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taken from: Reason to Live

”Where did mankind go wrong?” I’ll tell you where he went wrong. He went wrong when he started wanting what he didn’t have and as a result never used his attention to learn what he did have! Man wants but has no conception of what he already has. The Work: ’You have everything you need!’ It doesn’t say ’almost everything’, it says, ’everything’! And in serious circles, people use words with precision. That’s where ’second education’ comes in. ’Work’ is referred to as ’second education’. First education is within the society you found yourself. It’s necessary, you have to survive within it. Eventually the personality formed within it can become food for the essence. Not only is it necessary to form but the more elaborated the better.
Attention is the issue. Man lost his attention. His attention got stolen by a little apple on the tree of knowledge, so called. Tempted by the devil. What’s the devil? Tempted by a piece of the Whole.

taken from: How to Get Out

All education, other than maybe ‘close to the truth’ Religious Education, is an attempt to train us to improve the future that is rushing towards us. That education of man has brought us all the mass consumer products that are driving us mad and sick, it has brought us the atomic weapons of mass destruction - a constant knife hanging over our necks. It has brought us all the 'stick with your own kind' violence and brutality. The 'time mind' wants a better future - how about that!

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