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taken from: Wasting God's Time

Our usual, ‘normal’ thinking has been totally conditioned and formed by a mixture of words, notions, speculations and as if logic of our general society. That includes contemporary ‘wisdom’ as well as ‘facts’ from recent times to the ancient past; from stories of violence to stories of prophecy. All this comes together mechanically in each individual and ends off forming the corrupted framework that they do their thinking from – and ‘value’ this, that or the next thing.

There is a tremendous difference between that kind of thinking and the type of thinking which could occur if one were in a meditative, quiet, sensitive, emotionally and physically aware relationship to the moment. There the mystery and magnificence of life and existence is so overwhelmingly obvious that new questions tend to arise relative to AMAZING REALITY.

Such as:

WHERE are we? 
Where did we COME FROM? 
HOW LONG are we here for? 
Is there ANYTHING 
worthwhile, valuable, lasting 
that we can accomplish or contribute to 
in the short time that we are alive?