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taken from: Suicide & After words

But people live in words! They think that if they use a word, it becomes a reality. That might have been the mistake before the mistake! It’s full of self-importance, full of fear of just ‘being’. Everyone wants to be ‘special’! They’re so busy being special that they can’t just be themself - their deepest, most Real Self. Can a man not be at least as calm as a dog? Dogs are closer to God than most people are. First of all ‘to be’, is not to be caught in the agony of self-importance!

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taken from: Wasting God's Time

Our usual, ‘normal’ thinking has been totally conditioned and formed by a mixture of words, notions, speculations and as if logic of our general society. That includes contemporary ‘wisdom’ as well as ‘facts’ from recent times to the ancient past; from stories of violence to stories of prophecy. All this comes together mechanically in each individual and ends off forming the corrupted framework that they do their thinking from – and ‘value’ this, that or the next thing.

There is a tremendous difference between that kind of thinking and the type of thinking which could occur if one were in a meditative, quiet, sensitive, emotionally and physically aware relationship to the moment. There the mystery and magnificence of life and existence is so overwhelmingly obvious that new questions tend to arise relative to AMAZING REALITY.

Such as:

WHERE are we? 
Where did we COME FROM? 
HOW LONG are we here for? 
Is there ANYTHING 
worthwhile, valuable, lasting 
that we can accomplish or contribute to 
in the short time that we are alive?

taken from: Decision to work

How to know the difference between ‘being’ and imagination, to be awake, to remember ourselves and be observant? How can we become full human beings?
If you understand that these are real questions, then you are open to see things that might help in that regard. Then you’re open to ‘response’ - you’ve got the ‘call’. The response is conditioned by the call. The response cannot be bigger than the call. Call a little bit - the response is a little bit. Life is like that.
“Love is the pulse that happens as feedback between call and response”.

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taken from: How to Get Out

Let's face it, you don't feel all that good about your past. You would have hopped that at a minimum it would have made you more comfortable now. But it didn't. And here we are. So, HOW DO WE START? Everyone asks this question, you know, that is, real people touching real questions like this. But, we're going to try to answer it!

Now, now - WE MUST START NOW - not with the pain or confusion of yesterday and not with the hope and illusion of tomorrow, but NOW.

Are you ready to sacrifice all your pet notions about 'what should be' and 'the high level of your own critical faculties'? All your pet notions are of the past, that totality of past that admits that it does not understand! And we've seen that we must start now - and in order to start now we must separate from our pasts and from our imagination of our future - and that would include all your 'pet notions'. And look here, your pet notions are very much supportive of your present sense of yourself, your picture of yourself, your imaginary picture of yourself - it's the data of your personal 'thought matrix', it's the very structure and frame of the 'thought matrix' itself - when you move into the Now 'you' cease to exist (as you thought of yourself before). But, and this is the GRAND 'secret' exposed - your sense of identity and individuality moves, drops to that place called Good Conscience, into a new and present emotional reality, happily linked with a relaxed and sensitive sense of the body. Body and Emotions are the great NOW - all the 'thinking mind' business is random data of the past, intermingled with fact and fiction of the present, projecting a completely imaginary future!

You want to know what to do?
You want to know what to do NOW?

You must drop the past and the future now!

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