Tight little Packages

August 1986


 August 1986 – Jerusalem
Tight little packages, called Human Beings! Oh, my god, where do we begin?
With an 'explanation' to those whom we love – that is those whom we have had the opportunity to spend time with, to give attention to, to 'care for'. 
Ah, what a general sounding statement, 'those whom we love' – how terribly 'impersonal', how superior sounding, how distant.
But there we have it, like it or not. Spending their personal lives being ‘NICE'. Out of fear, my little ones – out of fear of the future. The future IS fear. Without fear there is NO 'FUTURE' – no need for the mind to review the past in an effort to forecast the future or conceive any 'modus operandi'. 
So, there we have it : packages of fear, labeled with a 'name'. Hello my friends, welcome to my explanation. 
I am forced, out of my love, to inform you that you have ABSOLUTELY NO EXISTENCE in the manner which you imagine yourself to be. All your relationships from family to the corner grocer are nothing other than changing subjective pictures, mechanically conceived, and as 'individual' as your own particular imagination of any other particular person.
So, just what are we all supposed to do in this land of fantasy? Sure there is the REAL. There is for example what we call 'nature', the totality of nature, however we care to 'break it down', if at all. Sea, Earth, Mountains, Animals, and yes, even Human Beings. Nature : that which is alive and pulsating and interacting in ways we see but a fraction of, but which nevertheless Lives – and from all indications is a Whole. 
What sometimes confuses us is that some of the 'pieces' of this total interacting nature seem to be in 'conflict'. In fact the conflict seems to be its most prominent aspect – and thus the illusion of 'separateness'. The current Evolution Theory – 'survival of the fittest' – is man's example for the most part of all his rationalizations and justification for his violence and sense of isolation. 
Well true, in terms of our usual perception, we all seem to be struggling each one with each other and with every THING else, for our very lives. We now point nuclear weapons at each other, grab at the land violently, poison it and kill off other living forms. All in the name of 'survival'. That IS the way it goes.
God help us . . our struggle for survival in the above mentioned activities has brought us to the point of almost certain TOTAL SELF-DESTRUCTION. WE ARE THERE, NOW. And although we manage in some inexplicable way to ignore this horrendous fact, the personal fact remains that we are as individuals neither happy nor healthy. 
All this is of course old news. Should we think about it at all, or think about something else and simply await the push of the button and our annihilation?
Would we 'work' in order to sustain our physical existence if there were not fear? Only in the TOTAL  ABSENCE of fear can love exist and manifest. In love one works for 'others' – there is a NEW  MOTIVATION for activity, a new force that drives the human organism. The social-economic scientists and theorists are for the most part blind to this possibility. The traditional religionists preach this possibility, but in fact are distant from it in both understanding and practice. 
For the natural power and direction of true love to be known, fear must first have been totally understood and transcended. Although a rare phenomenon, it is neither fantastic nor unattainable – known under some rather unusual terms such as EN-LIGHT-ENMENT.
We all seek for sympathetic attention. It's what we call love. We all need sympathetic attention / love – it is in actual fact a special and specific FOOD. How are we to get what we require? We must learn how to GIVE it before we are able to receive it with the purity and regularity necessary for its nutritional effects. And it is only in the absence of fear that we can either start giving love or getting love. 
This Real Love is neither the usual sentimental nor possessive attitudes that we have been conditioned to imagine. It is rather emanations of a specific inner state, a subtle energy – and only directable by non-fearful, non-possessive, non-needful GOOD WILL. 
So, here we come back to the inevitably recurring issue of FEAR and the possibility of a state of NON-FEAR.
Fear is the inevitable base component of ALL OUR USUAL THINKING . . . and OUR USUAL sense of TIME. The issue is therefore tied to our basic sense of reality and as such, a veritable psychological REVOLUTION is required to deal with this question of fear. In order to deal with it from its very ROOTS.
Only when a person has SEEN that the basis of practically all his activities, including ALL HIS THINKING, has its origin in FEAR and the resulting state of ANXIETY – will he be sufficiently HORRIFIED to embark on the most serious and demanding psychological REVOLUTION required for his transformation to the level of Real Love and Clear Perception, out from the usual state of fear and blindness.
And now we come back to you, my dear friend, to whom this, MY personal 'explanation', is being directed. Not something 'abstract' between you and me – but all related to the actual RELATIONSHIP of YOU and ME.
I started by saying that you have absolutely no existence – as you usually take, conceive / perceive yourself. Well, that is no small statement for me, your friend, to state. Because, should I believe this (and I do) and should I SEE this (and I do) then what I am saying is that for ME – you do not exist!
Well, let's look at it.
When you say 'ME' – what you are really saying is 'MINE'. When you say 'ME', you mean 'me with my thoughts, me with my feelings, me with my wants, me with my mother and father, me with my children, me with my house, me with my country, me with my religion'. Take all those 'mine' things away, and you do NOT exist, as you 'normally' take yourself. 
Let anyone try and relate to you without 'due respect' to what you call 'yours', and you will buck like a 'Jericho Ass'. All the things that you take as 'YOU' and YOURS (yes, even your much valued thoughts and feelings) are a changing and evaporating phenomena and will all pass sooner or later, and as such YOU (as you usually take yourself) DO NOT EXIST. You have become a passing illusion, a vanity, a PRETENSE. 
The REAL YOU, that you are so often pained that nobody sees or relates to, is so hidden and deeply COVERED by all that you take as 'YOURS', that even YOU can no longer recognize or identify yourself. You no longer know WHO or WHAT you are – YOU have ceased to exist!
Are you not disappointed with EVERYONE'S relationship to you, in one way or another? Are you not disappointed with my relationship to you, in one way or another? Do you think that others really SEE you, do you believe that I see YOU?
Oh, my dears, you would like me to see and LOVE you only as long as I recognize and accept all that you consider to be 'YOURS' as part and parcel of YOU. 
I know that your thoughts and feelings are changing minute by minute, situation by situation. I know that your thoughts and feelings are passing through you or recurring through memory impressions, and are not 'YOU'! Your other 'possessions' also come and go, including those most 'hard-earned' and including your most cherished 'blood-relatives' – are NOT 'YOU'. 
YOU that came into the world as a spot of living consciousness / awareness – YOU that can come to SEE and UNDERSTAND the above mentioned FACTS – that for me is YOU! 
If you can at the moment sense the TRUTH in the above descriptions, then there IS 'something' there that I can recognize as YOU that may be present at one time or another.
Now look – when you un-consciously take all those things that you consider 'you and yours', as YOU – then you just as unconsciously are forced to DEFEND them in the face of others. This effectively requires you to be VIOLENT in the most objective sense of the word. It also causes the really unreal division that exists between one man and another.
Where is there a real sense of brotherhood, sisterhood, FAMILY? Where what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine, no? That is really what we mean or include in LOVE, is it not ? 
But that is the REAL FACT OF THE MATTER. Other than our own particular Consciousness / Awareness, centered in our BODIES – all else is in a state of constant flux and change and will be gone gone gone, sooner or later, and for sure at the death of the body. 
Consciousness / Awareness is the essence of the Soul, and THERE IS THE REAL YOU – Eternal relative to this world of changing 'things' and 'possessions'; manifesting into this world at the birth of the body, but ITSELF subject neither to birth nor death. 
This Realization eliminates all fear, and merely the acknowledgment or sensing of its truth will (or can) allow a person to never again accept fear as inevitable, and to work against it as totally unreal – for the sake of Soul and Sanity. Amen
The writer will accept no responsibility or obligation based in whole or in part upon the reader's subjective interpretation of the foregoing material.