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FEARFUL (selfish/negative) THOUGHTS can never ever connect with 'higher parts of centers'. The small circles that they revolve in can only become ever more restricted. SERVICE, compassionate and sincere, however limited in scope or perception, alone has the possibility of opening up connections with higher parts of centers, and eventually HIGHER CENTERS themselves. A cumulative process.

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taken from: End of Days

No one can know or understand anything real within their usual state. Only at a different level within can one know and understand anything of the Real World. Man, as a 'Three Centered Being', must have his centers cleaned and balanced in order to stand in REAL I - behind all his 'centers’ and functions.

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Each 'center' and 'sense', within each individual, has different strengths, different 'colorations', producing persons with varying tendencies and appetites. What is in one is within all, but to varying degrees. What are the IMPLICATIONS ?
In the usual state of IDENTIFICATION the differences manifest in disagreement, conflict, violence, except when some kind of 'business' is being engaged in where an agreement is being sought and patience is being exercised. Self-interest makes for strange bed-fellows.

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taken from: Suicide & After words

Everything we have is vibration - and that vibration goes into the body! It can be observed as sheer energy, without it slipping up into the imagination that wants to struggle with it, justify it, or run away from it!
That is a rough kind of description of how the body might transform energy. Through direct attention! Not through judgment and not through analysis. Work is about observation - not analysis.
And it goes for all centers. In a way it’s easier with the body.

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