Bionic-Man / Document 14

February 2002


Television, which has never been overly stimulating, looks particularly dull since September 11. The fact is, the world has now become crazier than anything they can put on that little screen. The drug doesn't work anymore! It was meant to hold people's attention. Now, people get angry watching it – it's no longer the least bit interesting. Oh, you notice that!

There is a good deal of information in the various documents. But nothing can replace your own efforts. That's obvious. Not wishing however to waste my time, I try to estimate what effect this written material has. I think some people will get to look back at it and say: "Oh my god, was I there then? That was going on, but I didn't know that, I never saw that!"

The truth of the matter is, that I work on this material, because I have to. The present is the ultimate arbitrator. Not that I don't look ahead so to speak, or back, but I know the difference between that kind of thinking, and the Ultimate Arbitrator. I don't take a thing for granted.

Why should I put this recording machine on again? Recently I have been working on five documents all at the same time. I've had it, 'up to my eyeballs'. If I'm wasting my energy, I shouldn't do it. If however you're climbing a mountain, you expect some tiredness – it's not easy and you definitely stretch yourself in unusual ways.

All the past documents resulted from a sense that something immediate required clarification. That is happening again tonight! I wrote down three items on a card that I'll try to get into. We'll see if it's really 'called for'.

First item:


That goes for our usual thinking, yeah. It's emphasized in the Work that: "The only thing you can really call thinking, is 'thinking from an idea'." That could take ten lifetimes for it to become clear to you, but it's the absolute truth. You can't really think without basic Work ideas. All the rest is random associations, mixed with . . . everything!

The second item arose while looking through the New York Times. "Oh", says I, "there, they've finally acknowledged it":


Tremendous implications there.

World War One and World War Two weren't really 'world' wars, even though they were fought in many places. This one is world-wide.

America, it says in the paper, just increased its defense budget by 150 billion dollars! That increase equals everything that France, the 'second most powerful army in the world', spends on defense, and is on top of 400 billion that the Americans admit to. You could probably double those figures – money is flowing in from all over the place, that nobody talks about. There you have a 'small' piece of information relative to World War Three.

The industrialized countries are telling the Moslems: "Go fuck yourself – and get your house in order!" A lot of shit is coming out of Islamic countries. Afghanistan gets hit now, Iraq next? maybe Iran!

Innocent civilians don't count. Our armies are ready to swat them dead, like flies. "Oh, they've killed civilians!" People forget that just a few years ago 'they' were carpet-bombing Berlin and Dresden and did a real job on Hiroshima. What 'civilians'? Never mind – but World War Three is now a reality.

Item three:


Did you ever see the television series? That's where they start implanting 'added strength' and whatever electronics into a man! He becomes POWERFUL.

Western civilization and bionic-man are 'kissing cousins' – men are being turned into computerized, laser-ized, space-ized specimens!


The 'well-to-do' might think that the whole world is moving towards greater prosperity: You drive around in your Mercedes – you think, 'well, that's the world!' (laugh). Very few people are going on vacation to places like Florida or the south of France; not many going to the horse races, car races, or skiing in the Alps. Do you want to go to Africa and watch them feed the monkeys? Take a cruise on a ship? Few in the world are doing such things. Some people do, however, have a lot of money – literally billions. They can buy an army! The American army used to be 'conscript', now it's 'volunteer' – they get paid. There is so much unemployment around that it turns out to be a pretty good job, for millions of men.

A debate is now going on as to whether we are in a 'War of Civilizations': Islam vs. the West. That's exactly what it is! Or, in more simple terms, bionic-man vs. the have-nots. The have-nots are considered to be only marginally human. 'We', will deal with them!

Years ago I wrote:

'The Machine Has Won

We Are Buried

In The Stomach

Of A Machine'

Even here in the Galilee the machine has overcome us. It can be more expensive to live in Klil than in a city, for instance. The institutional-society eats up a lot of money. We left the city-machine and came to the country – but the machine caught up with us!

The whole system could come apart through violence or of its own accord. The destruction of the World Trade Center almost caused the collapse of some of the major insurance companies – the governments had to step in and save them, with billions of dollars. The airlines also ran into deep trouble – people not so happy flying anymore! And when airlines don't fly, Boeing don't make planes, and the international hotels go empty.

Did bin Laden poke the dragon in the eye? Oh, yes!

How long will it take before the masses will not be able to get out of bed in the morning? For what? What does one want to get out of bed to do? Make some money so that they can return at night and watch television? Work in order to take a vacation? We'll soon have video and ten other tricks on our mobile-phones – talk to anyone, send a message anywhere. It's the information age. But no one has one clear thought in their head!

Turn the television on . . . and you're in the middle of an office building . . . with executives . . . you know, not some 'crazies' . . . they're wearing ties . . . like properly dressed-up, and, and . . . what are they doing? They're pressing buttons. They are always pressing buttons! People completely locked into the electronics.

The bionics are not so much in man – man is in the bionics. People live in the belly of a machine. It gets ever more boring; the 'food' is taste-less, less and less. Stimulates nothing! People hardly leave their home now. Why leave? You've got more in your home than the king of England had just a few years back. And we don't need people – we can hardly talk to each other! Who is there to talk to?

That's what we are in the middle of! There are all kinds of examples. Maybe I'll just continue talking for the next 24 hours – the document to end all documents,  at last.

A question could arise in anyone's mind, like: Okay, you're drawing a picture, and it's probably true, but so what – what are we supposed to do with it? Does it do any good to know that, to hear that, to read that? Those are legitimate questions – so much so that they never leave me.

Anyone want to 'input' here?

Stephen: The documents in themselves are not enough, a person has to be doing other things as well!

Yes, that was said before and it's clear. Maybe I'm not so much talking about the documents – rather considering a general overview. This is really like a summing-up.

What I'm saying is, realize! That's what I'm saying: realize that you can't think – your 'normal' thinking simply goes nowhere. Then realize that you are in the midst of an immensely complex situation – they are calling it World War Three! President Bush says it's a war 'between the forces of good and evil'. And we're the good ones. Bionic-man is 'good'. How good? Well, as the saying goes: you can't argue with 'success'! (laugh)

The others, you know, they're all bums, they're not doing anything, not producing anything. And they're evil as well – because all those bums out there, that are not doing anything, are getting mad at 'us', for yes, doing things. They are mad enough to want to blow us all up. That's what bin Laden is saying, or so the Americans say he's saying: "We're out to destroy America." Bush says: "We hear you, you've made your point. Now, we're going to get you, before you get us!"

Look, you know more or less of what went on in World War Two – the Nazis, the Holocaust, the Atomic Bombs – you've seen it all on television! Oh, you know what was going on then – but you hardly know what's going on now!

How are things likely to develop? It seems that bionic-society still needs human beings with some kind of hope. Or has it already reached the point where any kind of normal human qualities are no longer needed?

Now they are feeding us on all kinds of drugs. When I was a kid, practically the only drug around was aspirin. Now there are thousands of pills. The pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable in the world! And the doctors hardly know what they're prescribing – they're dishing it all out according to the drug companies' advertising /fact-sheets.

So people take pills, and then more pills. Take a complete depressive, give him a few pills, and all of a sudden he's moving again! Then, put him in the hands of the mind-programmers of Hollywood, Madison Avenue, Wall Street, the CIA and CNN. When that stops working – give 'em another pill! There we have a 'reality', that can last – how long? It's already well documented in the public domain. Naughty, naughty! Like the CIA has done a lot of 'naughty' things – like introducing heroin into the ghettos.

'Drug 'em, drug 'em' !

God-knows what's actually going on. Thousands of terrorists of all kinds, all over the world, they say. Nobody quite believes it, because it sounds so 'extreme'. The Moslems are the evil ones now. Bionic-man says that they want to eliminate the last thirteen hundred years of history! But 'we' could drop an atom bomb on the likes of Baghdad, and send them back to cave-men. Our armies are quite prepared to eliminate those have-nots, like vermin! Raful said, when the first Intifada started: "They'll be running around like jukim (cockroaches) in a bottle." Now, fifteen million angry Moslems, in Europe, they say. Well well well!

How can you stay healthy in all of that? How could a Jew stay healthy in Europe in the 40's? Not by going into the basement and drinking booze! What do you do during a war? What about the children?

Oh, how we love the children – we love them, love them, love them – cutchy cutchy cu. But they have no idea where they are!

People know they're stuck. But in order to get un-stuck, you have to understand exactly what it is that you are stuck in! It's within your own psychology, for sure – but it is also in your environment.

To gain a true perspective you must come out of your dream world. It has been suggested that you 'put your own picture together'. But, clarity can only develop on the foundation of self-remembering! Until you are 'in existence', all the rest is just bla bla.

The more you see, the better are your chances of freeing yourself from the twisted negative energy. What is being talked about here is all very painful – it is talking about the cumulative negativity!

You can't think straight when you are identified, negative, internally-considering, or just turning over in habit. You have some corrective 'principles' – but, how much are you using them?

You have no idea of how really corrupt the current situation is, or how it affects the over-all psychic-atmosphere. It's really heavy – we're talking about the heavy!

If nothing else this should at least help you to be humble – leaving you open for an alternative, which is WORK. Most of what we have been talking about is 'life'. All kinds of shit going on. It's moving a thousand times faster than it was just a few years back. What difference does it make? Well, for one thing, the usual 'life hopes' have now become so clearly unreal, dissolving. What is the 'promise' now?

If you remain 'in pride', there is no way you can stop getting sucked dry. People stay proud because they insist on being somebody! To feel 'somebody' you've got to convince yourself that you know certain things, for sure! If that illusion doesn't fade, you will continue to live in your false and painful, imaginary sense of 'I'. But never mind: "I'll do my yoga, Tai-Chi, maybe I'll go to a healer". But the twisted vibrations, within the illusion, will resurface, in the lie!

Don't be little children – be as 'innocent of evil', as little children. That would be dropping your subjective judgments, your 'knowing', your PRIDE.


Most of you really don't pretend to know all that much about what's going on in the world. You are not overly burdened with an 'historic view'. And, you are also 'post-Zionist': you don't know that much about Hertzel, Ben-Gurion, Palmach or the War of Independence. Even with all this talk about bionic-man and World War Three, you never had pretensions of knowing so much about 'things like that'. So, you're practically 'innocent'! So, who am I talking to?

Actually, you're not so innocent (laugh). You may not posses a 'conscious political landscape', but you move in this world, as if you knew – you actually have hopes within it! Now it starts to close-in on you. The 'weather' has changed – the whole lying business is closing-in, closing-down.

Look, you're not feeling so good – but it's not all your fault, idiot. You thought you could get what you wanted, and make yourself 'happy'. But it's not all in your hands. In this country alone there are hundreds of thousands of people out of work and walking around stunned. Also shootings on the roads, and no one knows where the next bomb will go off. You still taking it personally? It's crazy out there – everyone wants to kill. What do you want? Of course you can't cook up the same old pictures: go to a beach, to the Sinai, spend some time in Tel Aviv with the suicide bombers. You hardly know how to think about it.

I'm talking about the 'heavy': the clouds, the fog! What I am saying to you is, just realize, that of all the things that are going on, you don't know a hell of a lot more than a twelve-year-old.

We're talking about the 'heavy' – the world you are living in – that you have some kind of picture of. Are you going to struggle to hold on to your false identity, no matter what, because you still want to be 'somebody', and get god knows what out of life?




For a true relationship to Reality, you must have a fearless conception of 'death'. As clear as knowing your left hand from your right. Only then do the real questions of existence surface.

Say you board a grand passenger ship in New York heading across the Atlantic to England: The boat has everything – theaters, dance floors, dining rooms, tennis courts, swimming pools, night clubs, card rooms, gambling casinos, massage, exercise – all that you can imagine. You go 'Wow!' But you know that in just two weeks it will be all over. So, you sit down, and think: 'what am I going to do? I can't do everything! What would be really useful to do?'

We come 'aboard' in this life – and the trip is over quicker than you can imagine. Life and death already exist in you. Every 'not knowing' is a small death!

There is no way you can imitate humility. But, you already know that your 'perceptions' come and go, and that you only know, what you know, for the moment that you know it. Anything more than that is a lie!

You also know that you are able to use whatever you know, only when you are truly 'present'. When you are not present, it's all doing you. And, within that error, you develop a very strange kind of 'identity'! The lie twists your vibration, you want to 'impress', you get sick.

If a person could only catch some of this. Not to go and pull your hair out, but you know, it's a lot!

Eternity is yours. It is more than just of the past and the future – it is most essentially now! You have Eternity, and you have 'Life'. Work is the connecting force between them!

(To Na'ama): Do you remember that being discussed in a recent document? Are you the one who transcribed that tape?

Na'ama: No, but all the time now I have this sentence, word, in my head – 'the link', 'the link'.

Life is short and your soul is much bigger than this life. Being here was meant to benefit your soul.



A Higher Neutralizing Force sets things right!