Your explanations about yourself are within your explanation of everything. It’s all of the 
past  an illusion, a picture, in fact an 
elaborated guess. 
To know it, is to STOP it.
Must sacrifice ALL your suffering.
Your usual so called individuality is HABIT, collected over time. Each ‘division’ from the One Consciousness / Creator wants to call itself ‘I’. That’s where the trouble begins!
Generally speaking, people are hardly anything more than packages of individual explanations. 
All words, thoughts, conceptions, are subjectively conceived, all from the now dead past and as such for the most part violent, contradiction prone.   
Life / love is not an explanation, description 
or comparison. 
The ‘notion’ of  teacher is also a 
conceptual construct and consequently  
an unacceptable frame of reference, limited 
and fixed by some sort of explanation, which axiomatically ‘can never go through the door’.  
School yes, ‘teacher’ no.
* * * 
the light at the end of the tunnel 
‘They’ say that a man with a Work aim
must learn to like what he dislikes
and dislike what he likes.
Why pray tell?
For instance, no one else thinks about things as you do other than perhaps on random issues, and even there no one is ever quite sure. Inevitably what you LIKE most, is your OWN THINKING.
You can only imagine yourself to be a ‘somebody’ when you compare yourself to others  those that are thought of as being more or less smart, 
tall, rich, knowledgeable, talented, loving, strong etc. Your biggest DISLIKE is appearing deficient, a ‘nobody’. 
That is why what you LIKE most is your own thinking, whereby and only whereby you can maintain a picture of being a ‘somebody’.
So you go on attempting to ‘love’ your imaginary-self . . . continually ‘thinking it up’ 
to be a ‘real somebody’.
Without constant thinking, you are NOBODY, 
* * * 
You KNOW that you DON'T KNOW. 
There is not one thought that passes through you that you cannot but put a question mark beside.
That is the TRUTH of the matter, yet you continue to talk and act as if you were ‘sure of something’  
as if you KNOW!
So, you exist in a LIE, and maintain an ‘identity’ 
in the midst of that nothingness.
* * *
(or, its got nothing
to do with ‘me’)
Now in the world 
and now, ‘within’.
Both these perspectives in constant change.
So where and what is the value of the individual ?
What is ‘individual’ within all these shifting inner and outer realities? Everything is interconnected and inevitably striving,
consciously or otherwise, to relate in harmony with the Most High  at the core of it all.
The Most High rings ITS satisfaction within humans at a level and tone best identified by the term Conscience.
But how can a ‘sense of conscience’ not be something conceived of subjectively, merely influenced by some
minor comfort or the mechanical tendencies of pride and vanity?   
In truth, Real Conscience can only survive 
within a particular vibrational range  unique 
in its intensity and identifiable by its Absolute difference from even our most pleasurable habit or self-congratulatory-virtue.
Real Conscience is truly and totally OTHER , 
unmistakable and unquestionable in its clarity 
and immediacy.
IT can also be identified by the FORCE 
sustaining it  a very specific result of the 
transformed energy of air from our very last awared BREATH !
Until such intensity is attained Work is
nothing more than the undoing of all and 
any restrictions, blocks or contradictions that obstruct the conscious intake of this breath  
God’s freely available, blessed, second food. 
* * *
There are many types of human suffering  
each vibrating into the atmosphere a specific 
energy that can be produced on earth only by humans. Thus, people serve a very real need of 
the Higher  willingly or not. 
Shepherds do not care for their flock
for the sole benefit of the sheep. 
Humans, miraculously sustained from Above,
are not on earth merely for their own pleasure. 
Human greed, jealousy, insult, anger, covetousness, etc., in fact all negative emotions,
are in themselves unique vibrational particularities, and constitute FOOD for Higher-Being-Realities.
An individual can however ‘serve-up’ this suffering, and as such reap a ‘personal’ benefit. 
Through Conscious Payment, in ‘sacrificing ones suffering’, rests the possibility of moving up the ladder of
Universal Intelligence, thereby serving an agenda of growth, the same time as paying ones predestined obligation to the Higher.
There exists special knowledge, schools, evolved souls embodied or otherwise, that may assist this
ascent for those rare few who demonstrate sufficient interest, capacity and effort.
Seek and ye shall find  if you’re lucky.