End of Days



"By the declining day, verily mankind is in ruin,
except they that believe and do good works,
and exhort one another unto truth and unto patience."  
I want to do the impossible. I want to write about something that does not exist.
Not only does it not exist, it could never exist, not even in the imagination of a person - not in the imagination of a sane person that is.
I have no idea how I am going to do this but do it I will. Otherwise I would have to conclude that love has no door, love has no use, love simply cannot work. I would have to conclude that love is totally useless. And, who could live with that?
It's not love I wish to write about. That which does not exist is the very thing that allows a person the illusion of his own existence as a separate individual, an independent something - his 'own man', so to speak.
That which I wish to write about is TIME. And if it does not exist then I do not exist, which of course is totally ridiculous, except for the fact that it is true. 
It's all insane. That's also true. I wish to write about what does not exist. I wish to write about Time.
Love was mentioned. What has love got to do with it? It's what makes the subject so urgent, of such ultimate importance. The subject of Time, that is. Time is illusion and illusion causes pain, inevitably. Love, at a minimum, wishes to eliminate pain, or transcend it, or transform it, but certainly not to leave it alone as it is. Time is illusion and illusion causes pain. If we cannot talk about it, deal with it, expose it for what it is, or more exactly for what it is not - then we cannot love with any effect. What is love without effect?  The issue of Love and the issue of Time are inseparable.
The psychological and resulting bio-chemical consequences of how we relate to the issue of time are critical considerations. Our mental processes are rooted in our 'normal' sense of time. In the absence of directed and focused attention, the average mind is predisposed to constant thinking about 'every which thing' - a constant burning-up  of energy, as well as the leaking of energy due to the emotional frustration caused by the inconclusiveness of the various thoughts. People think and think and think, without end. It’s all a projection in Time.
Why do we think? Always in the hope of fuller understanding. What are we trying to understand? For the most part, how to stay out of trouble. Trouble for us is pain, lesser or greater. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we think only in order to avoid pain. We think from fear! With all the thinking that has been going on in us for years and years without respite, we have not been able to eliminate fear. We have not been able to 'think ourselves' out of fear. And, the thinking goes on.
There is an essential difference between fear (as thought) and actual immediate danger. Danger is now - and we react with whatever astuteness and presence of mind at our immediate disposal. Fear, on the other hand, is a perception of possible danger in the future and thus in TIME. We are generally 'worried sick' about the future and thus constantly occupied with thought in time. 
Does Time exist, in fact?
The sun rises and sets; the seasons change; flora and fauna, animals and insects flourish in areas as yet uncontaminated by man; the rivers flow and the oceans, full of their own forms of life, wash the shores of the great continents and islands.
Is this what we picture, is this what we mean, when we say 'we live in this world'? Perhaps the peasant farmer, the Polynesian fisherman or the Bedouin still maintain a mind-set of life on a living, pulsating planet floating somewhere in space. We sophisticated moderns most certainly do not.
Here we see the dividing line between Time and Eternity. Here we see the birth of psychopathy and, in fact, 'man-made-time'. Systems of control, manipulation, social laws of all kinds. 'Get your degree, get your job, get your property and you will avoid suffering!'  A man-made prison full of expectation and, not a little, fear. This we were born into, and this is our cross.
There is nature, and there is human nature. When people speak of human nature, what is usually referred to is man's weaknesses - his habits, predisposition towards greed, jealousy, vanity, exaggerated interest in sex, strivings towards comfort and safety and, last but not least, his tendency for violence when irritation/frustration reach an intolerable threshold. That is 'the nature of man', they say. Human nature, in the common lexicon of today, is merely an euphemism for man's weaknesses. 
Is that all there is to man's nature? Obviously not. The issue is supposedly dealt with in a variety of modern-day disciplines such as medicine, biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology, philosophy, religions, as well as in politics and a variety of economic theories. There are numerous pockets of humanity that for one reason or another commit themselves to the study of various aspects of human nature.
Now, what is the average individual's relationship to, and understanding of, these issues? Even the so-called specialists have only the vaguest notions of what is being studied outside their own area of inquiry. The average person sees these studies - if he is at all aware of them - as possibly interesting but for the most part hardly applicable to his own life. Human nature is, after all, our nature and not some remote academic matter.
The mind seems capable of classifying various aspects of human nature. The mind can break-down the whole issue and study it, as if. With all the studies and with all the 'facts', man himself, the subject of the studies, has been left pretty much on his own with a 'catch as catch can', pasted-up, subjectively concocted explanation and justification of his own and others’ rather erratic and unsatisfactory condition.
Time, it has been said, is 'The Unique Subjective'. Unique, in that it exists only and exclusively in the mind of the one who conceives it        and Subjective, as it is wholly made-up of pictures and notions selected from a vast range of possible impressions.
Time - that vague and cloudy sense of reality as it moves through past, present and projected future is, in fact, partial and selective and shifting memory projecting fearful or hopeful imagined possibilities.
Time: The Unique Subjective!
Human nature has gotten drowned in Time, fragmented in imaginary sub-categories and bound hand and foot in fear. People, isolated in their own subjective time, are obviously limited and ignorant. Human nature is, in itself, a vast concentration of intelligence - an Embodied Drop of Universal Consciousness. Unbound by the restrictive and subjective fetters of Time, human nature can re-establish its birthright by reconnecting with Universal Intelligence, the very source of its arising and its moment to moment existence.
To be free of time is not merely to be free of one's own subjectivity but also to be free of others', most uniquely theirs, notions and sense of 'reality in time'. Human interaction is intrinsically interwoven and tied-up in an infinite and changing variety of illusions. Freedom from others’ subjectivity is no less a necessity than freedom from one’s own.
Lies, which are the glue, scotch-tape, filters and adjustments, allow the moving-pictures of Time to appear rational and real. Fidelity to the truth is the great (and only) eraser of illusion and the path-way to Universal Truth. 
Time is put together and held in view by thought, and thought is kept going by fear. Our relationship to money is in no small way connected with this continuing syndrome.
Money is stored-up energy/power. It can acquire items or services - in the future - that may be needed or wanted. These are obvious facts, however the assumption of likely satisfaction is more apparent than real. Your want and sense of necessity relative to the future can only be a reflection of considerations and 'knowings' from your personal past. Nothing new can result from that - only repetition, in some semi-original configuration, totally tied and conditioned by formerly known patterns and structures. You only 'need' or want something in order to maintain, more or less, the status-quo. 
Stored-up energy in the form of money, in effect, locks you into dead patterns of the past that can never adequately, let alone creatively, meet with coming events. 'A slave to money' is more than a slave to its acquisition and maintenance but also a slave to repetitive patterns. Money keeps the prison going. You cannot maintain your present standard (mode) of living without a certain regular income. Without a 'reliable income' your life would change totally. No way to separate the issue of fear from that.
Fear keeps you busy with the money issue. Never mind the 'nothing new' - holding to the old is a fearful matter and an integral component of (psychological) Time. To break this syndrome and the painful dream world that it creates and maintains would require a new, and conscious, and authentic, 'reason for living' - the rediscovery and activation of the Origin-al meaning of life.
As we are generally glued to society with its various institutions and structures, it would appear almost impossible not to conceive that our survival was unavoidably tied to our being 'plugged-in'. 
An alternative is hardly conceivable let alone appetizing to a mind that has all its hopes and sense of personal value tied-in with all these 'normal' structures. Money appears to keep us alive. But this is patently untrue. It is neither money nor society that keep us alive. Can we shift our multi-conditioned view to even consider this?
Society with its currency makes us sick in mind and body and therefore we need its doctors, insurance companies, police forces, armies, etc. Society organized and co-opted water resources and food production and controls and manipulates the exchange medium that allows us access to these and other basics. It has constructed boring glass and cement cities forcing us to pay heavily for entertainment and communication, purchase televisions, videos, cables, telephone, rates, electricity, etc. These and other social structures have robotized our life and, as if, keep us alive. Well now - alternative? 
The Sermon on the Mount deals with the issue but that is now akin to promoting swimming lessons in the middle of a tidal-wave. But the truth is, that it is true. 
We are talking about the basics of remaining alive. What to do for your entertainment is another matter. God (The Universe) keeps us alive moment to moment. It brought us into existence and sustains us in a multitude of ways. God is not dead, contrary to all current rumour.
You say money keeps you alive and I say, nonsense. It's an illusion. It may keep you stimulated but it does not 'keep you alive'. It, if anything, keeps you sick. 'Money', you say? Well, that's banks and stock brokers and insurance companies, and the race-track and Kellogg's Cornflakes. 'God'? You must be crazy!
We have a few hours, a few days, a few years of this life that we are hanging on to with such tenacity and financial clout. Within life, God (The Universe) has bestowed on us a fantastic innate intelligence. Who will be the next to use it? Remember? 'I am the first fruits', the Man said.
To talk about money as if it were not the most basic and serious issue in life is practically to declare oneself a madman. The 'devil', in the form of fixed psychological patterns, has established its domain in the now world-wide Church of Wall Street. It is as if God created Man and Money in the same breath. Time, as if, moves on and the Present/Now which showers us with all life sustaining energies is more or less blocked out of our awareness/reception. God in all His glory is not dead - but most effectively 'invisiblized'.
'Time is Money' - it is.
Time can and must be understood. It is the issue of 'World Creation and World Maintenance'.
The imagination, that forms up mechanically through the influences it is exposed to throughout life, willy-nilly creates a world picture that the individual moves in. A local culture imprints certain similar and more or less accepted 'realities'. Each individual, however, has his own unique history and therefore his own concocted world. Even identical twins have their own individual sense of just 'who is who' and 'what is what'.
There can be no understanding, worth the word, at that level of functioning (i.e. the mechanical). Hence all violence, both physical and emotional, the recognized and the taken-for-granted. 
In this present-day Global Village, criminality, both urban and international, has a vast potential for disruption and destruction. Ruling cliques and big business have a serious interest in limiting the violence and destruction inevitably perpetrated by mortals with their subjective/narrow world view. The corrective that has arisen is United Nations' backed military and police forces, imposing free-trade-market-economies à la the American model.
The Church of Wall Street! Give the people of the world one pattern, one goal, one reason to live - hope in a 'rising standard of living'. This New World Order, along with high-tech surveillance and identification techniques, would represent the ultimate in regimentation. For an individual to survive this organized madness with its subtle lies and justifications they must understand (psychological) Time. Pictures get made through suggestion, imitation, media, propaganda, assumed moral authorities, cultural presumptions and all the rest. The Truth is deeply buried, and one’s clear consciousness and conscience along with it.
Who is there that is ready to struggle to regain his mind? Each person, with his or her unique qualities and background, has far greater differences in their world picture than they are aware of. We move in a world of interacting illusions. People judge each other as stupid, insensitive, naive, manipulative, immoral, unreliable, and a whole lot of other objectionables - not at all realizing that the object of their criticism is running a completely different movie through their system. This is the basis, the bottom line, the ultimate reality of what is, in fact, 'sleeping/mechanical mankind'.
To awaken to these facts requires a very wide exposure to the functioning of many types of people, in a variety of situations. As experienced as a person might be, as subtle and as reflective, he can not establish clarity without a focused study of this total 'level of being'. Otherwise, he will continue to dream on in expectation of his own, or someone else's, glory, power and influence - that being the false and impossible hope of mankind at this level.
What else is there other than this manipulated world of man-made-time? The Hope lies in the Truth that is uncovered when the lies and distortions are seen/dissolved/dis-integrated. 
Consciousness was there at birth and childhood but the potential of mind, emotion and body were only in early development. These developing faculties faced abuse and manipulation by family, education and general culture. Were these faculties 'cleaned up' - that, along with Origin-al Consciousness, would reveal all that is to be revealed. 
No accident that this is sometimes called REVELATION.
Time as a 'thing of the past' is a fact in more than one way.
Firstly - there is no 'time' without 'past', no tomorrow without yesterday, no after without before. Secondly - our usual sense of 'progress in time', more and more obviously, does not work anymore. Our beliefs in cause and effect, based on experiences from the past, no longer add-up as valid projections. Things are changing so fast. There are too many factors that contradict the rationality of our formerly conceived sense of logical process.
"The blizzard of the world has crossed the threshold and it's overturned the order of the Soul." ( L.C.)
Nothing really happens as expected. Only people who make their expectations conscious to themselves become aware of that fact. 
Most 'look forward' in a vague manner and are hardly aware of how slightly, if at all, their notions of 'what is to come' materialize. This is nothing new. However, the very speed of present-day life makes it clearly obvious.
Time is a thing of the past. Other than in isolated phenomenon, cause and effect are no longer calculable. 
God has been resurrected - Time is dead!
What cannot be over-emphasized is the fact of the totally different worlds in which each individual lives/cerebrates/conceives/takes as reality/moralizes within/have their hopes and fears. 
People assume that they all live in the same world, and they absolutely do not. Only at the Transcendent Level is there a common perception of existence, and the possibility of mutual understanding. 
Common worlds, that appear to exist, are held together by institutions of one kind or another. Armies, businesses, fraternal organizations, religions, families, governments etc., require laws and regulations in order to maintain their viability. Laws and regulations must be enforced one way or another. Co-operation is imposed at this level, and is dependent for its longevity on fear. 
Man-made-law, within a household, institution or national entity, sanctifies fear. 
Transcendence, through understanding, must be worked for. 
'A world saved is a world earned.'
People, in their usual subservient relationships within society and with their total sense of identity dependent upon feed-back within it, are practically incapable of envisioning a comprehensible Universal Law - least of all one that connects with their psychology. They can envision physical law. In innumerable ways the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms demonstrate natural law. But, that a person's thoughts can affect changes in a precise and law-conformable manner does not form part of their natural logic.
Particular thoughts cause particular moods/emotions that have been shown to cause specific physical changes in the body (i.e. red face when angry; stomach tensions in negative states with the resulting cut-off of blood to the lining, the attack of acids, and the resulting ulcer-sores). 
It all started with thought! 
Society does not recognize the materiality of thought. A very fine and subtle materiality, but none-the-less, material. 
Vibrations, energy and matter, function as part and parcel of the same system. 
E = mc2 pointed out Einstein, and 
'Everything is Vibrations', proclaim the sages of the East. 
hought has its effect - and the effects of thought are 'law-conformable'. 
'Good deeds' force a person out of their usual patterns of, as if, 'self-interest', which are essentially based in fear and objective ignorance. Ignorance, in this most essential sense, is what is 'thought to be known'.
Good deeds, totally free of expectation, remove one from habitual patterns. With the support of positive emotions, replacing the usual fear and anxiety, one has the beginning development of a 'new mind', that in potential is infinitely expansive, objective and increasingly free from the prison of restrictive egoistic boundaries. All this is Lawful and affects all levels of mind, body and emotions that ultimately, in balance, allow a conscious connection with the Divine Source of Our Being.
We are Created Beings of Universal Intelligence/God, with a built-in capacity of consciously awaring this Fact, and co-operating with its aims. 
The motivation of the 'usual mind' is most essentially based on fear and the need for protection relative to the future. It functions in fear of Time. The gross ignorance in assuming to control what might 'come-up' blinds one to what they know in more subtle moments - that there is no end to the unexpected.
No one can control external happenings. This is obvious to deeper intelligence but not at all to the 'normal' mind. To think in terms of correcting or helping what can be corrected or helped NOW, rather than focussing on possible dangers in the future, would constitute an actual growth pattern.
Good deeds, good will and openness to relevant knowledge are elements that can grow with practice. Out of man's 'logic' and into Universal Law.
A calling!
The fact is that most 'normal'/ordinary/everyday life, is trying to force square pegs into round holes. The usual frantic efforts of people simply do not work, they cannot work. This is obvious to individuals in their more calm moments.
Children are sent to schools the parents went to and found horrible; but what's the choice? People slave for money and are too sick or tired or disgusted to enjoy its fruits; but what's the choice? They yearn for love and understanding from almost anyone, as they compulsively attempt to manipulate them into accepting their own subjective pictures and vague notions; but what's the choice? Health services are corrupt and the doctors are irritated and/or greedy; but what's the choice? Their prized new cars are fast and flashy but confined to evermore clogged and dangerous road-ways; but what's the choice? Their sadness and frustration block-out even their most tender relationships - but what is the choice? The list could go on almost forever. 
'Trying to force square pegs into round holes.'
Does one have any hope of changing this pathetic mediocrity? Is it not obvious that a personal revolution in attitude and activity would be required to return to good health and sanity? 
Hope in Time is the 'wolf in sheep's clothing'. The promise is always for afterwards. Sell us your soul, your sense of right, your good conscience, and we will give you the big prize that you secretly yearn for. What a deal! Give us now your blood, sweat, reliability, devotion, passion and we will reward you in the future. Stock-brokers say so, advertisers say so, parents say so, school teachers say so, bankers say so, husbands and wives say so, governments say so. You say so! The devil is really more evil than you ever imagined. It's your very life that he devours.
You think 'Christ' came for nothing?
The brainwashing we have been subjected to in the name of 'religious morality' and various other man-twisted-notions, pretend to serve the common interest. A whole lot of nonsense that has tied-up our innate intelligence and energy and enslaved us in a mediocre sluggishness.
The obsessive concentration on the issue of sex is completely unnecessary. The urge is really not so demonic in a balanced person. Lack of balance is the problem, not sex.
'Morality' has been put-together by 'thought in time'! People 'think' that this or that is good or bad. A child reacts to hot or cold, sympathy or harshness, without the necessity of thinking about it. Good and bad are simple for the child - related to his sense of equilibrium. Adult morality is a more complex matter. It is composed of past experience, considered consciously or not, and a whole slew of ideas concerning 'cause and effect' gleamed from formal education, environment, media and the subliminally received attitudes of all humans that one has been exposed to.
Hence, people develop a 'morality' - their 'considered' opinion of what is good and bad. Each man's morality differs from the next man's and manifests all the way from incidental disagreements to World Wars. One man's morality is the next man's poison.
Welcome to the world of 'thought'. Bye-bye the innocence of childhood. It has been said: "Be ye as little children."  Yes, it was elaborated, "be as innocent of evil as little children, but at least in your own mind be mature!" 
People's morality is neither sane nor sensible. It is pure violence and ignorance. Sexual morality is a gigantic case in point. 
This incredible preoccupation with sexual morality is concocted to control others and is self-entrapping in the process. Imposed bondage on the free and expansive mind.
The sex impulse can be triggered by the imagination, the emotions, or directly from chemical reactions in the body. All three possibilities are common occurrences, and one has a right to consider the options in dealing with these energies. 
NOBODY OWNS ANYONE. We are all children of the Universe, children of God. Real responsibility is to that very Source of our arising. The meaning and potential inherent in the human condition is by virtue of THAT which created us. Created Beings we are - subject to the laws of that creation - and we are not in debt to the fearful and distorted notions of the selfish and greedy, who claim our loyalty and obedience.
Can a person really gain a sense of security with the commitment or 'ownership' of another person? They end up with dead fish! The children, you say? Prepared, with our total love mind you, to join this classic misery in just a few years time. A pigsty of, as if, morality. The end is rushing towards us and we are all scared to death. What happened to life? Got lost in the shuffle of just who put whose 'what' in whose 'where'. 
From there all control starts. Locked in. You call it morality - what a lovely person you are!
There is a saying within Higher Knowledge: "Never go with the associations of only one center." To understand this and have the ability to control compulsive reactions when faced with a 'sexual challenge' is not a simple matter. The possible options of reaction are ill-considered with disastrous results throughout society. People are totally confused and unhealthy as a result of their ignorance and 'morality' around the sex issue. 
All the 'Torah says' or 'Christ says' or the 'Buddha says' is of little value without the freedom of checking and knowing our functions. To understand sex requires knowledge of surrounding issues, and all the morality in the world will not replace that knowledge.
And again we touch the issue of Time. 'Morality' is put together over the course of time. It is an accumulation of data, with a conclusion. It is, as if, man-made-law for the individual. It is not adequate to the present. It is of the past!
With experience a person comes to see that within every desire there is its opposite. Within his wants and desires is the inevitability of inner conflict. Only with that realization will one have sufficient motivation and power to seek and effect an exit from that torturous prison. 
"Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added to you," the Man said. Yes, but first you must see, experience and REALIZE, that you are in hell. 
Today, in a True Teaching, the message is basic. Study hell, here is what it is composed of, know it well. It is held together with LIES. Study the lies outside and within yourself. When you know for sure where you are, you will want, like hell, to get out.
That is the real force necessary to find the 'kingdom of heaven', that could lead to a 're-birth' into the bliss and joy of 'little children'. But, no doubt, at least in your own mind, be mature.
'Sexual morality', you say? 
"It is written in the Law that we should stone the prostitute - what say you, shall we stone this prostitute?" The Man answered: "Let the one who is without sin throw the first stone." 
A call to conscience, a call to integrity that could not but be recognized by the sincere. A Time-less thing.
Is there a step out of the usual pattern of Time, a next step not dependent upon yesterday's mechanical conditioning? 
"Nothing moves without the moon", it has been said. The moon is symbolic of  imagination - reflected light, images. The 'possible' can only be conceived through images - those images coming from the past. Time, it seems, can not so easily be discarded.
The mind in its usual function attempts to improve the future in terms of a limited personal benefit. That personal benefit is usually at the expense of whatever is not considered 'mine'. The very structure of society is bound together by an acceptance of the right of individuals to pursue their own interests. This of course according to the local laws and customs. 'Each man for himself' is the accepted morality.
The results are that people get more or less what they strive for, although in the long run they do not reach a point of satisfaction. 
Death in disappointment or disillusionment is without a doubt the rule and not the exception. 
The point therefore is not the 'discarding' of Time but rather the understanding of it. The images built over the course of time must be made conscious, exposing their origin and their changing or crystallized present state.
The basic issue is: what would constitute 'success', and how could it be achieved? Our complaints, disappointments and even horror, when faced with the complexities and absurdities in the world, tend to lead one to a kind of listless and compromised acceptance of life without a clear meaning, let alone joy. Youthful enthusiasm gets dissipated in unrealistic dreams, producing mixed results that are greedily held on to. The end of the story is far from attractive.
Here we come to the big step. This is where we run into the language and prodding of religions and teachings. Political and economic theories have run their course and no longer impress the more honest and intelligent. The professional religious leaders that are promoting their own exclusive revelation, relegating all others at best to misconception and at worst down right evil, are not our concern here. 
The 'religious mind' is what we have in mind. The religious mind 'sees' that everything in the world is interconnected and interdependent. To be intelligently concerned with the part, one must be concerned and knowledgeable of the Whole. The religious mind has no difficulty sensing the extraordinary intelligence in the whole set-up and has no embarrassment in admitting the probability, if not the necessity, of a Higher Intelligence/God behind it all.
The religious mind uses the word 'GOD' as the ALL THAT IS. And also sees that the 'all that is' shows every sign of being intelligent and not merely an accident of nature. The religious mind says, in addition, "I may not know the Truth, but obviously ALL THAT IS is the Truth and thus if I am to have any chance of coming into an understanding or harmony with IT, I must be uncompromisingly careful in regard to the truth, large or small, that falls within my realm." In other words, only the truth can lead to knowing the Truth. So obvious and so perverted is this simplicity.
Now, what about the Whole? How do we come to terms with IT? The Whole is an integrated Whole and mankind is an integral part of it. There is a natural place and function for man within the Whole, as there is for every other piece. Having turned in on themselves, individuals, first of all psychologically and consequently vibrationally, became alienated. So 'out of sync' are they that sometimes it appears to them as if the whole world is 'out to get them'.The rectifier to all this abnormality is strict fidelity to the truth.
The gap between people and their rightful place in the Whole Universe/God is maintained by distortions caused by lies. How to uncover the essential truths, and thus regain a connection with one’s rightful place, is without a doubt the magnificent challenge for the serious and intelligent person. Schools exist dedicated to this ultimate aim.
A person cannot make himself grow and evolve any more than a tree can. The potential for growth is inborn and the elements that allow its development are above and beyond individual volition. What a person can do is co-operate with these Higher Forces/Intelligence which were the very cause of his arising and maintain him in life moment to moment. Man did not create himself, and the complexities of growth and evolution are as vast and multi-dimensional as is the constitution which he finds himself endowed with at birth.
What then can he do? The following explanation is Higher, 'hidden' Knowledge, verified in life, which expresses itself to the best of its ability in contemporary form, attempting to penetrate a lower realm in terms that can be comprehended sufficiently well to be of practical use.
Our life has been given to us, and is maintained from that same Source. Whatever the potential for growth, it can only be realized through the Original Source that created us. Our most obvious obligation is not to be in opposition to that beneficence. That which caused our arising is THAT which caused all arisings. In order not to be in opposition, one must be in an active state of co-operation.
The Source that created all, cares for all. If you care for something, you take care of it. "He who is not for me is against me", said the Man.
We have to learn how to get out of our own way. Our growth is not in our hands - it is a beneficence. That beneficence can only penetrate through to the appropriate inner vibration. One must 'come out of opposition' and re-establish oneself as a caring and careful part of the Whole. Only then and there can the Whole care fully for you.
Schools exist to assist this reversal, renewal. What is a 'School'? 
It is a place or situation where you learn that which you WISH to learn. Sophistication is not the issue. That which can clear your garbage away, is.
A REVERSAL in the WHY of life, is essential. Our usual inclination and education is based on the premise that one must 'take care of oneself'. That 'self' that you are to take care of appears to be a separate entity, somehow at odds with other similar entities. The exceptions are those that you manage to make a 'special deal' with - your friends, family, 'church' brethren, fellow compatriots or some other grouping supposedly having common interests. Thus, you are expected to 'care for them' as well. But again, connected with your own self interest.
There is always an 'I' and 'them' or, at best, an 'us' and 'them'. Struggle and competition is the name of the game. The usual Why of life is, 'take care of your own interests'.
Now, 'your own interests' are basically your own wants. Here the impossible problem starts. There are so many wants, and neither their acquisition nor their maintenance demand similar efforts. We do a little or a lot of this or that and end with a mixed bag of contradictory elements. Satisfaction does not result. This can be spelled out in innumerable ways but the reasonably mature and intelligent person inevitably has already become aware of this.
Our sense of separateness is the result of our usual 'level of mind', accurately labelled as the 'sense-based-mind'. This first level of the mind utilizes data that was recorded through the five senses. People talk of a sixth sense or at times intuition - a knowing out of the usual, deeper and more profound. There and then a higher level of the mind is operating, utilizing 'information' that the sense-based-mind has no way of considering.
Higher levels of mind demonstrate that people and things are not as separate as the first level of the mind convinces us. The first level of the mind tells us that all things and people are separate and more or less independent.  Although we see that one thing or one person affects another, what is not seen is that these effects are actual connections - constituting 'evidence' that all is joined together and is, in fact, a dynamic whole. That, in religious lingo, is referred to as 'GOD'.
There IS only One Life - ONE BEING. We and everything else have our Life and Being within IT. This is not merely a philosophical proposition - it is a material fact. This fact can be 'awared' by someone only when they have bypassed the first level of the mind and have acquired the vibrational sensitivity/receptivity corresponding to this Greater Reality. 
People become completely confused for the simple reason that they lose all distinction between Aim (purpose) and Means (how to achieve it). To put it simply, they do not know, or forget, why they are doing what they are doing. The mind gets left behind before it has done its essential job. The mind must re-awaken to the fact that it must be 'driver', at the wheel, and remember its hoped-for destination. 
Everyone lives within his own 'time-line'. More exactly, within that particular time-line concerned with the issue at hand, the issue relevant to the want of the moment. There are parallel time-lines and those that cross. As there is seldom a common focus, a central aim consistent to the various wants, there is inevitably conflict and confusion. Each want with its own history and projected future, competing for action-time with all other non-compatible wants. 
A person does not merely live and move in one time-line, but in many - each one directed at a specific want. For a sane and effective life a common aim is the necessity. 
It has been truly stated that: "Happiness is when all your wants become one want."
All the usual wants that one can yearn for or conceive of are essentially illusory. They consist of imagined possibilities, offering imaginary satisfaction. What we want is, objectively speaking, what we are praying for. It is all idolatry, in the real sense of the word. Praying to idol wants for small and temporary satisfactions. 
All wants are washed away in face of extreme danger or pain. Then the prayer is for 'good health' (i.e. God's help, pure and simple). 
At some point in a student's work a 'coup de grâce' must be administered, that exposes the unadulterated Life/Consciousness which exists BEHIND the picture/word world with its imagined wants. 
The 'dream world' is maintained by WANTS.
When our habitual thinking stops - be it at the moment of orgasm or at an instance of extreme danger as in combat or sky diving or intense music or dance, or in fact anything shockingly out of the ordinary, that is beyond the mind's ability to understand - a peace is experienced that is sublime and inexplicable.
The problem is that such experiences are short-lived and one returns rapidly to the relative state of anxiety. "The only true meditation", as Krishnamurti clearly points out, "is when the mind comes to understand itself, and stops."
'Something' stands behind all thoughts/words and the worlds they create. It has been called 'The Name of God'. This 'place' has a particular vibration and thus a specific 'sound' and hence has been called The Name (not to be voiced out loud). 
IT is a constant that is beyond and pre-dates our world of images and as such is sometimes referred to as 'God on High'.
Thought was instigated by 'want', and want is inevitably accompanied by fear - as that which is wanted may very likely not be secured. 
Fear drains all systems and, in addition, creates a vibrationally determined and limited 'working environment'.
In the absence of fear/thought and with the resulting peace/god, new vistas begin to open. A new world is entered. 
Thus the expression, 'Rebirth'. 
Tricky place to enter. Survival in this 'new world' is neither easy nor assured. Another indication of the necessity of School. 
One must be prepared for this new world. The preparation is invariably resisted, as there is no obvious benefit within the range of our usual sense of self-interest. In fact, quite the contrary. This preparation can appear self-defeating and, in a strange way, is. It leads to the final death of the 'false personality'.
Thank God that the Grace of God can on occasion penetrate the 'lower worlds' in the form of Love which, alone, can overcome the resistance of inverted-selfishness, fear and illusion.
Revived and repossessed energy allows controlled and directed ATTENTION. From 'heaven' (peace) you, as 'god' (transcendent), are able to study/understand all the manifestations of the lower worlds. 
'WITNESSING', this has sometimes been called.
'God is One', the Jews proclaim. 'There is no God but God', the Moslems clearly state. 'ONE  BEING, that we all have our Being within', the Christians are fond of repeating. 
The Work of today states it simply: "Each Higher Level Within You is God to the level below."
To die psychologically to 'this world' without preparation for the Next, would be a most serious and pathetic occurrence. The result would be what is sometimes referred to as the 'stupid saint' and, as has been reported, at the separation of the soul from the body, a temporary and non-survivable condition (i.e. eventual disintegration).
Acquiring and holding are the dominant motivations and manifestations at people's 'normal' level of functioning. The inevitable result of a fear based mentality. 
Love, harmony, balance, beauty, compassion etc., are the workable elements in the 'world to come'. New habits, functioning, connections, are necessary to form 'here' - for survival in the 'next world'. 
One slowly dies to the Old and in parallel develops functions for the New. 
To that end, Knowledge, relative to present day realities, is continually being fed into the lower levels by Higher Mind, both through the agency of living teachers as well as through the ever functioning though hardly heard Higher Centers within people themselves.
Before a person is clean enough (immaculate) to CONNECT, they are  dependent on 'outside' help. 
“God gives to see, to those whom He gives to see... " (Koran)
What do you want to 'do' and what do you want to 'know'? These appear as two 'wants'. But, "Happiness is when all your wants become one want"! 
Real 'Doing' and 'Knowing' are inseparable and as such form a single function. KNOWLEDGE, meeting with a corresponding LEVEL OF BEING, constitutes a UNITARY PROCESS - the real meaning of the word UNDERSTANDING.
The prerequisite is the Presence of the Knower (SELF-remembering). Only the Knower can 'Do'. But the Knower is seldom present.
Only there is one integrated into the Total Now and Knowing Dynamic of the One Unified System.
No one can know or understand anything real within their usual state. Only at a different level within can one know and understand anything of the Real World. Man, as a 'Three Centered Being', must have his centers cleaned and balanced in order to stand in REAL I - behind all his 'centers’ and functions.
The last thing anyone will forgive you, is that you 'remember yourself'. The last thing your own subjective personality will allow, is that you remember your essential SELF. It is death to 'false personality'.
When you are One with 'God’ (the next higher level within yourself), you 'no longer exist' in your formerly imagined configuration. You are 'dead'. More accurately, 'it' is dead.
Until then all 'knowing' is totally subjective and arbitrary. 
Real I starts as a seed potential with minimal capacity. 
“In order to make gold you must start with some gold."
This minimal capacity must be assisted by a conscious 'outside' factor. In religious terms, 'The Father and The Son.' The indispensability of School is again indicated.
PAIN results from the inevitably corrupted (out-of-sync), habitual, mechanical level of an individual. 
Give that miserable vibration to the body. It can digest and convert that negative energy into its next octave - energy for Sustainable Self-Remembering. 
Only with that finer, transformed energy, can Higher Mind (outer or inner) connect and give further indications.
"In order to go up you must go down."
    1)     I                  (Active / Mind)
    2)     WISH                  (Neutralizing / Emotion)
    3)     RE-MEMBER       (Passive / Resistance / Body)
    4)     MY-SELF      (The All and the Everything)
[Awareness in the above, effectively takes one out of the realm of Time and into the realm of Eternity. One has Transcended Time to a more essential level of Reality. Only from there is full Attention, Witnessing and Understanding possible.]
You are not given credit for what you 'want'. Credit for an, as yet, unsuccessful (incomplete) effort would be a sin. 
The prize is yours when you have it, not before.
Eaten by curiosity; stolen by pretense. People project a mixed act, in fact a mixed reaction, within a variety of events. The results are highly energized abnormalities, masquerading as uniqueness or genius, that 'steal us' by attracting our fear or our greed. 
A continual sense of guilt is the inevitable result. In deep moments of Real Conscience we are painfully aware of the pathetic weaknesses of our usual motivations, and suffer within the lie that denies the humiliation. 
There is a normal need to interact with people that has nothing to do with fear or greed. The problem is that this requires normal Positive Emotions that are generally so starved or bruised as to render them completely inoperative.
A normal emotion is 'love of kind' - and its natural intellectual correspondent is 'getting to know you'. There, understanding is the motivation - and when that is the focus, fear or greed, and the resulting guilt, have no place to lay their dirty hands.
Each human is an integral part of humanity at large. The qualities of one are re-presented in all, to some degree. To 'Know Thyself ', one is well advised to utilize to the maximum all opportunities to 'know other individuals'. This is effective only with sincere care. 
You cannot bypass humanity on the road to freedom.
To be free in clear understanding of the constraints of one's limited personality, one must also be free with a clear understanding of the  'devil at large' (i.e. the mechanical behaviour of humans in general). 
Only in a state of Love and with Knowledge can this road be traversed to a successful end.
Study humanity or get sucked dry by it. Culturally stimulated sentimental hopes and irrational fears are not helpful.
It's hard to find a Jew who, at some level, does not feel guilty. And for this there is more than one reason.
They have been told in 613 ways, plus all possible combinations, how to be 'good'. 
Within their confused failure, they are left with the minimum hope and declaration to the effect that, 'Life is sacred' (Piku'ach Nefesh).
In truth, the 'sacredness of life' can only be respected and upheld in a State of Love. Human life is sacred primarily in regard to the possible fruition of its evolutionary potential. Mankind evolves and flourishes only by virtue of intelligence that manifests from the cosmic level of Love.
In this late period of history the guilt feelings of the Jews may be the most hopeful mass phenomenon manifesting at the level of mechanical humanity. So near, yet so far - so close to the suffering of Real Conscience.
So used to it that he hardly notices, the Jew is in anguish that has but one solution. The level of Love, of Real Conscience, do or die - that's it! 
The Christians call it the 'Love of Christ'. The Jews, themselves, call it the 'Level of the Tzadik'. Jewish conscience screams in this un-lived-up-to historically implanted demand. 
The more sincere and intelligent are being squeezed out of tradition/guilt towards a love that is an answer in itself.
Love, in its fullness, demands complete self-abnegation. It abolishes all labels - including the religious one. 
In Love, there is the clear Realization of being a Child of the Universe/God. 'Son of God', if you like.
Yes, the Man said: 'I AM ... the first fruits'.
Between Guilt (well founded) and Love comes a not so simple thing called 'The Work'.
What can and should be expected, demanded, of those who wish with all their heart to 'join-up'? 
The Work tells them 'what to do', in addition to the most important 'what not to do'. The growth of Intelligence, through Intelligent effort.
The development of Will.
1) Everything is not all right. 
2)  Isolation and confusion are rapidly increasing, alongside 'high-tech' and everything else. In the best cases to the point of the ridiculous and in the worst, obvious psychopathy.
3) Psychotherapists and psychologists have no real answer.
4) 'New age exercises' do not solve the problem.
5) Without dealing with personal lies there can be no hope.
6) THE reality is a spiritual one.
7) Applied Knowledge is essential.
8) Help is needed.
One wants what they do not have. What one does not have, one can only imagine.
There is no way of knowing the condition of an envisioned thing or event, should it be secured, or what you are likely to experience as a result. You can never imagine the truth about the future.
All wants are for after, next, in the future. Tomorrow, two minutes from now, ten years hence, it's all the same. Only with what is present NOW is it possible to be in touch with and to understand. 'After' is little more than a guess, at best.
People LIVE in their picture of the future and what it might bring. They WANT the 'best' - and this keeps the whole stupid thing going      'till the end of time'. 
Can anyone imagine 'the whole picture' of the reality of 'what will be'? But, that is exactly what mechanical mankind pretends to be able to do. They never even notice the futility.
That is the social world we live in. That is where people 'think' from. Full of codes and cliches, as if to explain what is going on. We are in the midst of it in 'life', so it must be known, must be studied, in order to be totally free of it. 
Manifestations are instantaneous. Things happen in combinations, not in a predictable time sequence. 
"God never manifests twice in the same way." (Koran)                                                        
Man, in Essence, lives in Ever Manifesting Eternity. He is entrapped in 'Time', due to the assumptions which constitute his ignorance.
RELIGIOUS LANGUAGE IS OF THE PAST. There is no way that one can avoid confusion and distortion by taking the basically SYMBOLIC meaning of words, literally.
Symbols are meant to express an essential truth which is obscured by the ever shifting 'realities' of sense-based-perception. Religious symbols and ceremonies, taken superficially, are at best madness and at worst dereliction of responsibility. 
Those that reach this understanding within the religious establishments will for the most part disappear from view. Occasionally one will speak out and be 'eliminated' as a false-messiah.
You may consider yourself religious but be, in fact, and in the most serious manner, an IDOLATER. From every angle. From the way you take your religion to the way you take money - not to mention the way you take the children. 
You pray for the wrong things from the wrong places.
Religious language is not needed. The TRUTH is needed. Confused language, symbols from fragments of ancient teachings, 'soul-satisfying' ceremonies and holier-than-thou attitudes, without a doubt, block out the Truth and the Reality that stands behind the word 'God'.
Talk the truth, within the limits of your own truthful experience. Forget about the words 'religion' and 'god'.
The wise do not impose authority. Those that do, be they parents, 'churches', teachers or scout leaders, demonstrate their own ignorance by pushing their certainty. 
The wise point, the others tell.
They are usually the only humans we know anything about in depth. All the rest, other than some 'close friends', manage to hide most everything.
There is more pain around than you can possibly imagine. If you knew more about it, you would not get so sucked-dry by all those 'close ones'.
YOU ARE IN CONFUSION FROM LACK OF DATA  from 'real time' experience. Hard to accept, but nevertheless a fact. Your problem is not being around too much pain, but rather too little.
BEWARE - those that are 'burning' will not only reject the Door, but will not suffer you to go through.
The Work replaced the past, takes the place of the present, and indicates the future. 
The Work constitutes a cleansing agent. All molecular, atomic and sub-atomic elements are, or may be, known. But the fact that the 'solution' works is the criterion, and the exclusive concern. 
You do not have to understand every last component of a space-craft. The 'master computer' controls most systems in any case. The more you know the more confidence you might have, but the only essential is that it gets you to the moon, or elsewhere, in one piece.
"The man who carried the boat on his back after having crossed the river."
There comes a time when the 'work personality' must 'give up the ship'.
TZIMTZUM (neither this nor that).
And God Knows Best!