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taken from: How to Get Out

How do others like to relate to your past? Get it? You have a past, a history, in the eyes of others; their feel, knowledge of you, their likes and dislikes of you come together from a variety of sources, personal and through 'hearsay' and all filtered through their individual minds.
How do others relate to your past? It's really their past rather than yours. 
Your experiences of your past, THEY have not experienced! What they experience is their experience OF you in their past.
How do people relate to your past?
Well, you said you would do something and you did it - Good, your past shows that you are reliable! 
You started a job and finished it - Good, your past shows that you are productive! 
You helped your old grandmother - Good, your past shows you're a nice guy!
HOW do others relate to your past? WHY do others relate to your past? BECAUSE they want to know YOUR future! 
WHY do others want to know YOUR future? Oh, god, can we really face it ?
They relate to your past because they want to predict your future and evaluate whether or not they can 'count on you', rely on you, 
get assistance from you, WHEN THEY NEED HELP!
That's why they're so interested in what you are doing or have done, why they relate to what is now your PAST. They are all scared shitless and are constantly trying to 'pad' the future and maybe you could be a cushion.
And what are they scared shitless about - well asshole, it's because they know that they are in the process of disintegrating and are going to DIE - and that fact they will NOT FACE, and as a result spend their lives in an unconscious but bottom line HYSTERIA! 

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