Respond Ability


People are so busy… how to put it… keeping balance on their 'personal tightrope', that they don't have much alternative other than to react to it all. Within the usual dynamics of life nobody 'acts' –  everyone is just reacting! 
That's where the connection to 'responsibility' comes in. In the way the word is generally used it sounds almost 'miserable' – like something  someone 'lays on you'. "You've GOT to be responsible!", they say. But if you break the word down, as we do, to 'response-ability', then it clearly becomes an issue of your own unique 'response' to your own personal 'ability'. 

A Life for A Life

Just to recognize something as merely a limited ‘personal’ dis-pleasure shows that you know of ‘something’ else – there is an obvious degree of Self Remembering there. And the more often you Remember, the more that real Self grows within you. And the mechanical dis-pleasures, when they don’t get fed, start to fade away, like dry leaves falling off a tree.  Amen

How to Get Out



Let's face it - we're always looking for the opportunity to get high! A drink, a smoke, a meal, some sex - always looking to get high, that is some relief from the PAIN - and that so often begins to  look normal, look inevitable.

So the real question has to be 'How to get out and stay out.'

End of Days



I want to do the impossible. I want to write about something that does not exist.
Not only does it not exist, it could never exist, not even in the imagination of a person - not in the imagination of a sane person that is.
I have no idea how I am going to do this but do it I will. Otherwise I would have to conclude that love has no door, love has no use, love simply cannot work. I would have to conclude that love is totally useless. And, who could live with that?
Love, at a minimum, wishes to eliminate pain, or transcend it, or transform it, but certainly not to leave it alone as it is. Time is illusion and illusion causes pain. If we cannot talk about it, deal with it, expose it for what it is, or more exactly for what it is not - then we cannot love with any effect. What is love without effect?  The issue of Love and the issue of Time are inseparable.


Most of the things we call 'good' have at least as much anxiety in it, as it has good. A very mixed kind of good – maybe good for one 'center' and not for another. Nevertheless we have a memory of when we felt 'perfectly good' and experience an agony, more or less, when we're not in that place. One of the reasons for that is that we generally don't have the HABITS that can maintain us at that higher level. 



Your explanations about yourself are within your explanation of everything. It’s all of the 
past  an illusion, a picture, in fact an 
elaborated guess. 
To know it, is to STOP it.
Must sacrifice ALL your suffering.

Consciousness & Love


“In the last paper reciprocal affection was spoken of as being necessary for conjunction with the Work.”
'Conjunction' is like the fit. I have a conjunction of some kind, at this very moment, with this child that is present.  
“If a person has no affection for the Work there can be no conjunction with it.”
Then if you have affection for the truth, you attempt to 'work it' - you work, you try to relate yourself to it - you try to live up to what you know best. If you like the Work, have 'affection' for it, you want to interact with it affectionately - which means with consideration and patience! Like when you have affection for a child, something that you don't totally understand - you are patient with it, you watch it, and you eventually develop a 'conjunction'. 
“Arrogance, superiority and intolerance fade, because they are seen by you to be ridiculous. The object of this Work is to increase consciousness in every direction. Observing, in quiet, the same fault in yourself as you have heatedly or bitterly pointed out in another seems to me to be practical love. For by the Work method of finding the same thing in yourself, you eventually see your neighbour as yourself, and yourself as your neighbour. But you must know yourself to begin with. You must begin to be conscious of yourself. This is the most necessary part of Conscious Love, which is not blind.”

Wasting God's Time

January 30, 1997


WHERE are we? 
Where did we COME FROM?
HOW LONG are we here for? 
Is there ANYTHING 
worthwhile, valuable, lasting 
that we can accomplish or contribute to 
in the short time that we are alive?

Anxiety Please



Edited extracts : Alan J. Rudner  
Compiled by Tami / Zakiya  22.7.07
Suffering is considered to be the worst thing in the world. No one wants to suffer. Hide under the table if necessary. A terrible mistake is being made there. People do not understand what suffering is for – don't realize its PLACE. Not only can suffering be useful – it can help us in ways as nothing else can. But People don’t want to go near it.



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