Danger ! / Document 8

August 2001



I also don't mind any noise that comes from the child. If it bothers me, I'll let you know.

If anyone can sit through what I'm going to say now, relaxed – that means they're dead! You should be jumping out of your skin. Don't expect to be relaxed.

Bring the child to me for a minute.

Hallo . . . you sit with me here, okay, see how it goes . . . wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, yes, you've got the belches, hiccups they call it. I'll try this (massage) – okay? Try and belch!

Whatever I'm going to say now, maybe should have come at the end – but eventually it will get into a booklet and then you can look at it and think about it – and then see if it touches anything real in you.

I noted a few things down on paper, headings of the things I did not want to forget. I also wrote the word DANGER at the top of each page. This situation is in danger now! I'll explain it – and if anyone wants to piss in their pants because they don't understand – at least they might just understand that they don't understand. And if you don't understand and you want to make a fuss because you don't understand that you don't understand – then you're being stupid. If you understood, you'd be running your own fuck'n life a little bit differently than you're running it now. The fact is – you don't understand. Now, you don't like that so much – but it's a fact. And if you want to pour out poison and irritation from your not understanding, then you push the 'danger' over the line – into the impossible! I'm ready for that – but I'm not going to go out without kicking, I tell you. I shall not bend to the devil that 'doesn't understand'!

So, don't even worry about understanding now. In the few minutes we're going to have here together, you're going to see it in black and white – and then you can judge if there's something you wish to understand. That's why I said that this should have come at the end – because, to understand doesn't mean fuck'n well drooling-off at the mouth. Everyone likes to talk so fuck'n much. I guess I might have to edit this down. The more I write, the more I start using the word 'fuck'n', because if you don't scream, and you don't use the word fuck – 'personality' won't even listen. It has to be shocked, otherwise it insists on being King Shit!

hat is really the end of the story – it doesn't require any more words. And, you might notice that the truth doesn't disturb this child – even at this intense volume that disturbs our 'delicate personalities'.

Lets try you here (child onto the mat). You take care of yourself a bit, hum? Ronen, you just keep an eye open – should she get too near to the edge – so not everyone has to worry. She's behind me now, too close to the edge – you're responsible. You're okay baby . . . 'isn't that cute, isn't she nice . . .!'

Anyone hear about 'first being food', 'second being food' and 'third being food'? Do you think this has something to do with that issue? This is not about 'first food' and it's also not about building, it's not about cards, or books, or about the Manual. It's not about money, and it's not about the baby, or war, or Swedish Bitter. It's not about 'life' – it's about Work. Now, what is Work about? We'll get to that, and maybe you can spend the next twenty years of your life working it out. And if you do, you'll be one in a million. You want to be one in a million, or you want to be just another idiot? That's your business!

What I'm going to read now was written a few days ago:

'Let it be Known and Acknowledged (for better or for worse), that you are in a 'school'. Your personal preferences, likes and dislikes, and your personal 'holy' standards, are of no account here. The principles are clearly laid out in all the relevant literature that you have been reading. They are not easily understood or applied. If you do not feel the potential for a personal benefit, you must stop fooling yourself and leave! Without appreciation for an opportunity, however difficult, you will never move from where you are. Complaint and expressed negativity are poison to your soul and surroundings and will not be tolerated.'

Now, the 'volume' of all this is as if I'm trying to make an impression that sticks. Maybe that makes some sense to you, although it's over and above the usual 'me, mine and more' considerations.

Recently overheard bulshit:

"Do you know what happened with Alan, when he spoke about the food? And he said it was like pig's food! How do you like that! Oh yes, you know men, they're always like that, you know men, they like to complain – men, men, men, men, men! "

Shame on you! Shame! The words don't matter – but is that the level at which you wish to live, like fuck'n sheep, chasing your own tail all your life? Or would you like to stand on your own feet?

(Baby's small sound) Okay, she's having the best time of her life, this child, at the moment. I'm making almost as much noise as these machines out there but with a far better vibration. But 'personality' doesn't like it – because stinking little, petty little, miserable, self-interested little personality cannot stand the truth! Because, in the truth you are 'nobody' in a social sense – and who can stand that? You want to be 'somebody' in your personality, and that don't work here. Gurdjieff used to say to the people who came to the Institute: 'Your personality gets left at the door!'

Are you going to turn round and be somebody different tomorrow, or when this is over – I don't think so. But you would be well advised – even if you piss in your pants and blood spurts out of your ears – to get a needle and a thread and sew up your mechanical mouth.

'YES – you do NOT understand!'

I just said it – I don't really expect it to be understood, right now.


The Work of this house is for the 'presence' of people – not for people's 'production'. Nobody's physical output (production) is 'needed' – therefore no pride, no vanity.

Production, which covers a large area, comes from life experience – 'personality'. Presence, comes from outside of life – from Essence, The Source, God.

"Oh, I thought we were here to open a restaurant . . . Oh, I thought we were here to publish books so that we could sell them and not have to worry about money. Oh, I thought we were here to . . . .”

Oh yeah? Did you really think? And what I'm now saying, of course, is coming from 'out of the blue'.

Behind Observing I – is Real I.

And, behind Real I – is Master.

And, behind Master – is God.

All these truths are clearly defined in the Work and not left hanging in the air like most of the esoteric fragments that are drifting around the world these days – vague religious, hippie or drug induced concepts of 'God'. It seems like everybody likes talking about God. The Work is very practical – maybe you can remember that.

Of the notes that I am now quoting, I wrote on the top right hand corner of each page the word DANGER. There is danger to this situation!

Now, a word to anyone who is really working: This place could be hit by an earthquake or a rocket tomorrow and disappear. Everyone killed – except you, the 'worthy one'. But you could continue working, even if, god forbid, you had two legs blown off. It's all in your hands. So, not to worry. If you're sincere, what I'm calling 'danger' need not be for you – it's danger to this situation. But, I tell you, I'm not going to let this boat sink without a good struggle.

If, in anything of what I have said you don't agree with or 'like' – pack your bag! And, if you do relate to it, you better be ready to be what Don Juan called a  Warrior. Not a fighter – a Warrior! As I said earlier – if your feet bleed, or the blood spurts out of your ears, it's only the body and a lot of habit within personality. If you understand something of what is here, you might be a 'Warrior'. It has been said more than once: This Work is not for weak people. Now, everyone here is a tiger when it comes to their own defense. But hopefully, not the kind that just bites and snaps at other people's heels.


Why do I relate myself to the people here, with all their twists and turns and god knows what habit or ambition? Am I a total idiot? I think to myself at the moment: 'no, maybe I'm not a total idiot.' Because I believe that there is something strong in you, although it often comes out as criticism and complaint – which is ass-hole stupid. But there is something 'roaring' – maybe it's a lion. Anybody who can roar on occasion like you people do can't be totally dead. I've never heard sheep roar. I'm not interested in sheep.

Someone recently used the word 'initiative'. Don't take your vocabulary too for granted. 'Initiation' in the Work – is Self-Initiation. A foot soldier, who has initiative, does his job. He doesn't resent the position of the General or the Corporal or the Sargent or the person who's in charge of the kitchen. That would be egomaniacal bulshit! Initiative has to be intelligent and comprehensive.

There is a look on the child's face now that I wish I saw on yours. There's some-thing in her look that says: 'oh, this is serious business, it's not all goo goo and look, I turned over.' That's what some people are still doing: 'look at me, I just turned over . . . look, I turned over the pancake . . . look, I turned over the earth, I can move my limbs!'

Now she's present. Want to see a child that's present, a being that's present, take a look at this one. That's what we're interested in, that's what I'm here for. What are you here for?

Do you have to be impressing the whole world before you can just feel thankful for being alive? Well, it's not simple to stop a train that's been sliding backwards downhill for so long. Not simple! Your 'good intentions' are not enough to oblige God to pick you up in his arms and cradle you. It takes intelligent effort.

Everyone is smoking too much. Ever since some green stuff is not being used in this house, probably everyone is taking a double dose of tobacco. All of a sudden, everyone is coughing.

Anyone who might get a little bit angry when they hear or read these words has a double 'whammy', so to speak – and may be doubly lucky – because they can at least see where they're hurting. Essence doesn't get insulted – only personality. You might use the shock not only for yourself, but to understand that it could also be of 'general help' – should you remember yourself, and also notice what's around you.

It's very difficult to remember. The Jews have been given so many different ways  – like when passing through a doorway and kissing the 'mezuza'. If anybody doesn't know what is written inside of the mezuza, it might be very useful for you to look it up. It's all about remembering. It's clean, simple, straightforward. But people can turn anything into a habit. In one period, Osho had his 'students' walking around in orange and with his picture hung around their necks – so they should remember! Remember something that he supposed that they related to – if they related to him.

So, how to remember? I don't know – everything you do eventually turns mechanical. So, it's said in the Work that you have to continually find new ways to remember yourself .

The 'wrong talking', sometimes going on here, could prove absolutely disastrous! There was a booklet put out here on mechanical talking – but that's not even up to the 'requirements of the day'. Sew up your lips, if necessary!

PRESENCE – we forget about PRESENCE! If you forget about presence, you're in mechanicality – it's death.

Take a look – a child, in purity, rests in the Truth. That's it for now – you can leave the baby here in the meantime.