Worst Case Scenario


‘Worst Case Scenario’ – now, that’s exactly the issue that I wish to touch. It has already been considered from a wide variety of angles – starting way back when. Today, August 17th 2008, a number of things came together. Maybe I can say something clear enough to be understood by people with whom I grew-up – a social stratum that can be described within certain parameters that are not necessary limitations but definitely contains certain ‘colorings’ specific to a particular sub-culture – a certain ‘class of Jews’.
So we have a sub-culture within the greater Western Culture: successful, upper-middle class, educated, integrated (relatively speaking) and financially more or less secure. One has to say more or less because regardless of their material position, including that of the very wealthy, feelings of security are always a rather nebulous matter – whatever one has, one might lose in any number of ways. But here I’m talking about those in a financial position that would for example be unlikely to require government assistance in the event of sickness or old age, in normal circumstances.
‘NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES’ – that’s the critical issue I wish to touch. Society has now reached a point where anything that might have been considered normal is coming under serious doubt if not already totally discredited.
The direction that society has been going in for considerable time is quite understood by certain pockets of informed people. But it has now reached such a level of intensity if not clarity with all the frightful information being fed into the public domain, that there is hardly anything that can now be said that is not somehow already known by most people, or at least deeply felt.
The ‘social grouping’ from where I came and am now addressing consider themselves to be more than ‘practical’ and are not at all particularly sentimental. They were successful in life terms for the most part, leaving aside for the moment the continual if not always conscious background vibration of fear.
Such a reality can not be thought about so much as things are getting evermore complex and the fear is really so deep. Everyone is constantly being fed with a whole variety of gory possibilities – financial collapse, dirty bombs, natural catastrophe – as well as their own inevitable slip slip slipping towards the grave. Most are hoping that they just won’t ‘lose it’. The fear of... what do they now call it... ‘dementia’? We didn’t hear that word so much in the old days. Now everywhere you turn someone is suffering from dementia and/or cancer – hardly worth mentioning anymore. I’ve heard some of the financially well-fixed say: ‘We’re very privileged.’ Oh yes! There, no one is privileged.
Well we don’t want to get too excited or emotional about our various states of satisfaction or fear that are so obviously and so quickly interchangeable. But within this category of humanity that I am addressing and which I know so well – what is markedly missing is a sense of VALUE other than fame or fortune, or their as if pre-ordained ‘moral superiority’.
This issue of Value is what religions and real teachings attempt to address – Humans, as self-developing beings, with this whole life being as but ONE day in the life of their soul. What an amazingly disregarded reality THAT is. But in this world so full of clever, accumulating, posturing and pretentious people, these kinds of thoughts tend to appear romantic, not at all ‘practical’. 
Should we get into that now? 
Humans, in potential, are infinitely more significant than even their finest imagination of themselves can conceive. It is precisely their ‘imaginings’ that restricts them, eats their energy and keeps them from intuiting, learning, knowing and understanding the larger, and incredibly more significant REALITY. 
This effort up to now feels like an attempt to sell ice to the Eskimos. 
‘EVERYTHING’S FINE’ – is the generally accepted storyline that well-heeled folks sell themselves on, literally. And it’s not just the fact that everything is NOT so fine, which everybody knows – it’s the essential and deep issue of just what is being missed, here in this life, and last but not least, beyond it! 
Now, what can be cognized simply within the facts that we already know, that could contribute to a move relative to the impending scenario in store for all of us well-cushioned and satisfied, as if men, of our times?
What is so very very incredible, in particular with those of my Jewish friends that are intelligent, well informed, educated and in certain cases considerably wealthy, is how they attempt to protect themselves. What have they really learnt from that very rough and complex history of the Jews? 
Western society is in itself a sub-culture on the world stage. One billion plus in China, a billion plus in India, the masses in Africa, South America and elsewhere. Humankind is obviously not living at the ‘heights’ of our western society. In China during the Olympics you might have thought you were witnessing some kind of science fiction – the advancement of it all. But that ‘advancement’ might be affecting a few hundred millions. The masses are for sure not running around in Hondas. 
All of this is but a warm up for what I’m driving at. But I can already hear people saying: ‘Ah, what do you expect, what do you want?’ I don’t want anything, other than the psychological survival of my old-world, good-willed friends with whom I grew up. Yes, good-willed people, basically.
Okay, that is a tough one. I remember my mother responding to my young sister when she would comment on one of her girlfriends, saying: ‘She’s a good girl.’ My mother would reply: ‘Yes, she doesn’t beat her mother!’ Now, with the friends that I knew, with all their ‘good-will’ – did it go much further than not beating their mother, or opening-a-mouth on their father?
Jews of good-will... oh my goodness... how much could be said. But I want to stick to the subject at hand, which is:
Let’s take a closer look at some of those intelligent and well positioned people. Money they know well. A few bank accounts here and there – not all your eggs in one basket. Never mind not one basket, ten baskets – and one still wonders, wanders. In the ‘best’ of cases off-shore bank accounts – Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the Bahamas. Clever people, tax avoidance, oh ho. And of course all with the help of our lovely lawmakers and lawyers... that are certainly not working in the interests of the ‘general population’... that’s nonsense... everybody knows that everyone is in it for themselves. 
And this IS the world we’ve ENDED off with.
What, you a Commie, some kind of radical-lefty? No, no, no, that’s not at all the point. But a sad fact is never-the-less a fact, no? So let’s get on with it. Off shore banking, bonds, property... we’ll go through it... real estate, houses, maybe some commercial buildings, diversified stocks. What else? The Investment Bankers will tell you. Commodities, Oil maybe. 
I have an interesting background around the issue of Commodities. They chose a god-father for me, a relative, who had made millions upon millions, in today’s terms billions, on the Chicago Commodities Exchange. Rumor had it that he owned a quarter of all the property in Ottawa. A. – they made him my ‘god’-father. I think just maybe in the hope he would leave me something. He didn’t. I found it all very interesting. Like being brought to him as a young child on my birthdays to his large stone home in Ottawa, and he slipping me a few bills. He knew why they brought me. A story in itself.
People count their friends and family like they count their cash reserves – preparation for a rainy day. It’s full of fear and totally taken for granted. Here again I have to stop myself. People maybe seeing a little bit of this in themselves might get angry... I don’t know what they’ll think... want to answer back, something. ‘What does he expect?’ Are they being criticized? No, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, it’s inevitable. There are a lot of things inevitable in the absence of real, very definite Knowledge. 
In this information-age of ours the naked truth can clearly be seen – unless one has become a pathological liar, which sometimes happens without a person fully realizing it, calling it, I don’t know... ‘the best defense is an offence?’ But that simply doesn’t work. Do people really want to fool themselves? Again no – and that’s what I’m counting on and who I’m talking to – those who the LAST thing in the world that they would want to do, is to fool themselves.
Now listen to this one. The most shocking, horrible, truthful, god-knows-what thing that I ever heard in my life. A newspaper here in Israel, a month or so ago, in an interview with a big-shot media-man, one time executive, maybe editor. It turns out that this gentleman as a child was shipped off to Auschwitz. 
Two amazing stories. One, as everyone has probably seen in the documentaries, how they stuffed Jews into cattle cars, with no water and a whole lot of other objectionables. He gave a graphic description of what went on in his cattle car... enough to make you... I mean... if you saw... wow... crawling over each other... in the filth... horrible, horrible what was going on in there. 
Then, in Auschwitz. And, this is the part that I felt was the most horrible thing I’d ever heard – in the deepest sense. In this Death Camp, he witnesses a Nazi guard saying to some Jews:  
‘You calculated and calculated and calculated – but you miscalculated .’ 
Something in me went... oh my God! 
Oh my God... and those successful people from the society I came from? They remember well and without choice that Jews have had a most rocky and unpredictable ride throughout history – a minority restricted, killed, abused in so many ways, in many countries. So they TOO learnt to calculate – surviving, as if. They sure did learn to calculate, some of the ones I know, oh ho! 
Oh, poor souls... can we face the current situation? We’re on the edge of incredible change, coming at us fast. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you what is being forecast in serious circles both within and without of what you would consider usual life sources. Pointing out for instance that a great shift is taking place, that will ‘conclude’ in 2012 – a key date in the Mayan Calendar. Between now and 2012 there will be more change – now dig this one – more change than the world has experienced in the past 26,000 years!
Such an immense shift must be in CONSCIOUSNESS – not merely some super hi-tec space-toys, or even some awesome event of nature, or war.
Someone could hear this, and blink, or think well, what the hell does he think he’s talking about... everybody knows that nobody knows nothing about nothing. 
Say, just bye the bye – what was that awesome event that occurred around here some two thousand years ago? Who looks at that one? 
verybody tries to be so ‘protective’ within their own very limited limitations. It’s very sad. And the media has now given us more than we bargained for, far more than we’d like to know. The mind freezes! Didn’t we think that we now had only the Moslems to worry about? Then comes the 2008 Olympics in China. And there’s Putin giving a bear hug to George W. Bush in Beijing – buddy, buddy, buddy – my friend! And the exact same day Russian troops move into Georgia. What’s going on? America says, no, no, no, but these guys keep going anyway, in their ‘own backyard’. 
Do they still have the same old Soviet world-domination ambitions? It seems that the West laid a whole lot of conditions on Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed – that’s coming clear, a little bit now. And they don’t like it. They don’t like it! What can anyone do about it? Russia has hydrogen bombs and a whole arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Someone’s going to argue with them? It has the same smell as what happened in Germany after the First World War. The Allies stripped Germany – no army, no this, no that. Then the depression came, the anger came, and the Germans said fuck you. A big fuck you! They started to re-arm, do whatever they wanted – and Germany ‘resurrected’ – under Hitler!
Who knows? Where do we get our information from? So you read between the lines – but when ‘they’ give you ‘information’, they’re TALKING to you from between the lines. Very sophisticated these guys – ‘Fox’ News etc. – all quite incredible – not-credible – world-wide brain-wash. No one can fathom it anymore, if anyone ever could. So much out of control, and certainly nothing ‘we’ can do about anything.
Then this whole scandal around the Housing Market. ‘Predatory’ – they now admit. Give loans to people who have little possibility of paying-back – but collect the interest, collect the interest, collect the interest! The banks don’t want to repossess the property so they package up a bunch of mortgages and sell them to another bunch of crooks, that dump it all on the Stock Market. Everyone taking their cut – god-knows what’s going on. They say it’s a ‘crisis’. Is it a crisis? Who is it a crisis, to? The whole financial system? The people losing their homes? It’s happening very widely in America and England and I don’t know where else – tens of thousands of families out of their homes – OUT ! Lovely bunch of financial professionals we have.
Never mind the pollution, the melting ice and floods. We’re not convinced. The Money people say no, it’s alright, it’s alright. The Green People say, it’s terrible, terrible, terrible.
One HELL of an ending! 
What else? Cancer is a plague, and every second day they’re telling you about some new horrible disease. Always a plague a’comming. And they won’t even let people just die – keep them going as long as possible, no matter what. Doctors would get sued for mal-practice if they risked using their heads. It’s horrible what is going on. 
Who likes to be reminded?
What would happen if the banks closed? It’s happened before you know. If you’re well-heeled enough you should have some gold around, at least. What about jewelry? Some Jews were able to bribe their way through Nazi lines with jewels. What’s going on now? Out of control – everyone STEALING – the bigger the better. And all those terrorists – probably true, but who knows? Checking mail, checking e-mail, checking computers, listening in on telephone calls. Harder and harder to get around the tax authorities, face criminal charges, not very nice. Must be careful what you say anywhere, full of secrets, clever – and STILL calculating. 
That’s only a small sliver of the current reality. What about the children? They will be facing a god-knows-what-world. Not yours, for sure. You going to help them be happy and healthy? Leave them a bundle of money, property maybe? Everything’s changed, and going to change far far more – and more quickly than you can imagine. Will it be money that makes for survival? I think not – not at all. 
But all of this sounds just like what everyone’s complaining about – how governments maintain control – ‘fear-mongering’ they call it. So here too as if from me, more fear-mongering. But that’s not at all the point. Fear is not the point, for sure it’s not intelligent. But if you don’t look the facts straight-on, then you’re IN fear, whether you realize it or not. And there you don’t do anything about anything that might make a real difference relative to the coming, most likely 
i drive a car from germany
gassed by the sheik of araby
i have no use for all that hate
but something in me says don't wait
for that cycle to return
when the masses start to burn
that's true that all must die
but seems to me that open eye
beyond the current little creeps
beyond the foggy nauseous sleep
the pain may serve to stimulate
the final push through heaven's gate
Now that things are so clearly crazy maybe you can look at all of this. It’s like no one wanting to write their Will – to consider their own death, just gone, finished. 
But it’s not finished with the death of the body. Are you hearing something that you don’t know or just refuse to digest? Are you interested? And if not in that – then what? There’s a lot more to it that most surly does not come from imagination. Death of the body is NOT the end. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! 
Maybe you merely want to consider survival right here – in a world that just might go on ‘working’? And that’s not said cynically nor lightly. For sure it will not be the same world, it’s not already. Now it’s going on by sheer momentum – with a marked degree of a marked lack of meaning. People have to convince themselves that there’s a good reason to get out of bed in the morning. If it wasn’t for the fear element, they wouldn’t. 
It’s a very serious, sick and sad situation. Now that’s the truth! Can you look at it? Are we going to face some new form of ‘holocaust’? The oh so well placed but sleeping German Jews were caught with their pants down. So what to do to be really serious? It must be looked at now. 
As Barack Obama said in his acceptance speech at the ‘Democratic’ Convention: ‘It’s not about me – it’s about YOU.’ 
This talk might just be enough to highlight the critical ridiculousness of the current situation. The ‘non-activity’ of INTELLIGENCE – in so-called intelligent people.
History repeats itself though not in exactly the same form. Some of the Jews that started the Zionist Organization were already living in Palestine before World War Two broke out. A few went back to Europe in the thirties to give talks. Hitler’s Mein Kampf had already been published in 1933. He had laid it out! Who even read it? The Nazi movement was up and going. So some went back to Europe to warn the people. ‘Behind the behind’ they knew that the Jews were extremely vulnerable – not only with their dignity on the line, but their very lives. They tried to talk them into getting out. What – leave a fine apartment in Berlin, to a piece of desert, here? Are you kidding? They’d rather be dead. Well, we have a similar mentality in vogue today, though within a very different life configuration. 
Now, it’s NOT particularly the JEWS who are the vulnerable ones – it’s like all the upper-middle class.
I bought a brand-new Range Rover in London some years ago. The dealer told me: ‘Be careful what district you go into, don’t go here or there, it’s dangerous in different parts of London, especially in a good car.’ 
There are a lot of places you now can’t go to. Well-fixed western man is actually a sub-culture – even in his own country!
So what to do? If you catch the picture and sense the seriousness, without exaggerated emotionality, then there is sure something to look at – if not for yourself at least for the children.
Phew...  I’ll say that again...  phew! 
With love 
That’s one reading for you. 
If it’s worth anything, 
like your very life,  
take a space 
and go to it again,  
and once
In heaven
there ain’t no jews
there ain’t no christians too
no moslems hindus buddhists sikhs
there could be me and you
Even that is doubtful
as god is one in us
when we reach his resting place
there’s only him
just just