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What is day-dreaming other than being somewhat of an embarrassment?
Tie a string around your finger. That’s what some people do in order to remember something!
Can you be aware of what you’re thinking at any particular moment? Can you consciously choose the one thing that you most wish to think about, now?
What I’m asking might serve as a way to get ’a foot in the door’ - into an area which has been up to now mostly embarrassing.
When you tie your shoelaces, then tie them! When eat, eat! You hear what I’m saying? Most of the time you are not conscious of what you’re doing - it’s just ’happening’.
This is not an easy thing to look at. That is why I suggested that in order to remember you tie a string around your finger - as primitive as that might seem.
This could no doubt be expanded into other areas where you could be paying attention. That would take a conscious effort,but you just might get a foot in the door.

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