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taken from: End of Days

All wants are for after, next, in the future. Tomorrow, two minutes from now, ten years hence, it's all the same. Only with what is present NOW is it possible to be in touch with and to understand. 'After' is little more than a guess, at best.
People LIVE in their picture of the future and what it might bring. 
They WANT the 'best' - and this keeps the whole stupid thing going 'till the end of time'.

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If you want/expect anything from someone, now or in the future, you are FORCED (and limited) to think, conceive, cerebrate, within the extent, limits, perspectives, form, size, and content, as if, of their MIND.

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taken from: Reason to Live

The connection between ’want’ and ’pain’. People talk about it: where did humanity take a ’wrong turn’? Not just individuals, humanity. Humanity made, and continues to make, a wrong turn! It has to do with wanting what you don’t have! That’s how we continually get thrown out of the ’Garden of Eden’. When you want something you don’t have, you are in pain. Call it pain, frustration, irritation, anger, resentment - a whole lot of subtle colors to it. ’Not getting what you want’ - negativity, all of it! It’s all the pain of not getting what you want. Why do you want? It doesn’t matter what it is that you want - you want because you’re unhappy, you’re ’unfulfilled’!

Tsahi : because you’re in pain, already.

Alan : yes, that’s right, yes, oh very good! It starts with pain. Because if you’re not in pain you don’t want anything, you’re satisfied. If you’re satisfied you don’t ’want’. It starts in displeasure. It goes looking for things that are ’missing’, or things that are there but ’shouldn’t be there’. It’s all mechanical.


It’s all running from displeasure, and displeasure is pain.

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taken from: End of Days

Thought was instigated by 'want', and want is inevitably accompanied by fear - as that which is wanted may very likely not be secured. 
Fear drains all systems and, in addition, creates a vibrationally determined and limited 'working environment'.
In the absence of fear/thought and with the resulting peace/god, new vistas begin to open. A new world is entered.

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