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taken from: End of Days

Thought was instigated by 'want', and want is inevitably accompanied by fear - as that which is wanted may very likely not be secured. 
Fear drains all systems and, in addition, creates a vibrationally determined and limited 'working environment'.
In the absence of fear/thought and with the resulting peace/god, new vistas begin to open. A new world is entered.

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taken from: Attention - God

There are certain energies, moods, places, where a person should never think from. You can’t start from fear - you must start with an ’idea’, from remembering. All thinking that starts in fear, ends in fear! You have to rememberwhat you remembered, when you remembered best!

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FEARFUL (selfish/negative) THOUGHTS can never ever connect with 'higher parts of centers'. The small circles that they revolve in can only become ever more restricted. SERVICE, compassionate and sincere, however limited in scope or perception, alone has the possibility of opening up connections with higher parts of centers, and eventually HIGHER CENTERS themselves. A cumulative process.

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