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I asked a Hassidic Rabbi what the religion said the purpose of life was.

'Life', he explained, 'was like a cloakroom at the entrance of a house. Prepare yourself in the cloakroom in order to enter the house!'

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... The issue of LIFE AND DEATH. That’s what you’re dealing with, like it or not. The only problem is that what we call life is really death and what we call death is really life. Death is not darkness - DEATH IS LIGHT!

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taken from: How to Get Out

For a first time in a long time people have NO IDEA of what TOMORROW might bring.
What can save us from going irrevocably MAD in this period of time?
Those few of us who have the chance of not turning into some mechanical attachment of the new technology, or just some redundant zombie, must take some very distinct and radical steps. We must grasp some ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE that has been 'pooh-pooed' as 'unscientific' in recent years, but has ALWAYS BEEN AROUND, though 'buried' in the world's Religions and Esoteric Teachings.
Now, we no longer have a choice, should we wish to remain human and sane. We MUST come to understand the relevance of our LIFE and DEATH!

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taken from: How to Get Out

Now, we no longer have a choice, should we wish to remain human and sane. We MUST come to understand the relevance of our LIFE and DEATH!
Let's talk about it a little. Some straight talk. All the Religions and Teachings tell us that our essential individuality is not restricted/confined to our bodies.
That's BOLD TALK - the implications are significant and PRACTICAL.
It's our ONLY WAY OUT, and it truly IS a way out. We must first of all take the 'sting' out of the word DEATH. We must fearlessly come to understand and KNOW as much as we can about it, in life, and prepare ourselves for this TRANSITION!

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taken from: Going away present

We’re in this life for a few precious moments. ‘Soul material’ - to see what we do with it at this level. You can bet your ass, that what’s going to happen when you drop the body is going to be a result of how you relate to this level. You want to be a smart-ass, know better, fight the devil, bulshit, idiot Jew like most? Go ahead! But don’t tell me you’re working, or don’t get an idea into your head that you know what the fuck love is, or truth is, or maturity is, or self-knowledge, or what other people are, and what world you’re living in. I can’t let you go away with that kind of illusion, if I have anything possibly to do with it.

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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

Now, what would it mean to be ’equal to life’? Anyone who is determined to remain sane in this period, is going to have to face this question. The world has never seen anything the likes of which we are into now!
People, here, in their own small way can take care of themselves. They are capable, but what experience do they have? Even though the situation now is radically different from the past, one thing remains constant, and that is: Nobody can carry anyone on their back - life isn’t built that way! Some might have relied, more than they were aware, on the cushion of their parent’s home, the Kibbutz that they came from, or one or two rich friends. That’s the kind of thing which could lead to a weakening of one’s ’sincerity’ - which is a most serious matter!
In what’s coming-up, you’re going to find yourselves ’up in the air’ far more than you ever imagined. When you land, you had better land on your feet! You could be landing from a trip, a broken romance, an insult, a sickness - from anything. No matter what, land on your feet!

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What is it going to take these days to be equal to life? Two essentials, for sure - a certain Knowledge and, the ability to live with other people!

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’Equal To Life’ - what would it entail, now? Regardless of how much experience a person has, it doesn’t make a hell of a lot of difference anymore. Everyone must come to a radically new relationship to the world - the conventional ’juggling’ just won’t get anyone, anywhere, anymore!
The world that you perceive depends a lot on your experience, but even more on your ’level of being’! Your level is on the vertical line of the cross - the line of Eternity. Don’t forget!

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Your ’aim’, within your ’evaluation’, is vital to your ’remembering’! You’re not married to it for the rest of your life, you can change it, you are free to ’re-evaluate’ and bring your picture up to date! Generally, we live more in illusion than in practicality.
I feel that this is pretty much the conclusion. To be equal to life, you have to have experience for yourself - of yourself! Otherwise you are merely jerked around by every event, every association, every change, you drift. So, evaluation - or drift!

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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

Again, we have this whole business of ’life’, with all its craziness and demands. It has more demands on you than it has on a ten year old, and even more on your parents who are carrying considerably more pieces of undigested ’impressions’ - sometimes called ’shit’.
The point, if I can hold to it, is to ’think’, with whatever you’ve got! To think of what? Yourself, people generally, people you know, the world. You have to think about ’life’, and about ’being’. You must make the effort to remember yourself, because, unless you do, you don’t even know who is doing the thinking! Can you conceive of any starting-point, other than self-study?

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