couple of goats or horses, or even because of the beauty of the woman folk. Then, it was conceived, that planetary influences increase the process of solionensius, flowing mechanically, in the blood’s bloodstream, entering the psychic-centra; anyway, this same process has, repeatedly and constantly occurred in the life of man till to day, and after one man, kills one other man, and goes mad of sadness and remorse, o.k., but here we have to do with a phenomena that has been going on for ages, and it would be possible to say that, a very vast amount of people got killed that way, meaning: having been killed by other men, long before even, Nature, being as it is, could do its own, proper, work. All this, has entered this blood-stream and psyche, peculiar to mankind, entering also nowadays, although of course, many people hold it that peace, and no murderous parties anymore, would be better. This may be very well justified, while focusing, on psyche, drenched in that mess, caused, possibly by external to man influences, but certainly also by factors proper to man; but not at all being ”proper” to man, in the objective sense; have caused, in his internal ganglions and external relations, this culture we are at pains to explain, even to the young.

To explain, to one-self, the facts of life, the wide and vast, planetary, universal, and cosmically based phenomena, on the various levels accessible to the different levels of being, tangible and intangible, visible and invisible, the world of the mediocre, the magic and the magnificent, and the world of lore and myth, of memories of Old, and of the Real World and the labyrinth, and dispersion, of the most Holy Sun Absolute’s Substance-essence energy, into a new way of functioning; after realizing the, in fact, devastating effects of Time; into the reciprocal-feeding, or the auto-egocratic-cosmic breathing. Air, as one of the most holy substances, this main, essential, survival food, is poisoned, as is any other realm of nature on which man has his dependency.

Look at man’s needs: food, air, impressions, and look, which area has not been perverted, by the predominance of desecration, discrimination, dehumanization, perverted by the debilic, non-questioning, acceptance of any kind of story entering the field of one’s suggestibilities. Perverted, by the explaining away of the most shameful of unholinesses such as they are lived and perpetrated and rewarded by the establishments, which, ever since, had the biggest hooks and crooks on top, or directly behind the scenes.

For his dress and clothing man has already been going to complete extremes, instead of have the simple, practical, individual approach; modern man seems to know less and less as there are more and more books for him to learn; he doesn’t know anything anymore so much, and never did, unless he learns it, of course, usually very superficially. For all his needs, he has all sorts of systems, depending on where he is on the planet; food, sex, leisure, old age provisions, music, T.V., books, recreation and sports, sight-seeing, studying, gambling, talking, amusements, porno, smoke, dope, drink, drugs, you call it. His culture; his highly advanced, civilized, intelligent SELF. But what sort of SELF man lives in. Let us look at this for an instance.

History is full of slavery; children labor; sickness, famine, disease, population increases and decreases, all within margins; there have been tremendous planetary upheavals and disturbances and it might be that great, but truly great, in the sense of great universal-cultures, disappeared and were buried, lost continents, ice-ages, eons, kalpas, epochs of oblivion and new beginnings. Fine, so here we are, survivors. The survivors have loaded a nice amount of problems and problematics, botched up experiments and frankly speaking, devastating power of destruction. All those, ever new, means, throughout known past epochs, have been used – put to the test and hoppa. The sling, the bow, the canon, explosives, of ever increased refinement, so to say, to blast life off the planet, in one, great, devastating chain-reacting event, unwilled for. Not to mention, even, the biological-chemical warfare and sorts.

It is possible, at all, to proceed and look more closely at some of these fragments, of human-life, which dominate and propagate the cheat-self, self-cheat, deluding, principles that have earned such a supreme importance in this late twentieth century’s accumulated problems-situation-flux-change-and incredible innovations, in all areas of living, all over the planet, in the wake of the industrial-technological-scientific-political-military-economic changes of ongoing impact consequences; compact, accelerated, planetary events, affecting all of mankind and more intensely than at any given time previously in those unfortunates history, as mankind has been called.

And these, unfortunates, are involved and engaged in very, most dangerous, experiments in manipulating, whom, the masses, alike, in the poor and so-called rich countries, those of the left, center, and right in the spectra of opposing forces. Manipulating the young into accepting and conforming to, living in, a world, which lacks the universal co-efficient, the true formula for a total deployment of all one’s inner resources, and instead a young healthy person may end up living as Chaplin showed in ”Modern Times” as a nuts and bolts-man, someone who’s life lacks creative reintegration with cosmic-Realities, regarding the human structure, in its true perspective and potential. All is organized away from freedom, all over the place, in principle, by any and each government, who in fact tax the people, as it always has been, for their own particular concepts of how to keep on going, going on, even, in that direction that spells disaster. Life has been marked by great disasters and upheavals, the earth’s climates and continents have been in jeopardy, cataclysms and catastrophes struck, do strike with minor strength, and empowered now with the luxurious gift of thermo-nuclear capacities man encroaches ever more, and, in a sense, retreats, into the passive, chaotic, stupor of people who drank too much, hit it rough and run from the consequences, having to see the murderous glint in the exited looks of those, who, unscrupulously, defend one, but not the other, brother.

No doubt, mankind has produced fine spirits, greatly evolved beings, having attained very considerable self-mastery and understanding the underlying unity in variety, and the laws operative throughout the planetary sphere, in its interchanges with the wider contexts of life in the megalo-cosmos.

The true, in the objective sense, heroes of among us; are those, that must be said, who form, in that sense, the reminding-factors, into the, most, becoming and legitimate processes a man can undertake, the process of awaking, the urge to perfect, and re-integrate, see the slavery, the imperfection, the Terror of the Situation, the seeing that what has to Be done isn’t done, cannot be done, but HAS to Be done, and so despite all, and against, overpowering odds, one sets out, on the search for the re-integration, release and realignment, with forces beyond the struggle of opposites.

Man’s herd instincts still express themselves in ways which cannot but be called, absurd, even so absurd, that the serious distorted and twistedness gets out of sight at times; Mr. Gurdjieff would have said about this, that man’s greatest concerns do not go much further than the amount of sugar in his famous coffee, or the amount of ”cash” in his bank account

Long before America had been reached, by the western-European, powerpossessing, and always being in need of cash, gold, jewelleries, and materials, for their endless conquests, that the power possessing beings, via their willing servants, made the newly-discovered Americas their hunting and killing-ground for exploitation, over centuries, in the process of building this New-world; on other continents also, conquests took place, in the east, west, south and east, and the stories involved, show horror, madness, murder, mass-psychosis, lulls in; the fighting’s, called peace, and the eventual forward knocks of the process of civilization, population increase, urbanizations, communications, and exploitation of the rising generations, on every level; they have to become as the elders and adults, etc., and as the adults, having reached responsible age, didn’t have their own I and never, ever, worked towards this, nor did society, nor was this demanded anywhere else, and so it seemed that it doesn’t, and didn’t exist, and so he learned to do without this, being, under the illusion, in the meantime, of having a, real and permanent I, in short, being master of himself and his FATE.

Looking at life, through this perspective, other elements become visible. Here we see man as a being, who is, in its natural state; in so far as we could agree on this natural state; an unfinished product, and could, and should, undergo further development, to, indeed, can become the acme of creation, he thinks he is, already.

Life is a fast river, a slow river, reaching, often, after sheer endless windings and side-windings, loss and level differences that wide ocean out of which its return is established, in the continual interchanges of elements of great nature.

Man, in the bosom, and on the lap, of Nature, has made a wide number of inroads on nature, in irreversible experiments, some of which have brought about, some, of the most, stupid, and horrendously maniacal bringing into play, dependencies, that do, and will continue to, have devastating consequences.

These inroads have led to; in their, at present, most-advanced state; the realization, constatation and experience, that the pictures to which religions and the sciences, combined, over the ages, have subscribed to are at best, a vague and incomplete, also distorted and biased, arrangement of mental-emotional-projections, having little, or nothing, to do with the facts.

The limits and frontiers, of human-knowledge, are constantly being removed taking on that, remote, objective, perspective, of the growing self awareness of the ignorance, in which mankind is, a sort of, very not blissfully asleep.

Man has, in this sense, stretched out his senses, and possibly also, slightly his mind, into the new realms of physics, chemistries, astro-physics, cybernetics and genetics, and aided, by all the panorama of his instruments, and laboratories, increasing the senses a million-fold so to say, seeming, hearing, registering, into matter, inward into matter, sub-matter, energies, into space, the brain, the glands, the earth itself, watching life, in its, terrific, integrity of operations, into the mystery, the magic, the medium he ”IS”, is part of, posing, faintly, the why-questions at times.

Chemical-warfare, defoliation, pollution, ozone-depletion, atomic-destruction, mass-suicides, alien-beings, acid-rain, new ice ages, epidemics, as in the, good, old days, we presume now, were never so good; as this story of the mappings slightly composed of the, rather, out of the way, researches show.

This twentieth century has an unprecedented level of, deepening and widening, movements of the destructive kind, planetary and international, unheard of miseries and confusions, horror, mass production and mass-destruction, whichever is the field of life one focuses on. Endings of one conflict, the start of another, one main source of repression extinguished, by rebellion, revolution, another turns up, mankind in a whirlpool of have’s and have nots, the rich and poor, east and west, black and white, sane and insane, struggles between the countries and empires that stole, and the ones that were stolen from, that were governed and pillaged, by those who had more weapons and less scruples, exporting religion, which since the days of that Jewish guy; after who’s death they started a calendar, had become part of the state apparatuses, mainly, but not lastingly; whose great-wisdom, of fully jewish-calibre, was turned into an intellectual only, trapeze-number, in a circus of churches and Christian-groupings, and cults.

When six and a half years old, that war, world war two ended; my father came back alive, a jew, one more, out of many millions, had survived, and I became familiar with the tragedy that had taken place, Auschwitz, and Sobibor, the mass-hysteria, the powerlessness, helplessness, and the, completely, insane struggles; never ending, in the sphere of the human species; for worse.

The twentieth century’s-repetition-repeat-mechanisms, originating in these strange psyches of men, had very devastating effects; frontiers were erased, new ones came; peoples, nations, humans, were murdered, persecuted, gassed, destroyed; insurgence and counter-insurgence; all of the modern, civilized resources, the whole output, everything, became part of the war-effort, for or against peace, peace that can only evolve from self-mastery, but, that was outside of events.

Communications, medicinal areas, radar, explosives, means of destruction on land, in the sea and in the air, improved somehow, still never with an avowed overriding, harmonizing-function; the start of the computer age; costing some eighty and more million lives, globally, bringing in its wake, worldwide, global-local-changes, the increased state of conflict of power-blocks and irreconcilable, opposing, forces, just people, armed, indoctrinated, brainwashed and educated, by the cheat-ramified-results.

Endless strife, and struggles, divisions, suffering and hunger, cold, heat and destitution, and large scale theft, the bands of thugs, the rule of rape and robberies, and the soil, drenched with the blood of mankind, and narrower than narrow the regimes involved, the greater than ever, their, idiotic, hope for better times, and work for all, no dole and dependencies, the tragic of changing ways of life, ever further, removing the chance on an essence pattern existence.

After a short-lived education, from the age of seven till around fifteen years; at sixteen I was on my own, and after that, arts, psychology, philosophy, archeology, religion studies, and travels; periodic periods in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland of course, and Spain, and Italy; I traveled extensively in Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and parted from those regions to live in Israel; this was in the mid sixties.

Till then all those years had been spent in studies, with a growing understanding, and the, ever-present, need to make a living. I had come from poor families. I was poor too, and on the whole remained so, together with the vast majority of men of which so many, as I witnessed, were, even, so much poorer and doomed to stay so.

After years of observations, fact findings, and in-take, of trusted information and after reading through the works of those minds and hearts, I consider brotherly, in universalities, I see that, indeed, justice, man’s understanding of justice, is an accursed image. What justice, love, compassion, fraternity, equality. One hand washes the other, there can Be, in a worldwide system of totally wrongly based anti-cosmic-reintegration tendencies and tendencies only. Or?

Part of human history that cannot so easily be appreciated, consists of those searches, for the true purpose of man and mankind, and this current, constitutes the main-artery of the life of man dedicated to the liberation of the evil-consequences of having only a life belonging to the sub-human and labyrinth-realm of experiencing, the, so called, waking-state.

The twentieth century, the century of terrific changes, transitions, and transfers of values, and clearly dominated by the big and fat, huge, and always present, run for money; the most pressing urge of an enormous number of millions, no billions, little and big, so to say, egoists of all sorts; the great denominator.

And what an enormous amount of books have been printed, all the printed stuff together, perhaps, half the weight of this earth, our planet, the source of our daily bread; all about life and people, about history, periods of history, the Sumers, the Akhaldans, the Babylonian-peoples, Egypt, ancient India, Chinese history, formidable as it is, ancient peoples, up the North, and the Siberian-plateau, covered by deserts now, as does the middle east, north Africa, parts of the States, and the southern islands close to that vast, arctic, territory around the South Pole.

All those publications about life, show that life, as life, is a most interesting something, that needs to be highlighted, explained, beworded, despised or adored, in all its curious, strange, frightening, mysterious and ecstatic, rapturous, bad and good, high and low manifestations; somehow that may be, and be that as it is, what is important here, is the scope, the magnitude of the visions, behind all that spoken and written mass of mess, with a few exceptions here and there.

Depth and scope, wisdom and understanding, in human evolution, are hardly represented in any way, instead, little originality, and a lot of rehashings and an eventual, little, ray of more thorough-going, in depth, research, into this corner of the universe, and the laws under which it lives, and the special focus on, after all, Man, as he is, in his incompleteness, his dire predicaments, and also, man’s possible evolution, something which can be achieved, even though and despite the all-over-all tendencies leading life in no particular direction, and nothing new under the sun. The problem shown, as it is, is man himself the problem.

The tragic-comedy, the, so terribly, painful, tragedy, the so terribly serious comedy of the human fiber, of mankind, in its willy-nilly involutions and eventual evolutions, in a sort of scale, of stages, and phases of achievings, and not the, mere horizontal increased expansion of the grip on human-life by the misused, luxuries and comfort bringing-devices, and the, ever more, complicated, blessings of science, which turn into their own opposites, ever more so increasing, now, all forms of self-calming

We are descendants of very highly evolved peoples, and somehow, in disarray, and overcome by the consequences of the, inbred, by now, murderous passions, misuses and deliberate indulgencies, power games and material one-two-or three-dimensional awareness, hard to uproot again. The whole structure of life for the future of the Whole of life on the planet, including mankind itself, is without this crucial element of high-evolvings.

The twentieth century has seen mankind enter upon, unprecedented, slaughter, of men, animals, and nature and certainly not merely needed for survival, but exceeding, by far, any legitimate needs and necessities; this century has seen man and women and children perish, also in their mutual relations and the brake-ups of patterns, somehow, wisely established although also in the prevailing, abnormal, conditions for ordinary being-existence. This twentieth century is, in itself, such a sort of a continuation of whole epochs preceding it, with all the contradictions and aspirations, its arts, and search for freedom and individual rights, human rights, in the long, and winding, corridors and avenues along which is treading the mass of multi-million-faced-humanity. To where? How? To answer this How, one must apply the, impartial process of mapping, and also superimposing the various images, just in the cross-section-act, of the planetary-viewer.

In my youth, one of my, then time main-questions was, who is and are pulling the wires, who is behind the horrors and horrendous crimes, humanity is committing; or could it be said that this is the only way it can go, and so, I would have to, to whatever extend, have to accept things as they are, including all the explanations in favor of all this, as I saw and still see, it, mess, of the most deplorable sorts. How is it, I asked, when and where did things go wrong, was it meant to be what it is and was, knowing, that THAT cannot be, that there must BE otherwise.

Always, there was this world in which I live, I was born into, with centuries of life past, and centuries to come, and man hopes for this to be so, he supposes that eons have past and probably eons will come; an almost inexplicable phenomena; so, I lived through a good deal of making my way through that jungle of post-war-resurrectings of broken down parts, replacing this, repairing that, renewing and reformulating, over the heads of all those millions of death, maimed, displaced, destituted, degraded, and on top of all the destruction and wanton destabilization, after Auschwitz, and all the various lesser disasters of destruction of the war zones, such as Nagasaki and Hiroshima, in sheer hurry and continued, distrust and disagreements, enmity and the war of powerblock-interests, a so-called, another try came about, up, towards the turn of the century, up, towards a continued, base and true value-less arrangement, without any broad and world-wide repairs of the psyche and instincts, and the emotional life of mankind, his common-planetary-existence and perspectives, and ways of beating about the bush, squaring the circles, and the continued subscribing to the cheat-structures, which plague mankind as the most deadly and dangerous virus. The continuation of subjective, upside-down-moralities, not heeding the warnings given, by awakened mankind, throughout the ages.

I was most scornful about this; in a sense, my, nearly most-inner-sense of myself in the situation was most deeply dissatisfied, disillusioned, disappointed, disorientated, but, even more deeper within, I set myself to find out, to undertake the needed steps to be able to reach out into all these various areas, which, in their totality make up for the life of man in all its aspects; man, this, extremely small, temporary, transformation apparatus.

During the course of my first four cycles of seven year periods, very considerable, in-gatherings of experiences; on the road, reading, self-study, travel, relations, changes and inner-revolution; had lit up the path I pursued. I had lived, shorter or longer times in 15 different countries by then, and touched well, upon the different spheres of the planetary existence of man, witnessed, observed, and elucidated and evolved, with considerable precision, a fine, non-egoistic, intuition of the psyche, of present-day, ongoing, continuing, deluded-notions of a planet, in the grip of forces, not all together created by man, but to which men respond in their certain ways, of which liberation is; despite its age-old-standing-among-all-of-mankind, and the most inner consensus of any intelligent being; a factor that received but very little attention, people being more busy with their involvements with the, antagonizing, actualities of the, contemporary, fashionable, open and secret, searches for the, immediate, fulfillment of most of his, flimsy and megalo-maniacal, arsenal of trickeries.

I was growing in the contemplative life; halting and going; in the field of exchange with other beings, of a great variety of characteristics and accidental and fate-patterns; in the trial and efforts-pervaded experimentalness, and attempts, to, integrally, work on the constituent elements of the transformation into consciousness-expansions into a Real-World experiencing and perceiving.

Besides my own, there were also other’s questions to deal with, while confronting and recognizing their need to integrate, and to comprehend as fully as possible, and enter into, those realms, considered the mysterious, the hidden, the intangible, from which, the visible world derives. This also kept me going. This made it possible to penetrate, with uncanny resolve, into the following up, on very definite injunctions and indications, as to the process of genuine-being-duties.That far, that fine.

Mysteries, there were plenty! All of life, a miraculous miracle, split into millions of, cohesive, fragments, upon which forces are active, constituting the, very widely, ramified, structures of all that lives, myself included. Basically, all was the unknown, not only the origins, of the existence of all that exists, life, the planet, nature, mankind, and it proved that, even our very recent history, the history that had evolved the moods and mentalities, the modes and structures, the craziness of all times, into which I grew up, that recent history and changes, proved as mysterious as the preceding earlier ones, it proved to be an open field, in a, wide, mountainous landscape.

I managed well to recognize, that other human-beings, nevertheless similar to myself, recently and earlier had made brilliant and useful, wise and fruitful studies, of the same basic tenets and factuality’s, on which our lives rest, soul-brothers, as I used to conceive of this, enormously cosmopolitical, international, unorganized, community of seekers and learners. So, I was provided with, very useful, material and comparative narrative, that could be followed up, leaving one’s own original inquiry alive and stimulated, refreshed and aided. Continual reviewing and updating were, and are needed, compressing and inclusively adding matter to the sly-man’s pill.

One can go only as far as one’s understanding goes; despite the jet-flight, tele and satellite, and time-shortening-devices, despite the phone and car, and the fastest communication-lines, diplomas, careers, wealth, success, education and honorary degrees, man IS his Understanding, and this can be, on different levels, small, bigger, or, even, of a thoroughly human and not sub-human nature.

What is Life like, and which concepts exist and where, about this, seemingly, ceaseless, flow of experience that can, segment, flower out, and constitute, so many, interrelated, fragments, as to bewilder even the man of deep discipline and rigor of vision.

After all, it has only been very recently that the unlocking of doors, of-or-towards, the past, were opened, in a variety of spheres and events, and the doors onto the future as well, at times creating the fears, that nowadays civilization’s consolidations and flux, will later; like we do now, in the extended Now, comprising several epochs; be dug up, from under deserts, ice, jungles and lava, the seas and landmasses, as happened before, by one’s own hand, or by the, unknown, fatal, ways of growth, or decline, in the solar system, of ours related corner of the universe, or by decree from ABOVE, ”Who knows the final answer”, one could say.

So, I got, for the superior-mapping-activities, the global, or birds eye view, or, the cross-section-stilled, periodical-in-depth, viewings, for the integrationings of the understanding; the co-working of servants for the representative of the owner; in the study of law conformable and other processes underlying the life of each member of the human-commune-earth; and into the, vast, recesses and store-houses, in the various parts of our consciousness, of which one’s awareness is the ascending line, of cosmic-re-integration-preparations; the soulfeeding-process.

Underneath the laws of Nature, as we are, on a larger scale in a side-ray of creation, part of the whole, and underneath the discoveries, the changes for better or worse, who will judge this; and whose judgment either way will have any influence whatsoever on the courses of events, bundles of happenings, on various planes, on different levels; underneath the wave of 20th century technology, in the computer, information-chip, cybernetics, multi-media, in the new, multiracial, bounderyless magnitudes, of modes of experiencing unprecedented; full of struggles and harsh economical conditions for the vast majority, this 20th century; men living, still, as many a primitive did, over the centuries, in notions of good or bad, good for what, and bad for what, for whom; we can scan and focus in on a wide range of changes with what went on before, which were changes of what went on before then, and so, the kaleidoscopic backward and forward scuffling comes about, all the while bearing in mind, that nothing should be left out, no pity, no mercy, no praise, no taking sides, as, in the sleep-state in which man lives, good and bad are nothing but irrelevant mental notions, subjective and double-faced, having nothing to do with an objective morality and the buried conscience, similar in all men.

The late 20th century, is a showcase of all the, various, double-dealings and monkey business, dirty deals, and power politics, of the corrupt and, extremely arrogant leaders, and intellectuals, scientists, business and the mobs with them, backed by backers, in search, of the good life, leader-sense and late come to the fore. Despite funny voting systems, and several other services, and directions, and social systems, men have no say in the events that shape history, in any direct sense, more than was the case when he had his, genuine, horse power to count on, and when he had not, yet, totally broken out of nature’s embrace.

East, West, North, South, cultured or uncultured, human weaknesses, his unwillingness to see himself as he is, and not as in his imagination, and illusions, nearly the same as in those around; his inconsiderateness, has a non-universal touch, and so are all other human vices, which are simple enough in themselves and can be, very, refined, and covered up, hidden, depending on several factors also, which are planetary, and a chief-obstacle-weakness.

Learning to live, in life, one must learn to come to terms with death; and one’s own, inevitable, end, and that of anyone on whom one’s eye’s rest even in the shortest of instances, or in a deeply locked look, free and aware.

There are, so many, many facts, about the human-body, and very evolved, in this twentieth century, into the genetical-zones, and micro microscopic facets far beyond the understanding; the eyesight, brings the existing world to the descriptive, accumulative, activities of knowing; of the governing patterns and the, more still, removed, underlying universe, with precise actions: Life.

The space-time has started; the gravitational pull has been mastered; the nearest planets have been visited, nearly, and in fact, by the extended hearing, and seeing, measuring, devices, wound back to earth by super improved and improving man-made-materials, and know-how; nice toys; a world full of toys, ever new toys, titillations, and sense of pride, luring the brittle, little bit of, inflexible, poor, little, attention, in the vast masses of men, away from the deeper meanings of life. One can learn to see, however, and to improve the attention, into perceptions pertaining to a life that signals the presence of sane-being-logic.

There are tremendously powerful, ruling structures, governing the lives of the, in fact, whole earth-population; this is, of course, very relative, as there are people who come to realize, deeply, in their own lives, such states and experiences, touching upon inner-freedom and liberations, shocks and bliss, work and efforts, totally, in a sense, unrelated to the very many, recognized, destructive factors. There is one-self to work on, the challenge has come up; one must, wants, and can, get one’sdirectives together, despite the world-situation, which never was an ideal one, at that.

Knowledge, devoid of BEING; that is a situation which lasts; at times, predominance of BEING was readied, in most, delicate relation to knowledge and great feats, and very great designs, language, building and sculpture, and script, were realized; periods, in which men of wisdom and realizationings, of great caliber, made their high-understanding clear to a willing commune whose resources were not, as a rule, heavily taxed, and imposed upon. But, the lives, of such subordinates, had come to be regarded as slaves, by the successively, increased hierarchies of power and supreme rulership, more and more obscuring the, previously reached, evolvings.

From all that is buried, in the vaster than the consciousness, of man’s unconscious-sub-conscious-collective unconscious, yes or not affected, by yes or not inherited results, of original common-planetary-disasters and destructions of the planet, man’s life and works, left to the discussing factions, and what is clear, beyond a doubt, is, that planetary destructions overtook man; ancient, pre and early historic, evidences, artifacts, deductions, signs, symbols, combinations, implements, indications, of man-existing, in the then surrounding conditions, his brain capacity, his posture, his facilities, his ways of life, have been scrutinized.

Not even, a darwinic evolutioning; far from it; the run of the mill creation-stories and theories, not only that they lack possibilities of verification, they cannot be carbon-dated, etc., but it lacks the TRUTH, of intelligent, understanding, out of this, one or another, confine and specialization, of the learned-men, of late formation.

Growing up, as I did, in western-culture, sick with a thousand ills, marriage problems, neurosis, social and political illusions, for a great deal, and disorientationing, self-undermined by exhausting wars, losing dominions, and continents, peoples, they’d colonialized, I turned young, and early in my life to other than jewish and christian-stanzas only, so becoming familiar with other trends of planetary-perceptions, of, invariably, local character; chinese, indian, sufi, middle and far-eastern Studies I made, and this-included, in time, the south and north American continents, which fed and bred multitudes of men as well, in highly awake ways of organizationings and sciences, of early formation.

The West, as I came to know it, my cradle, my youth, on the european continent, mostly in Amsterdam, though, had all the materials, for me, to bring together, then already, a vast number of facts which became an inseparable part of my, in life, experienced, won, and needed insights, for an orientation, to found a wider medium.

What a misery there was, all around and about; not only; but also; and the force of life, and people, generation after generation, through the breakdowns and wars, poverties and sicknesses, the namelessness and smallness of his pleasures and pains, his happy-or-unhappiness; through the alienation and generation-gap, through the problems of the advantaged and disadvantaged, the communists and the capitalists, the liberals and the orthodox, the democrats and conservatives, etc.,etc., through, all the, fragmented, sections of life; everything eats, and is being eaten and one can find this on all levels, cutting through, as fact, the fibers of man’s feeble and fickle, changing, concepts and understandings, of the life on planet earth.

All the little people; sheep that think themselves to be lions; a lion is the king of animals, but, still an animal; and so is man; it is an objective viewpoint, not directly related to the question of his ancestry and god’s creation, a special act, of course, or is the monkey? for sure not the donkey, although? In the picture, the erectus-being, and the homo’s early stratifications; the neanderthaler being a rather late off-shoot; of peoples that were, as the cro-magnon, and carmel-man and pithecanthropus, modern man; modern in a sense, then.

Earlier man, later man, and again later man, and present-day mankind, there is a direct link; there have been world-wide catastrophes, the sudden extinctions of species, and genera, of life’s evolvings, nature’s adaptations, to the wider life of the solar system, wiping out, nearly entirely, mankind and his vestiges, from the face of the planet; did, or did not, higher intervention make survival possible, who tells.

Creation-stories were recorded, versions, and similarities, and a kind of thinking-feeling and instinctive-perceiving, thus psychic-forms, of which the links with oneself, as one is nowadays mankind, are stored up, in the areas of not brought to light, in the recesses of oneself, store-house of humanity, deep, awakings and awakenings.

All this combined knowledge, which at times existed, as it was discovered, and re-discovered, and as it is related to the potential of the human-being, in his essence, in-born, and even in its crudity, before refinement, and in refinement and after refining, in the true alchemical sense, then, one would have developed, in oneself substances, given in potential, that are, the cosmic-re-integration-actualizings. Man’s reality is outside of time, it transcends time, as man is a composite being, and as we said before, man is an animal, a dangerous psychopathic sub-human, who, on the whole, desperately struggles conflict in, conflict out, in his, for a good deal self construed dilemma’s contradictions, and absurdities, greatness and splendor, in ignorance of so many warnings and admonishments and admonitions.

Man knows, knows now, and knew before, that it all is an extremely complex phenomena, life, clockworks of currents, recurring cycles and cyclisities, biological precision work, with a concept behind the whole set up as it is, man and his environment, and kinsmen, and all that lives in the great-Universe, alive, vibrating, with an understanding of the requirements for man; the-objective-obligations.

Also in the old days, we could call recent history, from 10-12,000 years B.C., till the late middle-ages, and till now, by and by, the Middle-East, North and West-Africa, the South and North Americas, Siberia, China, North- pole, Russia, Scandinavia, the Archipelagos, Australias, all these were enormous stretches of the globe, peopled, and habited by mankind.

Inter-continental contacts were, then also, in evidence; exchanges between various, flowering, centers of culture, groupings of mankind, on levels of ingenuity, craftiness and wisdom, very advanced even from nowadays view-point, with definite knowledge of the systems at large of which man is part and also which, IS man, and mankind; no harm was done to the children, not one’s own, not of one’s kinsmen, nor to any children; there was a wisely guided adapting to nature, as well as transcending nature.

The garden of eden-story corresponds clearly to the state and phase, in which mankind’s evolution was halted to stave of disasters of the kind that may wipe life off the planet; and endanger evolutions in this solar-system; mankind had to pay a price, for being noticed in the creation scheme, seen from ABOVE towards below. 
Mankind, in this twentieth century, has been going through, insuperably harsh and hard times, even with, all the books and curriculums at all schools and universities, all the media, at any one given day, adding all information up into one, whole, life size, picture; a lot is missing; true, not so long ago one didn’t know what went on round the corner; all this is very relative; it is that people are mostly interested in useless information, the stupidities of life, the complete surface-materials drifting along the various axis, along which, the absence of genuine-being-duties run.

One of the most remarkable, of very persistent, and even idiotic, features, of this modern mankind, huge continents, full, with all those among themselves, seriously divided mankind, that each and every single one of them, views the whole of life, just only from his own, subjective, limited, viewpoints, and those of his club, of course.

Every comparison holds good only till it becomes overstretched; modern mankind, undergoing all that, fine, progress and increased dependency on his toy park, on all levels, in the near permanent-sphere of the, utter, unreliability of man himself, and his whole network of relations, worldwide, along the boulevards of confrontation, aggression in defense, and all the other twentieth century slogans, signifying the state of distortedness of man’s axioma’s, despite all these thousands of elapsed years. The progress here, the offsets there; increases here, decreases there; and the net-profit, accruing, is a, very doubtful piece of statistics.

Tools, ever since the early, re-emerging, mankind, for agrarian, building, smithing, melting, gathering and dressing-purposes, of all included, tools. And tools have ever since emerged; looking at it, one would say, enormous progress, look at that from stone implements, in a few years actually, into the trans-elements, and world-wide, interchangeable units of prefabricated housing, food, medicines, babies and unhappiness, therapies and the dying in thirds.

There are no doubts about it, the systems man progressed, and which are the summit of the latest know-how in how-know, are not the most intelligent possible, are certainly leading to improved and more ruling imaginations, no matter what. The many, basic, assumptions along which mankind stumbles and tumbles along, are of a kind that need the prefix – ”well, we live only once, let’s have a good time, on others expenses of course, haha.” This has been, in a very varied sense, ever since earliest times, the dictum of those, who could, just by any, mean or otherwise means, get to the top or close enough to the top, the heights of human aspiration. Homo homini lupus este, said the Romans and they certainly were, yet their power-antics were nothing new, and not even were their cruelties nor suppression, any different; and murder, the basis of their famous laws; often valid till today after fashion; of the foregoing ages, of inter-family, inter-group, inter-clan struggles, taken as the driving-force, towards and into, all that, nowadays, concrete, progress.

There were the displacements of peoples, from east to west, and vice versa, separate units of folks, overrunning and ruthlessly taking prisoner, rob and rape, kill, the adversary as it came to be called, the opponent, the enemy, the weaker. Population movements; population explosions also, decimations also, by the millions, by the hand of Nature, i.e. not by man. Many cultures though, also elaborated laws, man-made, albeit by understanding men, that forbade murder, stealing, greed, avarice, hatred, incest, and other forms of sex, and laws against other vices, immoralities and weaknesses; eventually, according to the degree of anti-law- commitments, the penalty of death, or worse, existed; it all became of no avail.

Essential religious concepts, ideas and practices, in all religions, regardless the east or west, so to say, contain these elements; the overcoming of the ignorance and immoralities, related to the anti-cosmic-reintegration-devices, and tuning to a Real-World, devised for mankind for all times, yet, it must be noted that, such devices, under religious hegemony and protection, appropriated for purposes other than the quest for immortality and soul perfecting, disappeared more and more out of the current of life over the ages, and as science opposed religion, on many counts, science also often threw out the baby with the washing water, and lost sight of the cosmic-BEING-principles at all. So then science was and is usurping the role of the churches, of all sorts, in running with the ruling-cliques to serve them better to materialize their, ambiguous, aims.

Progress there has been, for sure, of all sorts, just seen by itself; very nice and very nice; but, seen in other perspectives and retrospectives, it becomes doubtful, if this progress is not a mere phase, an acute phase, as there were so many, before, of human error, in choosing a pathway into, survival and the future, the well-being insofar this is recognized, by the authorities, pursuing policies that border on the, so obviously, insane, secretly and openly, you can like it or not, but there it goes.

The sleepstate, in which mankind plods on, is a wicked one, a dangerous one, one of, a most pernicious unfortunateness, this, and so far, has been recognized, whenever people gather, ordinary people, and bring to expression, somehow, in their helplessness and agonies, and talk about the state of affairs, the generations, now dying out, that lived through the last, and the changes of last century into this so-called twentieth century, and remembering the days bygone, in which the explosive ways of the newly erupting world-manners came about; it had held out for long, these times of little change, outwardly, but inwardly working it’s way.

One’s search, my search, through the transitional years, the teen-age time, the time of moving, biologically, instinctively and sexually, into early manhood, by becoming major, according to long established patterns in the essence-structure, if till then still alive, and in its totality, had not then yet, an equivalently, sensitive and encouraging self and personality in the life conditions not conducive for integration. I was able to gather an enormous amount of data about this, from my own life, other’s lives, and the tale of the times; the tales of the labyrinth; in my case, the way-finding out.

In this, I was certainly not alone; I learned to appreciate this. So, there was and continued to come to me, help and confirmation about the kind of confinements, slaveries, in which men live; with all the various ramifications, causes and consequences, conditionings, and unreality, which ensues, for which, I had no trust, or recognition, no peace, no place, and no-self.

Which, of the currents, shall I pursue for a moment, letting the focus edge-in onto, and render visible, some of the, often disrelated, factors of the oukumene on planet earth, not established on the shoulders of previous cultures, but on their heads, skulls rather. The slow emerging of the modern-times, grasped from a being-distance of viewings over many centuries, packed together, in some precise vignettes of the motions of events, as they happened. Just ask the question: ”s’cuse me, repeat that again, please”. Aha, what you ask, in fact, is this “Is there LIFE before Death”.

This includes so many other of such questions, related to man and mankind: will mankind continue to survive to eliminate themselves, or each other; is there life after death, could something, formed in us, through even very great voluntary suffering, practices of psycho physical-kind, breath control, shakra-opening, gland development, pious acts, and moral purity, abstinences, and specialized simple food, preciser, can something, formed, survive the death of the physical functioning.

Life; the world; the workings of laws, the increase of laws, under which the creation lives, which ’Is’ also the creation; the ongoing processes of life, of which life on this planet too belongs; organic-life on earth, however universal, is also a special creation; mankind too; has evolved out of the special, governing, laws under which nature resorts.

Things, in short, confirmed extensively, by all ancient, verified, information, and throughout all following ages, up to and into the modern age, the New Age, Aquarian Age, the ending of a Kali-Yuga, the twentieth century, you name it, stated that the Creation, is in process, in a-making; all changes, planetary wise, and in, the solar system of which this planet is part, have continued and do continue to shape. That life, on earth and also all life, also human life, has been created, destroyed, created again, in various cycles, and lost civilizations, abruptly having faded out, appear in the fields of questions, posed by the scholars of life, in all categories, questions, not without recognition of the complex totalities and parts, the complex origins and features; and states of awaring, that must have entered into man’s possibilities and potential, at very early stages of mankind, as well as that still exists, today, and is included in the cosmic reintegration.

History abounds with worlds, realities, events, states, instances, life and purposes, which seldom represent anything Real at all; one doesn’t touch upon this at all; such as what has been at the origins of experiencings of a human-beings’, conceiving, and perceiving, living and reproducing, on the mind-screen, in arts and sculpture, building and human situations, the rules and recognitions, the regulations and recapturings, of a world-awaring quite foreign to the modern man, and yet, it is the unfolding of the, stored, materials, in the human genera.

Gods, half-gods, demi-gods, Satan, devil, evil, good, BAD, Mephistopheles, metamorphosis, root races, reincarnation, higher BEING-bodies, Karma, Dharma, spiritual awakening, remorse of conscience, giants, gnomes, dwarfs, fees, elf’s, hierophants, homunculus, archangels, Messiahs, Avatars, angels, Saints and mediums, universes, inter-planetary-travel, heaven, hell, Paradise, the garden of Eden, and Mu, the motherland and Lemuria, Atlantis, peoples and places, in the indus valleys, the New world, west-Africa, the Mediterranean, the pre-Sumerites, the Chaldeans, the Israelites, ancient Egypt, the Northern-continents, and the lands perished in conflagrations, sunk in the seas, raised in the air, disappeared under the sands, sunk in the oceans. Arche-mothers, arche-fathers, the patriarchal and matriarchal-archaic societies; telluric-forces, chtochtonic forces, the start of burial for man, the ocean faring ancients, the ice-ages, and all intermediate stages, the enormous flora and fauna, unimaginable for today’s man; realities, as these, can be extended and included, such as, also confirmed data, about-planets-as gods, the SUN-god religion and practices, of ancient peoples, human sacrifices, and animal sacrifices, legends of ancients, kings, rulers, populations, almost having totally disappeared out of the strata of memory man has; festivities, festivals, ceremonies and cults, according to precise calendars, based on exact calculations; the mastery of magnetic and molecular forces, flowing and passing into contact with nature and are so, “within” as well as ”without”, present, in the various fields of life, maintaining and sustaining-elements in the air; and parts of the life of nature, and part of the processes in organic life attracting, repulsing, and bending the forces reaching this planet, from the radiations, emanations, vibrations and forces from the, varied and combined, exchanges, of, and between, the planets, and the sun and the state of evolution of the solar-system ORS, or?

The planet was huge, in the old days, distances enormous, sea and land routes were found, settlements formed, mining’s made, stones and metals used, life organized, and at times, in certain places of special significance, very large cities build round or near great structures, temples, ziggurats, pyramidic structures, and the dangers besetting life were enormous, and racial memory forming.

There was life and there was knowledge, wisdom, LOVE and understanding, active in the human sphere, well-established, and long before even the Buddha, or Khidar, Mozes or later, Lord Jeshu was heard of; it was so that the recorded histories, of the Jewish people of AVRAHAM, were to become, also, the basic tenets for a religion, propounded, by a thoroughly universal minded Jewish carnate, which spread over the West, and later elsewhere too, after all sorts of different deviations and different fashions, maintaining the Cheat-systems’ removing truth.

Recorded history, already, is recent history, even if it appears two thousand years or so, is a lot, yet recorded history goes back some 6,000 years, and the records, which then were made, speak of several long epochs, previous to their timetables; thirty, forty-thousand years seem to have elapsed with mankind, in one form or another, present in the picture.

Recorded history and today have direct links; man forgot, in himself what his ancestors lived, how they lived, what their values, beliefs, convictions, what their ways were, he has to reconstruct this, often step by step by bounds and in leaps, and suddenly, while consciousness, deeply, opens.

Some of the ancient, long disappeared, by now, cultures, they did have a sense, and knowledge, of the well-being-of-man, of the laws operating on earth, the woman gave birth, seasons cycled, ripenings and maturations took place, peace reigned, and inner-forces were cultivated; agriculture flourished, as well as crafts, as well as the establishment of centers of culture, and cities, in every sense thought out, and purpose full. Did those ancients know, see, with fore-sight, several thousands of years ahead, to the nowadays muddle of this, man-made-replacement-semi-Real, ersatz-toyhouse of late, and the consequences ensuing? They too, remembered a past, and the powers, of overwhelming forces, unfavorable for survival, despite the ingenuity, intelligence and mathematical insights, and recognition of the sevenfold processes, and the threefold processes, the two, most cosmic, transformation-proceedings, central, unique, and essential in all that lives.

Every stick has two ends; despite the rotten shit, and the useless dreck, made by man and mankind, one finds action and coherence in the struggle against the involution, of the total madness and destruction, so rampant and ingrained, a prison for life.

It seems there were times, long long ago, that cities were built without these walls, that were maintained, over the centuries, not to keep the wild and dangerous, devouring, animals out, but to keep men out, the robbers, killers, the murderers, and just any power-full, so to say, ruler who might decide to conquer some city, some land, and have His troops commit those bestialities, so ingrained, inbred, in the structure of mankind; nowadays we got so far, so very far, with progress, that the walls don’t work anymore, instead there is the nuclear-deterrent. The wall went along, psychologically.

All those ancient and modern, devastating, wars, are not fought out of the need for food, mere survival, or for more land, or any other practical, useful, purposes, ideals, or proven advantages per se; just, brute, inhuman, power-politics, arising in the cliques that rule. This has been, from then on, till today, the case. All the rest is non-sense, no explanation, and no justification, in depth, exists, to explain the murderous politicking that has been the overpowering urge of the twentieth century’s political leaders and cohorts, admirers and parasites.

All those religions, of late, of the past few thousand years of history, according to the mappings I made, are now being exported, from east to west, and in all directions; endless variations, on hairsplitting’s, divided up, in camps and sects and churches and temples and mosques and synagogues, etc. etc.; all those religions, having originated in times of great distress, having been made, uniquely, for the purpose of, indeed, escaping, from the totally perverted, mad, life that man, and mankind, were, ordinarily speaking, living, abounding in states, in which men could, undeterred, and without economizing, let themselves go, into any and every insane experiments, to satisfy his deeply rooted urges, on the one hand to destroy and on the other to come, at times, to some discoveries and ’practical’ wisdom, originating in hitherto, untapped potentials, of the human-functioning abilities-disabilities.

The Old Testament, recorded by the HEBREWS, were so recorded by them, as to contain the lore, the lives, the myths, and the prophesies, the links with their very own, and with history older than they themselves, as it did exist in the places, in Palestine, and in exile, and in slavery, by themselves and the peoples that lived then, and before then, containing, so many tenets, of western religion, and at all, this formed, considerably, the historical awareness, somehow, till science took over and its verifications, raising also and doubts, as one thesis after another went into the rubbish bin, overtaken, by newer facts and facets. ’Historical’ facts and religious bickerings cheat contributively, spoilt a lot over the ages.

Even, earlier times existed than the Hebrews, and the people, their myths, and facts, the kings, the folks, of that tremendously evolved, wider middle-east, with lands and peoples, among whom definite relations existed, not only directly in the same catalystic areas, but also eastwards, southwards, westwards, and northwards, in all directions, over considerable distances, existed brothers and sisters, uncles, and men and women, living the planet, related and influenced by the most noble unity, and similarity in concept, guidance and the prescriptions for living; that were held in such communes, as existed; embraced all people.

Obviously, men were living along the water ways and sea lanes, among the lower lands, but also, and often, one would find large concentrations of peoples living higher up, on the slopes, and in the mountainous areas, as well as around lakes and inland seas; all around and over those areas where the waters of the melting snows would reach sufficiently, in the changing’s of the flows of these rivers in their beds, seasonal and all-seasonal, most ingenuous, roads and routes were all continentally explored and used all-round.

Seafaring was widely practiced, even before the floods; intercontinental contacts existed, and were maintained; human communes were hustling and bustling societies, well-knit-woven, functioning, human communes, in recognition of seasons and harvestings, sowing and reaping, domestication of animals, and at all, thoroughly, for these purposes, familiar with the solar-system and beyond, as well; as the unconscious, not yet being so unconscious; in such folk, even in the ordinary run of the mill, the conscious was more expanded, and awareness-functions were alert, as well as the instinctive-moving-sex-brain, in great charge of overall, proper, customs, for the genuine well-being.

Medicine and healing, astronomy, and astrology, technology, crafts, education, grammar, learning, mathematics, agriculture, jewelry, fire, wheel, ovens, extraction of metals from stone, melting, casting, building, architecture, the ritual performance-participation and preparations, instrument-making, music, theater, including, also not to forget a very precise knowledge of the human-machine, not only as it is, but also what are the, build in, potentials, for the understanding of TRUTH.

It must have been found, and as if, lost, and found again, over long ages, in and during which mankind re-peopled the lands; his past, his ancestry, all he loved, valued, attained, when that returned to dust, in the floods and upheavals the perturbations of the earth; it was clear, from the mappings, of all evidence, that ways were found into freeing one-self and that meant in great deal, for the whole of the human population in those days and such periods. It was also understood that, certain perceptions, about mankind’s slaveries and ways of lining, were not corresponding with certain particular destinies under which mankind Labored.

In one way or another, those later generations, as well as their predecessors, those that were created, or, had evolved; lived among Great-Nature, ever since time-immemorial, and had over lived and survived inexplicable destruction of very evolved knowledge and material structures, manmade, which such cultures had brought about, the materials of which are, and then were already, totally disintegrated.

In those times, people knew, without the medium of myth, legend, and parable, etc., but in their own, direct, language and memory, that men were beset by the consequences of the organ Kunda-Buffer and that after many many cycles mankind had been afflicted by that predisposition, leading to ways of living, totally, opposed to the self-perfecting cosmic reintegration, which involves a very deep going research into one’s own psychological potential, and the workings of energies, into refinements, not given by Nature.

In those, early, cultures, it was not wholly determined which possibilities of development were to be taken; which customs and which uses, of the whole potential, of possibilities, would be tapped; it could never ever possibly be anticipated that several millions upon millions of little people would drive-about in their fashionable little cars; when the first car was built it wasn’t even anticipated how many roads would ever be built and stoplights, traffic-police, parking problems, etc., to give but one tiny example, besides the guzzling-exhaust-depletion-pollution symptoms.

It was never foreseen, and certainly not in its entirety, what later times would bring; not then, and not recently; as the wars raged; in every century there were wars, and pieces of, so-called, peace; no real Peace, no Self-mastery and cosmic orientation programs; they had never worked for any length of time; nor were there nearly any of those, great, scientists, of late formation, nor wise men among them, foreseeing, nor their philosophers, and moralists, and also not their dying aristocracies, and religious leaders, or visionaries even, what was to follow for man; the Greek and Romans, only were very late bloomers, and they bloomed after a fashion, and a longstanding-tradition, of conquest and destruction, murder and pillage, and suppression of all other than their own, vainglorious, prospects in un well-being and abuses.

Today, the future is known as little bit as always; predictions, statements, studies, statistics, probabilities, possibilities, all with little authority; there is turmoil all over the planet. The feeble flow of peace initiatives are often halted, in favor with the classical methods, and orthodox one’s at that, those of war; till one power forces the other to agree to his conditions. This is the absurdity of peacetime- conditions. One hardly sees this through, peacetime is not a time of peace, but only the temporary, and relative, absence of, immediate, large-scale, murder and destruction.

The cosmic-reintegration-theme, has been with mankind ever since before recorded-history started; before the very ancient Chinese rulers gathered power; before the Olmecs and subsequent New world-cultures, before the Sumerian, Persian, Babylonian, pre-Hindu, Cambodian, or Druidic and Uighurs and the Nordic-siberian, before the early Turkish, or Egyptian cultures. Mankind lived and existed, already then, and with most its varied, distinct, localized, hybridic remains, of previous times, several thousands of years of mankind, without clearly recorded, remembered history, which has been reconstructed by the Theosophists, and Steinerians, and many others, according to, very doubtful, spiritual ways.

It was only in the mid-1800’s that the west opened up for eastern-ideas, views of man, life, and the world; european-christian, judeo-christian, and remnants of links, with the more old middle-eastern world, Egypt also, knowledge remained here and there vestigial; arabic-influences, all old and new additions to the cheat system, hearsay, rehashed tales, stories, of men, in monasteries, in life, as the mediterranean basin contained cultures, and groups, of pre-Greek, and north and west-African, settlements and cultures, dating back to pre-sand, pre-destructions. Mankind, over the whole globe, in their respective ways, on the move; survival upon survival; on each continent; all the separate groupings, cultures; mankind; moving, in expansion, converging towards also this twentieth century, covering the globe with it’s many networks of surviving, his confrontations with the whole of everything existing, in the dynamic conditions of life on the planet, and the life of the universe and the cosmos of which man is part.

It may have been that man’s psychic-life should have taken a different course; it may be that certain, not dependent on man, unforeseen circumstances, contributed to man having, from early times, entered a specific course of developments, not in line with certain demands, or needs, specific for mankind surviving the great catastrophes it endured, as well as the continual, deepening, hostilities of man versus man, absorbing so much of the energies, determining so much this anti-cosmic reintegration.

There were, most likely, times, peoples, and places, where life was deeply recognized, and seen to have originated from a source of intelligence, superior to man; also, it was discovered that man’s intelligence can be raised, and that the Higher Centers are, by no means all, involved in the course of men’s lives, as this is, progressively, dedicated to the satisfactions of the, from then on, rapidly developing lower centers; or, rather, the centers being worked more and more by the unrefined-energies and states, and as the laws, pertaining to this part of the universe are also reigning on earth, and ARE, so it can for sure be that these were discovered, understood and applied to man’s evolution, his place in the scheme of creation, his role, and place in nature, and hence towards his fellow man, and himself; and the Higher.

Such knowledge, as attained by the truly learned-beings from among mankind, did, at times become incorporated into the lives of those communes, and groupings, as from among whom these beings were; actually, and often, the core-dynamics for the organization of the lives of men, were indeed, at times, during extensive ages, governed just by such elements of the society as had attained the kind of perfection that brings wisdom, compassion and a quality called – furrows and burrows of nature; disappearing nearly completely at times; reappearing here and there in tiny groups, survivors, on islands and the mainlands, in caves and mountains and cliffs near the temperate, climatical zones, having left but fire and primitive tools, scanty knowledge; gone were the, virtuous, communes and the riches of life, the vibrating centers of cultures and the wide-spread renown; the globe achanging, all the four elements and corners upset, great nature straining and travailing, in its adaptation, to the wider implications of an universe growing, its kalpa’s and yugas unfolding; gone the golden ages; paradise and the collective unconscious, the sub conscious growing mind and memory pressings.

Guiding fields, of forces; and man’s repulsion of these, and the various consequences, further creating the situation, in which mankind, over long ages, managed, in some sense to, reconstruct his organizations for the ordinary-being-existence, knowing the discontinuity and the variability, of the life of mankind on this planet, since long not any more the intense nucleus, dynamic, and highly evolved, and having lived through wider ramifications and descendants, of various, then again mixed, then again protectedly breeding, among themselves and resettling and finding back the lands greatly changed; moving out again, towards wider horizons, confidently again, on a new track; the early history of which all mankind has been descending and from the, very many, precise and unquestionable exercises, in reconstructing, piecing together, in reading the record, in uncovering the links and timings of the, very varied, specifics of our earliest ancestors, without a doubt, we come across a cohesive, concrete and captivating number of maps that just simply cannot be misread.

In reading records and maps, and including one’s own psyche, into the windings and expandings of the consciousness, to allow for corresponding materials and memories, as well as reading into TRUE FACTS, concerning life on this planet, in the study of the law-conformable fractionings of the whole, it must be understood that, the finer penetrates the coarser by means of the TWO great cosmic laws which did feature prominently in the transmitted energy matters of psychic-nature, the break-throughs into illumined and truly, vindicated efforts and attempts to free the afflictedness, inherent, by then, in man’s nature, of the accumulated results of trespassings and deviations, and denials of the sacred.

This denial of the sacred was in a sense the establishment of customs, and man-made-laws, habits and systems, in a deeper sense, cutting loose from a Self-nature, a cosmic connection, which by its very presence, would not allow man to continue to, inversely, direct his attention to the unrestricted, satisfactions of his organic fabrics, and the consequent magnitude of the emotional, or rather, dispersal of the feeling parts, causing also the mind to function only in a most rudimentary manner, by the inevitable arising, distracting, and diminishing quality of the inner-being SELFHOOD, capable of cosmic reintegration and the surmounting of individual death.

The psycho-spiritual realities had been near and incorporated into the general life of man; ceremonies to neutralize, the enormously strongly induced planetary tensions, acting on organic life, the elements, the compounds and substances, energies and vibrations, of which man is an aggregation; stations and relays had existed between the various growing parts of a world wide-oukumene; the perishable had perished; little remained, externally, but in the psyche of man also such memories prevailed, in the search for the continued survival of aims and experiences of the third-force-integrated-awareness.

The so-called FALL of man; however remote, and badly remembered, by now altogether blotted out, by long ages of blissful or not so blissful forgetfulness and loss of Real Will; however mythical, still does incorporate, with true understanding, this transition early fathers caused, choosing the ITOKLANOZ way of living.

Great seers, prophets, and founders, of consequent units, of a living link with the cosmic integration-potentials, and, whose pupils were to become arch-fathers, leaders at times, and people who brought forth individuals which inspired subsequent formation of schools, and groups, often reclused or shielded in life, of which groupings also, eventually, derived the persons, after whose example and inspiration certain religions were found; were quickly turned back into the cheat-pattern governing the life of unawakened mankind, right into, our, twentieth century.

Life, the inexhaustible pain machine; the belt of mechanical-awareness driving people; their suggestibility’s; stupidities; vulnerabilities; their discords and disharmonies; their afflictions, neurosis, deadly diseases, psychic disintegration, physical disruptednesses, their emotional disorders, and schemings, jealousies, hatreds, greeds, selfishnesses, self-centered, and self-loving, and fantastical, pictures of themselves, are direct consequences of the absence of the self-initiated-soul forming processes.

Man himself has been the cause of many problems; mankind has very great- problems; very complicated; many, very many real serious, difficult complexes of problems, and progress, and Evolutions, which in their turn, have caused, widening, and deepening and further ramifyings of these problems, into fixtures and posterings, splits and cravings, and longings, aims and ways of life, leading away from the stopping the flow of all and the whole germ conscience-deviated processes of life. The stopping of these, involutionary, manifestings, of all that something in mankind, in men and women, that has lost contact with the TRUE NATURE of the Real World; in the inner-supra-personal realms of the inner nature, inborn in all of us; and the efforts needed, proved to be no success and reserved for certain of among men; very early in history classified as, a type and character; at times using, at times abusing, certain particular aspects of that particular kind of practiced ness.

In retrospect, watching, the, eventful, roads along which mankind has irrevocably and irretrievably often, somehow, chosen, to continue his plight and fight for strange supremacies, hostile to the True purposes mankind is entitled to; and ways of functioning out of which balance and harmony, a True-Self, are eliminated.

Mankind’s slaveries, also of a psychological kind persist till today; that has come a long way, out of the misty pasts of mankind; this same mankind is still divided, torn and bursting at the seams, in its endeavors, in fact, never aimed at integration and wholeness; man is a persistent liar and cheat; man is a persistent, self-deceiving, and ignorant entity, faced, as ever, with death, hunger, vice, war, destruction, poverty, loneliness, and, nowadays, also with problems of far bigger magnitudes than ever before, thanks to his, self created, idiotic, psychic-states and inflictions.

In the human sphere, of our own mankind, over the ages, I found, in the respective mappings made, very definite indications that a psychological system can be applied, which looks at man from a totally practical and objectively critical, view, certainly well-grounded in verifiable facts, which says that, man as he is, is an unfinished product of nature. That the whole of the universal, cosmic and planetary-processes, ’Are’ the reciprocal-feeding; either evolving or involving; and this also applies to this corner of the universe in which mankind found their origins.

Man’s make, his organism, his being, his structure, his essence, functionings, potential, and in all this, his living, his dying, his strivings and moral life, his physical make up and inbuilt systems, with the various levels and extensions, his psychic and soul life, man does have, in himself, those similar substances as are contained in the solar system itself and from beyond. This is the, roughly hewn, path into those so-called, inaccessible places, into which ventured, roamed and lived, in understanding, those of among us, who left behind indications and materials for the further perfecting of an unable, unwilling yet irrevocable, essence-wish.

Then times the early priests, of all religions, also in the West, and Hindu, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Egyptian, Aztec, and the other-tecs, Incas, Druids, Nords, Germanics, later-Christian one’s, of all levels, in deeply split, and totally deviated from its source, Catholicism’s, the early Christian Empire, and their getting involved in politicking, the east-west church split, and further splits, in religion and religious matters but turned to life, and not to God; even the Nazi-wolves had their God; religious segmentations everywhere, also in the west, the whole pack, churches, ceremony, all liturgy, all intellectual gymnastics, lost contact with the Source, who went underground. And the kings, vassals, emperors, rulers, power-possessing beings, all the whole ancient and modern cliques, they decided what man knows or does, hears or not hears,

Savonarola, Galileo, Bruno, and earlier Jesus, still always a high-incarnate and messenger of the ABOVE, and other unnamed people, at present, I see, in the religious wars and persecutions, murder and vandalism, struggle and Jew-persecutions over the ages by Christians, Moslems, Catholics, Lutherans, and all the doctrines of segmentations, also all those, so-called mystic, esoteric, occult, parapsychological societies, all the pack, more and more split away; from pure perception and the astral realm, the higher being bodies and objective morality, Thou shalt not kill: – from genuine religious facts, and came to be coated in the dress of the saviors and god’s helpers, and the holy ghost as well; slavery; domestication, domination, dissolution, despair, the Cheat-systems arose anew and again through such channels also. Despite this, one Must find one’s way, through the labyrinth of lies, and duplicity, eschatological-nonsense, and dooms day dreams and salvation and peace. Just not there one can find soul food.

Man fools himself, progress, civilization, culture, art, education, health services, after man created-life rots it up; of course they know what is in the bag of skin, organs and bones, to a certain extent, but in an enormously limited perspective. The authorities decide, what is said and what is read, seen and listened to, with marginal tolerance towards minorities. Man needs to be kept backward, blind, stupid, poor, sick and dependent, and take care that man himself, stays unaware of awakening, as a permanent endeavor, into the Real World, a real life willingly.

Modern times started before that fictitious christian-calendar; before the Greeks, arch-vain warriors, with their useless philosophies, grammatical-bickering, their axioma’s and denials of what they really could have learned and preserved from the living entities of mankind, and their relics and histories, whom they vainly uprooted wherever they set foot; followed by that conglomeration of, maniacal, conquerors, the Romans, which exported also so to say, their empirical, low-level, base matters in nearly all fields of life, vain destroyers, vain historians of their times, twisting and distorting, already distorted, messages for survival, love and hope, justice, values they radically drove to death.

Modern history has had a many beginnings, and starts, false starts, no start, and starting nevertheless; let us say, mankind, continued to lay the groundwork in antagonistic, ambivalent ways, through enormous denial of the cosmic aspects of life, outside, and already laid down in the psyche, and flourishings of just such communes as those that still contained such traces of wisdoms.

The ground work was laid for the continual warfare, irreconcilable diversion and deviations from sane-being-logic, in round about ways, well into the twentieth century.

The rich, the poor, and new rich, and the remnants of aristocracies, are rude and heartless men, mean and cruel, with that lack of compassion and understanding, so conspicuous at the top and approaching levels, of the hierarchy of the best of social benefits, opportunities and power; even against any will or even the slightest, real, consent of the masses of millions of men ushered into this technological age; vain, fool blooded, prone to psychic disorders of every kind and perversions, lacking even the education necessary to be responsible; and the military on top, or licking the boots, into the star-wars, the nuclear-devices, even destroying the living layers of the invisible, yet life, on earth and of the planet, and mankind, without any distinction. The bombs that destroy men and leave cities intact even, think about it, how really, totally, the extreme end, of the upside-downness of man’s whole psyche reasons; as if.

An array and arsenal, ever increasing, even with the best will impossible to get rid of, or dismantle. And so, we, if I may say we, we come to the following questions; pertaining to this moving into the Modern TIMES neurosis, alienation, starvation, empty ”news,” conditioning man more and more, and it goes, by now already, wholly by itself, to live with the abnormal conditions as if normal, and they all try to amuse themselves, with mixed success. Led and guided by the same, shipwrecked, wicked means, Eliminations, so to say; the masses, of which certain individuals turn to murder in moments of rage, despair, hatred, greed, holiness, the state, the nation, the king, the god, the denial of the sanctity of all life, are not, in a way, an inch, more mad than the army-establishments, having destroyed, killed, believe it or not, by the hundreds of millions of other beings, similar to themselves; as this clockwork has a few sides, two, so to say, one is always first somehow, it seems: destruction; total delivery to forces that rule man, individually and in masses; two: rebuilding; reconstruction, foolharded, dumb, destructive negativities, as Reich, also persecuted, said: the emotional PLAGUE.

I mainly arrived at manhood, after that ”second” world war was over, or so it appeared, changing over into the cold-war, very very hot at times. The regimes now, of the left, right, and middle, and all of them together, worldwide, into new confrontations, arms races, debilic continued values and education, an education moreover having nothing to do with a planetary master-plan, but looking like the cackle, confusion, of the chicken coop, the noise, the shit all over, the bred and fed little creatures, on the way to some dinner table. Only dangerous, ignorant, maneuvering into inerasable and unreturnable, miseries of the megalomaniacal idiocies; ”man” the master of a shit hole, of all the vices and sins, without squinting an eye, and no shame, and no remorse, no pain, and with a layer of contaminated food, aspirins, artificial hearts and limbs at the ready, to save another person from the discomforts of the stress, the haste, the conflicts the cures, the panaceas the hopes, held out to him, from most untrustworthy and unreliable cheat-mongers, decorated, diplomed and photographed, like Big Brother.

But the facts, are, according to the composite mappings, quite different of what a man learns, in the street, at home, at the uni-dis-universities and endless, repetition, fabrics of learning, and the world’s news, the latest fashions, the good life, the clean chimney of the crematoria, the health of a vacation, the price for a pension, or, a bit of rice, etc. I will elucidate. Talk of homo-faber; tool producing man; tooling, ever increased, worldwidely spread, evernew tools, to make life easier, faster, better, and grandiose techniques, man on the moon, space discoveries really boulverising very deeply rooted notions, however of late formation, tools to make work, faster, better, more integrated, man, tooling through millions of generations of mass products; mere commercial-shit, and abuse of resources, misdirecting the potentials to make the life of man have the basic tools for use for organic-living, instead of the rack the nerves debilic, high-tempo-high-speed-tooling titillating the superficialities, and man’s pride, in the progress made since the days, since, early centuries, last century, a hundred centuries ago etc. Comparing only the marginal, and indeed the also very complex comparisons, that so very much affect the life of man, affects his environment, which ever more requires less efforts, less responses, less challenge, increasing the danger of, over-specialization, the black-hole-syndrome.

There are other aspects in a wink of the eye, in the bird-flight idiom; pestilences, plagues, typhus, cholera, cancer, AIDS, and other similar afflictions, jungle diseases, dirt-conditions, poverty, ensuing camps decimating, eradicating, multi-millions of mankind over the ages, adding millions upon millions over the ages, as a result of other workings of nature also, like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, felt around the earth, fires, inundations, droughts, floods, heath and cold, took their toll; of course, all sorts, of some sorts, can be brought up, the so-called, unmistakable, benefits, strange as it may seem, from many other, near diabolical, processes, added on top of lists of nature’s ways of working, that eliminate, and kill; mankind, itself, adds all the time also processes of manmade, man-caused death-causing processes, added up over the ages, and still, you know, say there was NOACH seduced by his daughters, getting him drunk and willing, sowing in this way, mankind’s obliteration, and the children made it among themselves when they grew up, multiplying, well, may be, in some other places some living creatures stayed alive; flood stories appear in all races, past and present, if their early histories date back actually to that time or closely after. Man has here learned to suppress certain diseases, others come up, which, seemingly, never ever before had affected people; one should put these images together.

It shows, so clearly, this two-aspectedness, the contradictions, the blindness, possibly for the other end of the stick; blindness, and inability to DO, to change anything, still, in all lawful processes there are stopinders, intervals, where indeed change is possible, but then, this applies not to the course of events of mankind as a whole; mankind, victimized very early in life, by a series of shocks, is what it is. Call it victims, or, too passively involved, or not at all involved with the right things, and that IF there would be a nucleus of guiding-centers to bring man to Love, to See, to Bare the burden, of reconstructing, once and for all, in a TRUE sense, more and more I came to see, that such would have to cover changes, of certain kinds, in about a few billion earth-people, and well!

Nowadays, millions at any moment are in the air, flying in machines whose matter, energy and materials, where first in the earth; and in the earth, millions of miners, subway farers, etc., under the ground at any given time, asleep, as those on ground-level.

Sea lanes, ocean crossings, movements by boats and ships, in ancient times existed, and very extensively for sure, inland, with and against currents, pulled, rowed, blown, sail-ships, all that is nothing new; seafaring peoples and – ’the great pirates’ – were a very cosmopolitical folk, having bases, knowing the heavens, trading materials, and cultures in separate places had, often, common origins; millions of boats plough the oceans; men permanently orbit the earth, watching, sky watching, gathering of data, stations, earth-watching, not less for military purposes, than anything else, but, still scientific; man, would, so very much, as in very ancient times and days, want to know why he DOES NOT know really, understand, SEE, aware, reintegrate with the cosmos; yet all his watching, thinking, data, in a way, is outward, sense-based-materials, representing only, what is recognizable through the senses; and other realities need other means.

Such means are, nearly all-together completely, absent in all the ordinary and not-ordinary, life bundlings of man’s life; he has lost contact with these inner-realities, submerged, as Mu or Atlantis, lands full of wisdom, great refinement, and cosmic connections; yet; suppose, there are inner-being parts, of, the cosmically based universe, a most-holy sun ABSOLUTE, of tremendously refined energy-matter-will, outflowingly, and emanatingly, condensing into formations, passing on, passing up, and using itself, energies, into less and lesser refined condensations and localizations, of various orders and densities; man too, still finds a place in such a scheme of creation, man is placed, somewhere, in this huge apparatus.There have been times, in mankind’s history, which only can be touched again in more refined states of awareness; there is no doubt that man is a three-brained-being, living only in the most mechanical parts of each of his centers; there is more to this; possibly beyond, below, or within, the archetypes and mystical memories, etc., and produce of collective anamnesicised, and conscious and unconscious records, of the nervous-system and glandular-psychic, and consciousness systems, as is the case, in an already more, individualized, fate and destiny included, essence-configuration.

Phases, in which man enjoyed the temperate times and security of plenty; Nature, being the vast source of the survival, the seasons, the enormous, most peaceful, quantities of flying animals, enormous flights of birds, migratings, and earth-animals and fish, so plenty; man related to nature, to such an extent, as to have, in his system, still then, functioning, to a high-degree, the free and voluntary evolution of substances, towards possessing a finer-body, of enormous intensity, vision, purity, and integratedness with the cosmic-origins within mankind, nature, and organic life, and the finer, possible, growths of man, which, then, in turn would bring about, just, such mutual relations, in every respect, as at present and ever since the modern-times-startings, and transitions, are hardly known anymore.

Scanning the maps, the landscapes, the ways of living of mankind, the awakenings, which, inevitably, took place, into fabrics of consciousness’ beyond all then not having existed, in any tangible realm, in most probability not anymore accessible to us, in this twentieth century as the traces have disappeared, and so inaccessible, to the, refined, carbon datings, and microscopic study, this is! Impossible that way.

The absolute certainty of his own death, must be an important factor. It still is, and it remained so, ever since, and death inasmuch as life, had and has a most perturbing presence, in the juxtapositionings.

Nearly all the modern-age religions, bordering on complete inadequacy, and completely superstitious hairsplittings, doctrines, beliefs, moralities, especially in the way they became handed down, in time, in history, in man’s position, in which he finds himself, twentieth century, the world in the grip of an apocalyptic-fishyness, a world-explaining which hardly anymore at all is in need of just such religion’s incalsitrant, stubborn matters as, immaculate conception and to test-tube stuff, and the Jews having sold Jesus to the Romans, at least the Jews refused the Christian Holy Writ-schnit-god-knows-what and consequently, are an evil brood to be ruthlessly persecuted and enclosed; by the church’s mediations with Higher Hand. Is there any doubt, that these religions, in part inherited from even older-older times, than the Jewish-recordings, which continue to be known as the Old Testament, reflect still the nature, of, by then, orally transmittable, as had happened for centuries, memories and facts, not belonging exclusively to the children of ABRAHAM; and that mister Buddha, who saw these three phenomena, the old, the sick, and the dying, which I saw too even as a very young child and was equally deeply moved by it, and still.

Endless squabbles did beset the Holy examples and teachings; Jesus died a common-criminals death (it is known, that Jesus survived the crucifixion, however); thousands were hanged by the Romans; Buddha got food-poisoning; LAO TSU disappeared altogether, etc; them guys, and other, very enlightened, boys’s teachings don’t apply anymore; their, and other, appeals to mankind, were fast becoming parts of the mankind’s jig-saw-puzzle-like-system of Cheating.

The Cheat entered the modern world and was hardily embraced; the wide-spread, vast, majority of men were away from the metropolis, away from the ruling cliques, power games, and the bestialities that come with wealth and man-made-responsibilities as if; but the cheat was endorsed, and entered all the way; through the ages, various, similar, cheating systems, self-deception, self-deceit, self-love, self-centeredness, egoisms, living on levels lower than legitimate to man, brought it into the wide, vast influencing-factors, and modern-media, advertising, journalism, arts, government and into all the various conflicting idealistical and political systems, of any kind and inevitably into the vast educational-jungle.

The New-world was lived in, for very many centuries, previous to the arrival of the robbers and murderers, the conquistadores, the inquisition-times criminalities; and sometime after the ’americas’ had become transformed into ownership of the Western-world, which was not satisfied till it had dominated most of the globe, by coercive means of course. Western-power collapsed considerably after european exhaustions and bankruptcy, after that First and Second world-war.

Russia went through some pains as well; that community, was ruled, by ruling cliques for long, the innocent, ruled by greed as their rulers, the rotten remains, as all over the globe, of all sorts of aristocracies, deeply steeped in cheating their subordinates down the hierarchic scale into abject slavery, poverty, religious controls, etc.; then, came another clique of rulers, ruthlessly curbing all religious freedoms, ruthlessly murdering millions, moving millions, as it had happened before over the centuries; with fine hard drinks that country is not yet out of a stupor and the abjection that reigned that community for a long long time, a community, now stretching from the Far East till deeply into Europe, their western-border being next to the famous champs-Elysees and Piccadilly-circus, as well as the Tokyo Exchange-market, on the eastern-front.

That community Russia, consolidating their empire, by invading, then here, and then there, pushing their, self-centered, system in diametrically opposed direction than their opponents, the rest of the world, not yet bending and embracing their doctrines, elaborated by a few, very doctrinaires, and revolutionaries using that material, so, that those extremist then saddled the Russian donkeys and drove it, drove it, to stop at last the Nazi-hordes; KURSK was most decisive, the real turn of the war on the ost front; the cruel, bestial, mad, nazi-dogs got stuck there with their latest army materials build by the Speer-gang, KRUPP and other now, Nato-firms.

Now, after all that, getting all the way to the bunker, where that most-evil-hassnamus, Hitler, that grand-gangster-ignorant-rabble-shitdreck, hopefully, indeed ended his vegetarian, most-mad-existence, so much wished for, and prayed for, by, not only the millions, inhumanly, killed at his orders, in the course of all these separate events, of which I keep many more maps, so much coloring the subsequent events, governing the time in which I became aware and reached my first seven years.

So, as I said, just before, after all that too, those Russians, neither European nor Asiatics, very most ludicrously concerned with power, name, nation, and the army have that kind of despicable regime, of bureaucrazy-covered-authoritarian-despotic-sort of ego-trip-like old drags of the Party, having a finger, a lot of fingers, in a lot of pies; space, parapsychology, technology, spying, army in the air, sea and ground, posted all over the globe; there wasn’t a potato in Russia, for years, nothing almost; the party-army got its hands, in every way in every corner, in the meantime exporting a bit of Bolshoi-ballet and so; they see these capitalist ’idiots’ as crazy, and are sure to overcome them sooner or later – those capitalists – changing governments every couple of years, with quite criminal types at the top-leadership, of course; with their dissenters and party-struggles, between Mr. X and Mr. Y, representatives of two parties, each differing a little from the other over issues of how much money will be printed, where the good deals go, among themselves, etc. etc.; but, both the power blocks compete for influence, to sell their weapons, propaganda, and all the rest, spare parts, machinery, footholds, and serves only to even more so make return impossible to the times that man used a sling only, or a heated discussion.

No idealizations and no great respect for such policies, as these, aimed at increasing abuses, on all levels, the sort of experiments and goals, staggering, and incomprehensible to a truly, objectively impartial, witness; we all know, it will lead nowhere to peace, but to further outright confrontations and conflicts, and a complete lack of reconciling force.

First the first, and then this so-called, second world-war, which, indeed, involved all continents; except for TIBET perhaps, although even missions were flown over that territory; caused enormous destruction; the more destroyed, the more a new start was made; new power blocks were hewn; Europe divided; had it ever been united? anyway, the-west collapsed; in that vacuum then, tens of their dominions, sensing the weakness, threw off the lingering rule and opted for their own. This was another significant transition China, the rising sun land, locked in, freed itself from immediate foreign occupation, losing so much of their empire’s frontiers, which had reached far and wide at times in history; they were led, by powerful rulers over the many ages, a defined society, integrated and integrating a tremendous amount of industrious labor and growing population, one of the most ancient of the human-races as we know mankind; a rare exotic place; entering and leaving the second world-war behind, entrenched anew, now in the Marxist system; from all the great practical, mystical, mysterious, also Buddhist, even Christian wisdom present in their whole structure, the Chinese cultural-pattern, they chose the stuff of that converted jew Marx, also, as their lead-drum-theoretically twisted-misconception, yet truth, about the exploitation of the weak by the strong in human-society; it is a vicious and vicious circle, when the weak become strong, they kick out the strong, and in time in turn they get kicked out somehow, by the weak who wanted to hold the reins for a while; Chinese feudalisms ended, and also parts of their own, primary, wisdoms somehow.

I bend my head; hundreds of millions of human-beings we talk about and double and double that number, that died through the wars that raged the east, the west, incessantly, and most of all in this entering and proceeding on the course, the coarse course of the twentieth century; but progress we make; one forgets, it seems, at times, how many are indebted to the other half of the population, and another half of mankind on the brink of, not more, than the least elementary sub-level-subsistence. I don’t mean that there shouldn’t be people with such wealth as to exceed by the amount of money proportionate to exceeding their needs; it’s not even nice to watch this dying of millions on T.V., and I don’t think that people enjoy it as much as the Nazi’s, Japs, and the Rus, and others did, making experiments, with humans, preferably not their own folks, freezing them, boiling them, working them to death, dissecting them, shooting them, gassing them, beheading them, starving them, sterilizing them, etc. etc., packed into the following up on this propaganda of, enormous, progress, in science of course again, blissful science; which also discovered the drugs of which millions die as well; prosthesis-building developed and some other parts of medical science as well; altogether, we’re moving, towards a perfection which could be called – hell.

There are, in my possession, precise maps of that territory; the worst of which can be called the best of the worst; while moving along, faced with so many problems, so many guns, such abnormalities, and sufferings, so many banks, so much waste; obsolescence, obsolete crap, exhaustion of the earth, changing climates, depletion of very important, for the biosphere, forms of life and matters of the earth; among which the enormous use, mechanical use, of electricity, and the manifold other, increasing, radiations, of all the, blissful, scientific experiments, carried out around the planet, around clock, depleting, more and more, just such visible and invisible, yet life forms, as regulate the blood-streams of organic life.

In the various layers, surrounding the earth, upwardly, towards the overlapping areas, where, interplanetary, energies inter-penetrate; the lives of these various layers, stabilizing, protecting, feeding, filtering, transforming, retaining, breathing, attracting, repulsing, blending and other such most essential processes are, seriously, interfered with, to the extend of possibly causing some chain-reactings, causing, serious, upset in this whole, planetary constellation of the sun and its attendants and dependents and transformers.

There is the, stellar, cosmic backdrop; planets are rare-beings, in the whole of the universe; very particular locations; adaptations; our planet too is a most, most, remarkable one; with a most; remarkable history as well as present; the planets of this solar system as they are, are remarkable too, as well as the life of the sun, also feeding, suffering with an intense remorse. This same sun many many generations ago, and still, emanating all that is essential and indispensable to nature, in its unique functioning, transformings, fulfilling its role, in the cosmic areas.

Warfare, always, had economical affiliations; the trade-wars exist still, as it did, albeit more and more complex, thrilling and dangerous, than ever before. All present-day economies are geared to the military on the one hand, and useless trash, mass-production on the other; progress; like a Robotomized freak, but, still with the atavistic bonds, the violence, greed, jealousies and the killer-tendency. So, the twentieth century ushered that shit in. Violence, wars, wall-street, joblessness, in increased measure a trend to continue, embargo’s, new independent states, religious fanaticisms, totally absurd prices for basic foods, shelter and locomotion; and lack of inner-freedom, by all the brands of, compulsive neurotic, trends, beliefs, convictions, and education, based on the, totally, over-estimated nullities-being modern man has; a far cry from a being with Real Perceptions, L and Will.

What an enormous illusion; – money; the gold price, the stockbroker, the commodities, the trading blocks, the favored and the non favored; the prices of goods and foods, housing, dress and necessities and all those maintenances, all that huge effort of a multi-million cars, trains, planes, trams, busses, boats, tankers, submarines, satellites, to create life forms imminently destructive by all accounts It is the economics of war, of manipulation, of encroaching on resources, for no real returns; still each idiot wants to have his Own wife, and the one of others as well, his own books, radio, telex, telephone, television, video, car, house, special cravats, interior decoration, his own cat, dog, horse, yacht, etc. etc. etc., bank account, Master-key-card-credit-system etc. etc., and dreams of power, everlasting satisfaction, and just more cunningness than his neighbor, who’s putting on the same, outwardly polite, educated, flop of an impression and well-mannered especially. . .

Economy; the uyghars and the mongol hordes; the moslem conquistadores, the European lords and more and more hordes of warring, ravaging mobs, organized and disorganized, the growing and also marching, conquering armies of Stalin, Franco, Mussolini, Mao and Hitler, Hirohito, the American Canadian freedom fighters and the allies, the Korean war, Vietnam, Hungaria, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, South Africa, and the South-American struggles, the mid-East north-Africa, Cambodia, India-Pakistan-wars, Bangladesh, Ceylon, the Arab-conflicts, Israel’s wars for survival, and all these ancient wars, in Sumer, Babylonia, Egypt, Assyrians, Turks; and in the New World, then seemingly isolated, wars raged, and vikings, mongols, vandals, goths, sciths, romans, brits, francs, huns, TARTARS, wars. Economics were, and still are, related; one cannot sit on two chairs at the same time; man has been sucked by the war-efforts and the peace-efforts most of all by such war-machinations more than anything else; some king would hire some soldiers; some ruler got his folk on horse, out, and up to other lands, burning and murdering all that posed potential threat; great, in quotation marks, leaders, led their people to stand up to the enemy; borders, being mere agreements of temporary nature, and natural borders, since long, can be overcome at ease, any season, super-inter continental-rockets of devastating, destructive, power are already well advanced, the push the button sort of things, guided, lasered, nuclear-fuelled, needed only once a time.

In all this, and out of so many fragments, it becomes possible to feel the need for an-ordering principle - by which, and through which, to obtain, proportionately to the efforts made, the benefits intended to arise in the Being of some-one; all the facts are here, are there, are accessible and available; one should realize that all the rising generations, in a few decennia roughly, are where you were, and they have and are, by no means all, to, even to a small extent able to establish their normalcy, in a world full of such, horrendous, abnormalities, posing serious problems, well recognized, but more by the, already adulted children, with full-Blown problematics; not from, son wants to fock mother and he has to get rid of pappi; or all those suppressed, homo aspiring, sexual urges; or repressed trauma’s of the collective unconscious, psychiatric-therapeutic-wisdoms, but yes, the completely, abnormally established conditions for ordinary-being-existence.

There was, and is, in the civilized worlds of planet earth, a greater problem, actually at present also, than ever in the past, a real big, great, problem; it has been alongside and one is aware of it; the man-woman relations and the children-question; get rid of the kids, abort, but make it first; make them in the test-tube; first the idea was to save life, then it went also the inevitable opposite way; we want peace – we make an atom bomb; worse become homo, become impotent, pervert, masturbate, whorehouse, be lesbian, be celibate; sex, was and is a vast problem; the one, of the most very, most, basics of human-essence, is in danger; and the kids are too, if they yes make it, finally, into life; as birth is a remarkable experience, one of the most exact engineering of the organic-sector of life. When one figures mankind, at any given time of mankind’s history, this evidently was a well-understood evidence, in that particular sense, man’s multiplicationings.

Man may have mutated, even possibly, by certain interventions, not originating in mankind itself; but this more in terms of influx of certain matters, mutationing energies, the refined produce, flowing in, from ABOVE; this meaning that such matters can be evolved in the structure of mankind, from then onwards.The finding the means and actions, the internalizings and realizing, the cosmic-reintegration must have been just such an, in that sense, supra-religious phenomena, also, adapting itself to the particular existing external conditions of the life of man; any society, anytime, consists of the young, the adults, the old, more or less, grand parents, parents, children, and other members of such a chain of families whose origins go back so far as to go lost into the wider context of the human family. Again, introductorily, still, this....

’Something’ happened, in this, basic, human structure, which, at times, can have numbered just tens, or a mere hundred, of such creatures we recognize as humans, from among all other creatures, just as they can recognize each others linkedness. Obviously, even in the most, favorable, lasting and during conditions of all factors, benefiting man’s off-shoots, then even, to reach the numbers surviving nowadays in several thousands of years; incidentally, existing calendars of surviving peoples go back, as if back to Creation-time, a mere five or six thousand years; also they spread out, settled in, in certain regions, multiplied, moved outwards, along shores, estuaries; and so on; yet several thousands of years must-have passed for man to reach those gates, of earliest, recorded, history, as we know this to have existed, nowadays, from various, parallel, existing centers of outward radiating activities, of, clearly, recognizable, different racial stocks of mankind.

Pockets of man here, and there; shifted continents, submerged continents, risen continents, changing lengths of years, addition of planets into this corner’s existence of the sun-family; influxes, irradiations, moving polar regions; even if the, average, climate’s temperatures rise by a few degrees, and so does the opposite, tremendous consequences for modern mankind ensue, as it did, even in historical times; still pockets of mankind, clusters of survivors and progenitors of, nowadays, mankind were laboring.

No doubt, in such widely, inter-connected, well-woven and integrated, in terms of needs, groupings and communities, then here, then there, accidentally, or by intent, the progress-discoveries, on which a great deal of modern life is based; also psychic functioning’s were discovered; the wholeness-integrated-consciousness; this, for sure, was done by certain individuals, and that such individuals as well as a very great number of such certain communities’-members, who reached such high ages as doesn’t exist any more on this planet, not even with the famous Bulgarian yoghurt and the aslan-cure and the monkey-gland, or freezing.

All earliest people’s memories are about an ancient time, not a recent one, then; the days after the creation had settled in; darkness receded, the waters abated, the earth and heaven were, again, separated; man wasn’t just dropped from Heaven somehow, wasn’t it? Emergent life forms, were part of the ’in-time’ process, of the; out-of-human-time-dimensions; timeless, or eternal, creation proceedings, regulated by those two chief-laws of all creation ‘World-Creation and WorId-Maintenance’. Such laws were known, times again and again, in, even the most remote, history known; and of which then also extensive indications exist, as the Real World, is alive, with the evolution of the I-Am.

This knowledge, entering the modern times, and early man of the modern era, the old Dravidics, Chaldeans, old kingdom-Egypt, the south American-Middle and North-American peoples, and among those and other related peoples, each man partook of the cultures in which embodiments and corresponding laws for the commune were regulated, and contributed; no masters and slaves; guidance came from the inner-circle, men among men, of rare ingenuity and inspiration, tremendous vision and knowledge, self-mastery and were so, in a particular sense, more than Man. Councils were held, and the psychic and physical life of man regulated corresponding to the ultimate decision-making body thereof.

Wide-ranging, applications, in the use, and directing, of the forces of nature were established; man, as man, was known, and his psycho-spiritual-nature, the finer, integrated, apparatuses of consciousness, the development of which was considered a most high achievement and preliminary to the completing cosmic-reintegration processes; during such cycles, the maleficent effects, of certain planetary influences, were neutralized, and mankind belonging to just-such-communes, were free from the passions which originated on lower levels of living, where BEING-DUTIES had been overlaid, by all such other duties so-called, serving no higher aim than the mere serving nature-purpose, or rather, disserving such purpose..

The earth was in formation, and still is, and mankind was forming itself; even during those, certainly, very distant, periods, of formation, very advanced cultures encountered their backward uncle’s and nephew’s children and imported the results and benefits, of their own, very meticulously organized and established communes, knowledge and techniques; no forceful means were evident, in any way, and, as cosmic laws were understood, so they were applied to the life of man, who did develop this third force, or reconciling-force, one of the three holy forces of which all three were fully explored and incorporated.

What is important here to notice, as the maps clearly indicate, it seems that in such times mostly, the consequences of the organ Kundabuffer, once implanted and later removed, and having become a predisposition, entering by way of organic-hereditary fusioning, a sin passing on; were overcome to such an extend that even laws protecting the rights of man were evident, as well as the obligational, direct and indirect self-perfectioning-facuities, instilled and incorporated into the whole life of the whole of society, with outposts on other continents, maintaining close and perfect relations, in reciprocal recognition.

The sacredness, and sanctity, of life were fully recognized, incorporated, emulated and embodied, in the ARTS, sciences of true formation, and in architecture, crafts, medicine, engineering and the ceremonials for enhancing and directing the third force aspects of human life.

All this must have been seriously disrupted, halted, destroyed and to a very high degree lost; the transapalnian perturbations; ages in chaos; survival, of fragments did eventuate new beginnings. Human, animal, sacrifices were made, to appease the gods; gods came about; legendary BEINGS; creation and destruction, not by the hand of man; memories did persist; no, total, reconstruction of previous attainments was possible; in the new realities, new orders of the, and for the, organization of man appeared; new ruthless ways of exploiting the populations turned up. In every way, exploration of evidence, of the previously most highly advanced human-grouping were extrapolated, made use of by the, then new, groupings, who found themselves back in very changed conditions and situations. A priest class arose, who, quite soon, in the absence of true, objective, authority, turned towards the usurping of divine investment; kings were installed and educated by them, ruthless rulers at times, and quite cunningly and connivingly, made authority, power and richness, a hereditary question, at times eliminating and curbing the power and influence of their allies. Life was back, fully, under the swing of the pendulum, the law of opposites and abandonment of high aims, which once constituted the central-core-nucleus of man and liberation of the limitations and imperfections of physical existence; legends, lore, and myths, embodied the high, emotional, perfecting possible, its uses and purposes.

Moving along; Mohenjo-Daro, Troje, Balkh, Babylon, Memphis, Baalbek, Jericho, Jerusalem, Karnak, and Anaragapura, Lexington, Texaco, and Tiahuanaco, the vast stretch of land from what nowadays is called Polar-land, Siberia, western-Tibet, western-China, north-Afghanistan, eastern and southern parts of, nowadays, Soviet-states, northern-Iran, and all the lands surrounding were habited by members of groupings of the, newly, dispersed and surviving remnants of previous highly-civilized cultures. The twentieth century, the nineteenth, eighteenth, seventeenth, sixteenth, fifteenth, all these time-tables, form an, for an objective observer, open epoch of continual, and continuing further, ramification and diversion of the main groupings of mankind, during which, the rights of man and justice have already become an accursed image, morality a stick with two ends, and the objective purpose of life, a, mere, theoretical question.

Wars and psychopathy, hysteria, neuroses, disturbedness, exhaustions, diseases, degerations, despondencies, despair, enormous mechanical suffering, disruption, distress, madness, deterioration; wars, man has had so many, and so sickening has it become, to know, that such an evil-eventing-recurrence-repetition has the worst, long term, irreparable consequences and ramifications, despite the, relative, ease with which the process of whole-scale murder is performed also nowadays; indoctrination of the rising generations is thorough and very cunning. Recurrences are exploited; and modern mankind lives in the, continually, exited sphere of man-made, self-made, devastations. Despite so many devices, machines, and re-organizations of life, and discoveries for the improvement and betterment of the quality of life, brotherhood, equalities, and equal distributions, no comprehensive understanding has been or seems never ever to have been evolved lately. And, in these, very permanent, conditions, very crucial, long-lasting, patterns of the cheat, in which man lives, breeds and turns round and round, in circles, and spirals, shortening the let-ups, and increasing the risques of self destruction; despite the blindness, of the terrified, stupefied and stupendous self-centered gogamagogs, still, sounds and messages enter, from another reality, more becoming to mankind.

I shall, next, select a number of mappings, not less interesting than the ones just screened, in the hope to focus your attention a little away from the T.V. wisdoms, of which, nowadays, generations are so filled, to above their ears.

I shall, by way, of a further deliberate, and intentional, dialogue, with you, dear reader, continue this superimposing, of various interrelated and overlapping, interdependent phenomena and events, in those cosmically, universally based, and planetary-related mappings, indeed, in the hope to drive your attention out of those – many egypts – in the hope to meet with this firm decision of yours, from NOW on to prepare for the – escape – from all the, various, slaveries and complexes, also of the worst kinds, you should, normally speaking, already have noticed in all corners of life, as well as, in your own not yet fully emerged total dedication towards and for, these-real-attainments.

That all be well to the reader! !

February/March 1987 Corrected October/December 1987