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taken from: How to Get Out

So let's say we're 'out' now - however temporarily. Out from our usual round of worries and considerations. We wish to collect ourselves, collect our energies and attention from this wonderful and relaxed place of good conscience, in order to ponder our next moves, our possible choices - not from fear, god forbid, as that would be our first indication that we have slipped back into that 'normal' place within us, that place of inevitable confusion. We shall ponder from that unfearful place of good conscience - the place that starts with no past and no future and only afterwards deals with the 'time imagination' from an other or 'out' vantage point.

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taken from: How to Get Out

Good conscience IS feeling good now. Without good conscience we do not, repeat not, feel good now and as a result our minds go swirling and struggling or scheming in an effort to somehow adjust the future, that which is 'coming up', so that there one might feel good - it's a no-go! Good conscience and good feeling can only be now - tomorrow never comes! When tomorrow comes it is already today and good conscience and good feeling can only come today - for good conscience and good feeling tomorrow never comes!

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taken from: How to Get Out

Good conscience requires a great deal of patience - for the most part a forgotten fact! Good conscience - an emotional state/posture rooted and defined in sayings such as 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you', is an essential posture for the balance and intelligence of the entire human organism - more than a merely socially agreeable dynamic! Herein lies one of the most tragic misunderstandings in these superficially grasped notions of the major Religions and Teachings.

'Good Conscience' is a means of balance, a posture for learning the real facts and the real truth of the human condition. A truly non-greedy and compassionate posture allows for the growth of understanding leading to a conservation of energy, energy needed for the transformation of faculties and functions in a person to the level of peace, strength and truly individual volition. The absence of a 'good conscience' results in activities that are basically manipulations resulting in knots and distortions in our minds, emotions and bodies, dis-ease of one kind or another, with one or another degree of intensity at one or another time. Good conscience is a vibration of very specific and emotional intensity. It is the 'hook'that can eventually establish the 'stay' in the 'how to get out and stay out'!
We have everything we need -  we were born with it!

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Real Conscience can only survive 
within a particular vibrational range  unique 
in its intensity and identifiable by its Absolute 
difference from even our most pleasurable habit 
or self-congratulatory-virtue.

Real Conscience is truly and totally OTHER , 
unmistakable and unquestionable in its clarity 
and immediacy.

IT can also be identified by the FORCE 
sustaining it  a very specific result of the 
transformed energy of air from our very last 
awared BREATH !

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taken from: End of Days

In deep moments of Real Conscience we are painfully aware of the pathetic weaknesses of our usual motivations, and suffer within the lie that denies the humiliation.

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taken from: Wasting God's Time

The state or condition of sensitivity that an individual must be in in order to hear the sound of God’s clock is what has been called in the English language CONSCIENCE.................
Rightly and accurately has ‘CONSCIENCE’ been identified as:

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“Conscience is conflict free.” So, if you’re in conflict about something, there’s one thing you can be sure of - you’re not ‘in’ conscience! That could be a very shocking realization for a serious person. Because if you’re not in conscience - then what exactly is motivating you?

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