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... The issue of LIFE AND DEATH. That’s what you’re dealing with, like it or not. The only problem is that what we call life is really death and what we call death is really life. Death is not darkness - DEATH IS LIGHT!

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taken from: How to Get Out

For a first time in a long time people have NO IDEA of what TOMORROW might bring.
What can save us from going irrevocably MAD in this period of time?
Those few of us who have the chance of not turning into some mechanical attachment of the new technology, or just some redundant zombie, must take some very distinct and radical steps. We must grasp some ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE that has been 'pooh-pooed' as 'unscientific' in recent years, but has ALWAYS BEEN AROUND, though 'buried' in the world's Religions and Esoteric Teachings.
Now, we no longer have a choice, should we wish to remain human and sane. We MUST come to understand the relevance of our LIFE and DEATH!

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taken from: How to Get Out

Now, we no longer have a choice, should we wish to remain human and sane. We MUST come to understand the relevance of our LIFE and DEATH!
Let's talk about it a little. Some straight talk. All the Religions and Teachings tell us that our essential individuality is not restricted/confined to our bodies.
That's BOLD TALK - the implications are significant and PRACTICAL.
It's our ONLY WAY OUT, and it truly IS a way out. We must first of all take the 'sting' out of the word DEATH. We must fearlessly come to understand and KNOW as much as we can about it, in life, and prepare ourselves for this TRANSITION!

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The psychological consequences of the death experience were immense, although most difficult to identify within the variety of factors that go to make up any particular state. The soul was unquestionably separated from the body and although the play of imagination can place any perception or conclusion in legitimate doubt there were certain aspects of the experience that left an indelible mark. Most impressively, when they confirmed or elaborated facts that had been read about in various serious texts anywhere from the Bible to the Teachings of Osiris.
In the death experience EVERYTHING OF LIFE HAD BEEN SHED. Then what exactly had returned?

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taken from: Attention - God

We have only one birthday, the end of which we call death. Within that time there is a possibility for what is called ’rebirth’.That comes at the point where you experience the fact that you are not your body, or its functions. There is an essential you that was born, into a body. With that realization, you are re-born.
Before your natural-birth, you were not here. But, you did come from somewhere. Yearly celebrations of birthdays are ceremonies, originally religious ceremonies, that were meant to remind you of that fact.

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"If it were only for this life that we work and suffer, we of all men are most to be pitied." 
Be ready, die to the false, now. When you leave the body that's the part, for sure, that you do not want to take with you - the speculations, the lies basically, the assumptions with which we maintain an as if 'identity'. Go to the essential 'I AM'.

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taken from: End of Days

Death in disappointment or disillusionment is without a doubt the rule and not the exception. 
The end of the story is far from attractive.

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’Death’ - can you face the issue maturely? Some people might call that courage. It’s not courage, it’s just simple intelligence.

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Just look at the issue of death. Death is when we leave this world and return to the spirit realm. Birth intothe body was ’death’ out of the spirit realm.
There is something essential to do in this life. It amounts to a preparation for continued existence, in the purity of the spirit realm, that follows the death of the body. That event is best served with the death of all falseness, while still in this world.

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taken from: Bionic-Man

For a true relationship to Reality, you must have a fearless conception of ’death’. As clear as knowing your left hand from your right. Only then do the real questions of existence surface.
Say you board a grand passenger ship in New York heading across the Atlantic to England: The boat has everything - theatres, dance floors, dining rooms, tennis courts, swimming pools, night clubs, card rooms, gambling casinos, massage, exercise - all that you can imagine. You go ’Wow!’ But you know that in just two weeks it will be all over. So, you sit down, and think: ’what am I going to do? I can’t do everything! What would be really useful to do?’
We come ’aboard’ in this life - and the trip is over quicker than you can imagine. Life and death already exist in you. Every ’not knowing’ is a small death!

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