The Last 33 Days
Edited Highlights

The Sermon On The Mount



This Sermon on the Mount is the most incredible text that has come out of our current civilization. I don't know how far you have to go back to say 'our civilization' but for at least two thousand years. The New Testament is known to be fragments of the Teaching of its Time. The 'language' comes from Tanach (Old Testament). It talks to the world, but it has to start talking from somewhere. 
The Work of today is the same Work as always, but in the language and circumstances of today. It incorporates the same principles - a program for evolution. Its meaning is in an area completely different from the things  usually considered. An 'unknown' area, actually - dealing with the 'next world'. Though it's unknown it can be smelt, touched or intuited at times. But it is, for the most part, unknown. So, how do you talk about the unknown?


At the beginning of February 1998 . . .

A small booklet, quoting various sources on the subject of suffering was put together by Talia Natanzon and Ronen Aygen, and distributed to various friends.


March 4th 2010 – Rosh Pina

Tight little Packages

August 1986


Tight little packages, called Human Beings! Oh, my god, where do we begin? With an 'explanation' to those whom we love – that is those whom we have had the opportunity to spend time with, to give attention to, to 'care for'. 

Talk with Three Sisters

You people have had meditation exercises in the past. Maybe you can now think of your best one – just to remember, in your mind, when you were most serious, and most within your own being. You must have some experience of that – not as an explanation, but as a FACT. Maybe you can get there without me having to continually throw my voice out. 

Rite of Passage

Sitting, god knows how I got here, with Tamara and Rachel, while Raffa is, with a lot of enthusiasm, preparing a steak for me, where I thought to myself, do I have to feel, ‘guilty’, to request a steak? It’s like, you know, every book that I put out takes months and months of work. Is it a mistake? Steak, or mistake? It’s a ‘missed-steak’.


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